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Displeasure with follow-up by Ms. Paula Ponder, Senior Coordinator for Customer Relations

Posted Tue March 9, 2004, by Steven P. written to Norwegian Cruise Lines

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I want to bring your attention to a complaint I have concerning your company. Specifically, my complaint concerns the experience detailed below. I hope you can help me. This incident has left me furious.

For your reference, I was on this cruise: Norwegian Dawn Jan 25, 2004. Here's what happened:
I took the time to write an earlier letter to you about our dissatisfaction with the situation regarding NCLs onboard booking with the Port and cruise consultant, (Kelvin) during the Caribbean cruise on the Norwegian Dawn departing from the port of New York on January 25, 2004. Kelvin was fired while preparing 8 onboard discount packages for myself and my family, and no one took his place, or continued the application.

The inadequate response from Ms Paula Ponder, your Senior Coordinator with customer relations has made me resolve to never use your cruise lines again.

In my earlier letter, I stated that we were prepared to place deposits (in fact deposits for 8 family members) with Kelvin, ensuring the on-board cruise discount for all 8 cruise packages. Kelvin was fired with no replacement. I was given a toll-free number to call and book the cruise. I called NUMEROUS times, but was never able to speak with anyone prior to the "expiration date" of our on-board discount. I left messages, but no one ever called me back.

I wrote a letter to you which was answered by Ms Paula Ponder. She stated "As a gesture of goodwill, we are enclosing a $100.00 Onboard Credit Certificate for you to use on a future voyage."

(1) This palls in regard to the credits we would have gotten for 8 family members while onboard.
(2) She didn't even include the certificate in the letter we received!

My wife and I were astounded. What a slap in the face.

Now to compound matters, art work which I paid for (including shipping) aboard the Dawn has not arrived and it is now over 30 days since the end of our cruise and no one can account for it. I will be charging back the amount I paid against the credit card charges levied by the Dawn for this artwork unless someone can give me an accounting for its whereabouts.

I just wanted you to know why we are determined now NOT to cruise aboard NCL in the future based on how we have been treated.

Here's how I feel you can solve this situation: Find our missing artwork.

Restore the onboard discount for 8 people or don't bother sending me the $100 credit which Ms Paula Ponder failed to include in the first insulting letter. If that's all you can do, we won't be using it.

All of this is certainly a shame, since we enjoyed the cruise. My overall dealings with your company subsequently have generally left me very unhappy, and determined not to do business with you again. Based on what I have experienced with the follow-up to my complaint, I definitely won't recommend NCL to anyone else.

Thanks for listening to my concerns. I hope you can help.


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