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Potato soup

Posted Tue February 14, 2017 12:00 pm, by Sandra M. written to O'Charley's, Inc.

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After a decade of being a loyal customer, buying your loaded potato soup for my children when they were ill, and my Wife when she became ill and I also have loved your loaded potato soup. (My wife has to have a very bland diet)

We have eaten O'Charley's potato soup out of the Hopkinsville, KY Store, Both Clarksville, TN stores, Hendersonville, TN store regularly. We have also stopped at O'charley's restaurants while traveling thru other states on getaways or vacations. THe Quality and consistency of the soup was identical. It was mild and delicious!

Wanting to have a romantic Valentines Day meal, with my wife, We decided to go to O'Charley's for potato soup and dinner. The atmosphere was wonderful, the service awesome.

However, when our soup was served; My wife was only able to take 2 bites. Then said, "Something is wrong! It's too salty, something is wrong."

I tasted mine and detected a type of tang that was added from what we were used to. We had the chicken tenders, and fries.. those were fabulous, however my wife could barely eat, because her stomach was upset from the soup.

Upon leaving, I encountered the manager at the hostess station. I stopped to express that the service and food except potato soup was excellent. I complained that the soup had a zing to it that wasn't normal. My wife was unable to eat more than 2 bites and it upset her stomach so she couldn't eat the rest of her meal.

The manager told me that the normal recipe for loaded potato soup, includes Jalepeno juice. I expressed that it couldn't be true because I had never tasted it in the soup before.

He said that I was wrong, but he would express at the next managers meeting that they may have to change the recipe.

We believe that the original recipe should be restored. Traditional potato soup in any cook book doesn't contain jalepeno juice that I'm aware of. We are not going to be able to eat the potato soup that has been changed from what we really loved.

Folks need to remember that some people have special dietary needs, and restricted seasonings in their diets. If I had thought for one minute that someone would have put something spicy in my wife's soup, we would have went somewhere else.

My wife was unable to eat her food. We ended up taking it home in a take out box, but the soup made her ill the rest of the day. This really ruined the Valentines Day that I had planned. I believe that O'Charley's should reimburse me for my wife's meal. There's nothing you can do about our day together. Appreciate a response!


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by PepperElf Posted Wed February 15, 2017 @ 10:37 PM

Especially to find out if it's true about the jalapeno juice.

I haven't found anything "official" yet, but I've found some copy-cat
recipes online so far, and a couple of people who claim to have worked
there who said they used jalapeno juice. Although if that's true then
they've been doing it for a while, since the reply was dated 2013.



If that is true... perhaps they put in too much?
Hope your wife feels better soon!


PepperElf by Giselle Sun May 7, 2017 @ 7:23 PM

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