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Computer service Warranty sold by Office Depot

Posted Thu February 4, 2010 10:11 pm, by Prafull S. written to Office Depot, Inc.

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I run a home-based business, heavily depend on my computer for all my transactions, and have been a loyal customer of Office Depot ever since it opened in my town.

I purchased a desktop computer from my local Office Depot in July, 2008.As it was highly recommended by the salesman, I also purchased 2-year extended warranty with it.

Since my computer stopped working, I made a claim with Office Depot on December 3, 2009.
I was advised to get in touch with Nexicore to set up appointment for a technician to arrive.
After several trials and 45-minute holds, I was told that a part will be ordered and the technician will call when ready.

On December 12, the technician arrived, but could not fix the computer. When he called Nexicore, he was placed on hold for 45-minutes!!

I was told by Nexicore that my computer will be fixed as soon as possible, in about a week.

As of today, February 4, 2010, my computer is still out, nobody has let me know by e-mail or phone WHEN it will be fixed. In fact, whenever Office Depot has tried to call Nexicore, they have been kept on indefinite hold, and had to give up.

For my benefit and the benefit of Office Depot, i suggest that:

(1) I need my computer for the sustenance of my business, and anything you can do to speed up this repair, or replacement, will be appreciated.

(2) With this type of experience, I also suggest that you reconsider your arrangement with Nexicore, who has proven to be totally non-caring and non-accessible,

(3) Demand a refund of $ 84.99 from Nexicore that I paid for this worthless warranty for all the trouble I am having to go through, and refund that amount to me. This, hopefully, will teach them to be more efficient and customer-oriented, and

(4) Look at the competition, who offer next day repair or loaner.


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by NathanG Posted Fri February 5, 2010 @ 12:40 PM

I dont think I would ever pay for an extended warranty from a place
that outsources the repairs. Why pay home depot for reapir services
when they dont preform them.

Develope a relationship with a local shop and it will be worth alot
more than the headache of dealign with 3rd parties.


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