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Laptop misrepresented as in-stock

Posted Thu January 21, 2010 8:40 pm, by Kaila L. written to OfficeMax.com

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I ordered an Acer Timeline 15.6" laptop (Item# 21910719) online at OfficeMax.com on Thursday, January 14th that stated it was in-stock and ships in 1-3 days. First, I received a call from customer service verifying my credit card and address information. Then I called on the following Tuesday OfficeMax customer service to see when it would be delivered and the representative told me by the end of this week.

Then on Thursday, January 21 I received an e-mail "We are sorry to inform you that we cannot fulfill your request for the ACER 15.6 TMLNE LAPTOP. This item is not available for delivery in your market area at this time."

Meanwhile, since I have received this new e-mail stating that my laptop cannot be delivered, the price of the same laptop has increased by $150 and it still displays that it is in-stock and still will ship in 1-3 days.

I contacted customer service and spoke to a supervisor and she told me that it is not available at the district warehouse, and I asked her why they cannot ship this item from another district warehouse where it is in stock. She told me that they will not ship it from "Hawaii" because it will be damaged when it arrives. I am not stupid and there are closer warehouses to Florida than Hawaii and laptops get delivered all the time from all over the country and are not damaged.

Then I proceeded to call another OfficeMax store, and while it was not in stock at my local store (Gainesville, FL) it was in stock in two different OfficeMax stores located about an hour and a half from here. Then when I called customer service again they said they cannot ship it from the store to my house.

I called the OfficeMax store that had it in stock in Orange Park, FL, and the manager would not even honor the price of the laptop that I had originally purchased it at online. It was not my fault that it was misrepresented and actually out of stock and I was not notified until after the price increase. Not only did I waste a half of day calling customer service and managers but I did not even get the laptop I ordered.

I will not waste my time on OfficeMax again and will encourage everyone else to take their business elsewhere.

Do not advertise your items as in-stock and ships in 1-3 days when it is in fact not in stock (it is still listed as in-stock at this very moment).
Do not increase the price (by $150) after canceling my item and then not honor the price that I originally purchased it at in another OfficeMax store when it was not my fault the item was not in stock online.
Offer to ship the laptop I ordered from another warehouse that has it in stock, or ship the laptop from another store that has it in stock to my local OfficeMax store where I can pick it up.
Is that too hard to ask for?


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by Donno Posted Thu January 21, 2010 @ 11:17 PM

Online web portals have disclaimers about this sort of thing, and the
inventory shown is not guaranteed to be accurate. It stinks, but that
is the situation as I understand it. Thus, they can cancel your order
for a host of reasons including "oops, we figured out we don't have


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