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Nordstrom's Excellent Service

Posted Thu April 11, 2013 11:06 am, by Kevin O. written to Nordstrom, Inc. - Department Stores

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The situation which leads to myself writing a compliment letter to the Nordstromís company is the excellence in service that I have received throughout my shopping experience there. As mentioned in the letter, I visit the store regularly because of their extraordinary customer service which I receive while shopping at their store. I tend to shop at the Short Hills, NJ store when I go back home for breaks as the store is a short distance from my home. Each year around Christmas I tend to spend my extra money that I receive on watches at Nordstrom. The result of my satisfaction at the store is proven from the collection that I now have. The most memorable experience that I had at the store was the purchase of my latest watch in January. The salesman that helped me with my selection was very thorough in showing me each detail of the watch and making sure that I was satisfied with my purchase. Leaving the store a satisfied customer proves that Nordstromís can have a memorable impression on its customers. Knowing that they have a superior customer service team reassures me that if I ever have any problems with the watch that I can return it or have it fixed with no questions asked. As they focus on customer service, they make the customer feel that they are important to them as they go above and beyond as they help the customer from start to check out. I wanted to write this compliment letter to them as a way of saying thanks for their extraordinary customer service. As a way of giving back to them, I promote the store to many friends and family members that are looking to purchase something nice as the store as a remarkable selection. Getting friends and family hooked to the store as well makes me feel that I am giving back to them.


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