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Very unhappy with Once Upon A Child

Posted Wed September 18, 2002, by Nicole H. written to Once Upon a Child

Write a Letter to this Company

I would like to bring to your attention a problem I had with the overall experience at Once Upon a Child. The store I'm referring to is located at Roseville, California Roseville Square.

The complaint I have is with the Roseville Ca. store in Roseville Square. I have been there three times, but I don't know why I came back after the first time. I told myself I would never come back but I gave them a second chance and once again I was very furious when I left. Then the third time I went I swear I'll never go back. My problem is with the way they rip people off. They give you hardly nothing for your good name brand stuff and turn around and charge almost full price for it in return. Not to mention the inconsistancy in how they price and what they take from you. I had my boyfriend go in on a monday to take in some really cute and hardly worn clothes, and to his and my suprise they were going to take everything with the exception of a few summer dresses wich he was just going to give them, they came up with a total of $42.00 dollars but unfortunately he had forgotten his ID so he was told to come back with ID. So I decided on that wednsday to go ahead and bring in the clothes I was told to wait about a half hour so I did and needless to say they came up with a whopping total of $7.00 for about four dresses and the rest they gave back to me. What in the world is wrong with this picture was it me or what. I left again so mad because once again they wasted my valuable time and for what $7.00 dollars when just 2 days before it was going to be $42.00. It makes me think that they only have so much they can buy in a day and if you come in later in the day your screwed but if you get there bright and early you have a good chance to get lucky and they just might want your stuff. I also have a friend who brought some things in there and they were almost brand spankin new and they told her they were slightly to worn. We were furious because as I browsed through the store I was shocked with all the shabby looking clothes they had taken, and they have the nerve to say what she had was slightly worn. I would never go back there again your better off taking your clothes to a baby consignment shop it would be well worth the wait.

I will do everything I can to avoid Once Upon a Child in the future, and I will certainly advise others to avoid your store.

Here's what I would like you to do: Here's what I'd like to see happen: Get some guidelines and follow them. Train your employees how to follow them and stick with it. Don't be so inconsistant. Train your employees to be friendlier too. They are always so snooty at least at the Roseville Square store they are.

I hope you are willing to address my concerns. I look forward to receiving a response within 10 business days.


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by jaxs grandma Posted Mon August 6, 2012 @ 11:26 AM

Try the new store Tadpoles. Very fair prices when you sell and when
you buy. Staff is very friendly, not like the rude people who work at
Once Upon a Child.

by lalaluv4u Posted Sun July 1, 2012 @ 1:29 AM

Im so glad to have found this post because I had the exact same
experience with OUAC. I took boxes of designer outfits kenneth cole
calvin klein south pole dnky...all washed and barely used...to the
store in Mesquite Tx. Also a box of mostly Stride Rite shoes. When I
returned the next day they had only picked out a few of the cheap
pairs of shoes to buy. I was baffled and inquired as to why they didnt
want any of the eighty dollar retail outfits. She stated there was
grass in the box. That sounded ludicrous to me that they would refuse
to look through a box because there was a blade of grass. The buyer
overheard me and agreed to look through the items. While she looked I
browsed the store for the first time. All i saw were worn out shabby
looking clothes. Tge woman approached me in the aisle and stated they
wouldnt be interested in my clothes because they were too worn and out
of style. I pointed to thd clothing on the racks and stated that the
clothes there were from walmart and target and that i would never
dress my child in those clothes. She made an excuse that they had just
had a big sale so everything good was gone. I asked her to show me
what she consuders worn out and outdated. As we went through the box
together she kept saying how cute things were and that she knows they
are designer but that people wont buy those kinds of clothes. It just
seemed to me that it would have been so much easier for her to be
honest rather than lying about the condition and quality of my items.
It occurs to me that OUAC isnt accepting designer high quality items
because they cant buy it for dirt cheap. Obviously they have certwin
lines n scripts they are taught to use companywide. The truth was that
they wont pay a fair price for my items and instead of just saying
that they resort to tactics which I found to be ridiculous in light of
the truth that was glaringly obvious. I will place my items on
Craigslist and am certain someone will be more than thrilled to get
these designer clothes at a fraction of the price.

by laura h. Posted Fri June 22, 2012 @ 2:57 PM

i live in rochester ny and also had bad experiences with our store.
One time i went in and brought a bag full of my daughters clothes and
got (WOW) $38! i was psyched they took so much do i decided to pack up
a bunch of my sons thing and they bought 3 items out of probably 20! i
noticed the same girl checked my bag as last time and again i got the
same answer as most of you got tht they were too "washed" or stained.
Ok, the staining i can understand. I must have missed some but when i
told her that there are many other things on the shelves that look way
more "washed" then my stuff she told me that they have changed there
requirements. Must have been in the last 5 min when i walked in the
door! she then also told me that they have to be unwrinkled. Ok, so i
will go home and rewash and come back but this time I think i will
demand to have someone different go through my stuff or a manager.
This particular girl is horrible and i swear cant pick out a nice item
if it hit her in the face!


by Talisha S. Posted Sun September 11, 2011 @ 11:43 AM

The oklahoma city store is the same way! Im VERY upset with the
experience I had there. I had BRAND NEW clothes that has NEVER been
wore from DILLARDS (polo brand) and they only took some shoes that had
beed worn a couple times. The thing that really made me upset is that
they had the nerve to tell me that those clothes had slight wear to
them..... I think the young girl was just being lazy and didnt feel
like looking at the clothes. I got 7.00 for the couple of things they
bought and I bought more things as well but when i got home i notice a
BOTTON WAS MISSING!!!! But my stuff was SLIGHTLY USED???? They have
rude staff and need to all have guidelines!!!! Im NEVER going back!!!!

by Judy P. Posted Sun June 26, 2011 @ 10:03 PM

A Once Upon A Child Store opened just over a year ago in
Fredericksburg, VA.

This store is not at all like the terrible shops I've read about. The
sales people are not rude at all, but I noticed some clothes have
stains or holes, although not most. They must look through the clothes
too fast and aren't careful enough. They should take more time
selecting items and not rush through them.

The Fredericksburg store offers 50% - 70% off clearance merchandise
and $1.00 clearance items. Their clearance prices are unbelievably low
and I think the store will go out of business if they sell too many
clothes at this rate. They must buy too much and overstock, so they
basically give clothes away for the price they paid, or even less,
just to get rid of off-season items.

The prices they offer to sellers aren't very high, but if you don't
want to accept their offer just walk away.


OUAC is a rip off! by M\'ia Sat May 5, 2012 @ 11:05 AM
by jshaun Posted Sat June 4, 2011 @ 10:38 PM

I had my first experience with selling my baby boys clothing at once
upon a child in colonial heights, va. It first started when I called
to get information on their procedures and what their expectations
were. I was told all clothes had to be freshly washed, folded neatly
and in a laundry hamper, tub, or box of some sort. Understandable. I
told them I had a huge tub of very nice name brand clothes and some
were either worn once or not at all and that I had some accessories as
well if they were interested. I spent my entire Friday re-washing
clothes, buying a tub to accomadate them all and matching outfits and
arranging by name brand. Mind you most of the apparel was Polo,
Calvin Klein, Gymboree, Jumping Beans etc. When I got to the location
and my husband carried in this huge tube plus a medium size hamper, we
were told we could only give enough to fill an 11 gallon tub and it
was one tub a day for 1 household. My husband told the lady, that he
wanted a tub and we did not live together. Although this was not true
and they knew it, it is something that should have been told over the
phone when I mentioned I had a HUGE tub of clothes. I also brought in
2 packs of unopened pacifiers, a bottle warmer, newborn sling and a
home device to hear the babies heartbeat and a "wee" cover for little
boys...you put over them when you are changing since little boys tend
to pee on you before you get the diaper on. That too was never opened
and a digital time chart to punch in the last time the baby was
changed, fed, napped, and other. The manager thought the wee cover
was the cutest thing and asked if she could have it to give to her
daughter for she just had a son and I said of course. Not 2 seconds
later I offered to give her the digital chart and her remark was, "I'm
sure my daughter knows when the baby cries to change it". This
comment was uncalled for and very rude considering I just gave her
something I intended to sell. With that I made the comment , "so if
the baby doesn't cry for 8 hours, it doesn't get fed or changed?" My
husband told me to calm down bc obviously the ball was in their court
and he did not feel like lugging this stuff anywhere else. Then when
it came down to fill out paperwork she asked my last name and his.
Truthfully, I never changed my name. With that she said sure and
slung a pen at my husband. Again after I gave her something for free
bc the store didn't accept things like this. We did use different
addresses bc of the circumstances but who can blame us? It's not like
we were warned and plotted some sceam on once upon a child. This was
a process I spent all day preparing for to meet their requirements. I
was not driving 22 miles the next day. It basically came down to she
did not feel like going thru all those clothes but that is your job
lady! Get a new one then. There wouldn't be a once upon a child if
it wasn't for mom's like us who take practically nothing for what we
paid and they double off our sacrafices. If I had the patience for a
yard sale I would have done so that way. When we returned to settle
on the offer they gave us back what they would not acept and it
shocked me because several of the full newborn outfits were never
used. The sales associate said that they were very particular about
the look of the clothes and I just rolled my eyes. I accepted the
measly 120 dollars. I noticed as I was walking out of the door, in a
cradle they had for sale, there were 3 dead flies and I turned and
said, "for people who are so particular about the items they sell, you
would think they would routinely check the equiptment and it's
cleanliness, bc a baby is the one who will be using it" People who
live in glass houses should never throw stones. I will say that I was
not the only parent they offended. As a mother you do everything you
can to give your children the best and the associates in this
particular store made you feel as though you were bringing them junk
and you actually exposed your child to such things. My point is, when
you were hired I am sure you were given a run done of what your job
duties were and that is going thru baskets of clothes and pricing
them. I can guarantee you were told to give specific expectations to
the customers as well. Once Upon A Child is a consignment used
clothing store. Not everything is brand new and will not look brand
new. My final complaint is they did not give me a run down on what
they kept and what they paid me for but then again I probably should
have taken inventory for my things. Lesson learned. Next time I will
suck it up and do a yard sale, where I make the rules and I don't have
to buy tubs.


by Tamela B. Posted Sun February 20, 2011 @ 1:57 PM

i had the same issue with a once upon a child in cincinnati, oh the
service was terrible the clothes i took in some had tags on them and
were a couple months old and they were said to be to worn or stained
i'm like wow they must have gotten really stained tied up in the
target bag and then the shoes were the same and i walked through
finding clothes with spit up staines and so worn that the color was
faded and the logo was barely visible i would not suggest this store
to anyone. i suggest snooty fox maybe lol i will try there next sorry
for the run on sentence this hit a nerve.


by Jaracandy Posted Sun November 28, 2010 @ 10:40 PM

I hate the fact how rude there emplyees are I leave in oklahoma city
nd the one store they got here they have certain emplyees making u bad
faces and not even greeting u wen ur done with ur purches I decided
that i have wasted my time on this store if they are going to hava a
bitchy attitude they shouldnt be working in a place were theres is
alot of people constenly comoing so i agree with you I dont think that
if they arnt going to have there emplyees b nice they shouldnt even
have them at all especiallly those who are supposed to train others!

by dawn b. Posted Tue October 12, 2010 @ 6:24 PM

I also had a very bad experience with this store and also their sister
store "Plato's Closet" First I have 5 girls (ages twins 14, 13, 8, and
) and they have TONS of clothes. Between me and their grandparents
they have so many clothes that only get worn a little bit. So anyways,
normally I will have a garage sale or put their clothing on Ebay, but
I have been super busy and just thought I'd try OUAC since I have
shopped there in the past but never sold anything. Well my daughters
and I had gone to the closest stores which happen to be side by side
in Erie, PA. Well we took 11 bags to OUAC, and 3 bags to Plato's
Closet. At OUAC the girl immediately said it would be about an hour so
I said that was fine and left the items with her. We then went to
Plato's Closet with the other items. The 2 girls were both teens
behind the counter and the store smelled really bad! I dropped off our
items and the girls said it'd be 15 minutes. All our items were
Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale, etc. All excellent items, they
ended up offering $15 for 5 items!!!! I was shocked!!! We looked
around the store and shirts were at least $15 a piece and were worn
and faided and smelled!! I took the cash and left to go over to OUAC.
When our stuff was finished they ended up buying about 1 bag out of 11
and offered $40. So what a waist of my time. They had ripped up boxes
of toys I had and I was furious!! My girls and I started to carry the
stuff back out to the car and the girls behind the counter just
started throwing the stuff at my daughters in a pile as we were trying
to take the items out to the car. They even hit my daughter in the
head with one of the bags!!! When we got back home and went through
the items we realized they didn't even look in about 4 of the bags at
least!! So needless to say I will take the time to do Ebay and garage
sale from now on!!!


very unhappy with OUAC by peace Mon October 18, 2010 @ 3:53 PM
by Amanda T. Posted Wed September 22, 2010 @ 3:21 PM

I will NEVER go back in this store! The most RUDE employees ever!! I
brought 2 bag of clothes in carrying bags and the first thing they
said was.."your items need to be in a tub or basket in order for us to
look at them, you can go next door to big lots and buy a tub." I
noticed they WERE NOT busy and had at least 20 tubs just sitting there
and did not offer me to put my stuff in theirs. WHATEVER! So i went
next door to big lots and bought a big tub for $5. brought my stuff
back in & they told me it would be an hour. 2 hours later they call my
name and say "unfortunatly we wont be able to take any of your items
due to wear on them. I WAS SOOOO SHOCKED!!! I held a pair of BRAND NEW
WITH TAGS Carter jeans that were purshased 2 months earlier!! I was
like "whats wrong with these? The "young immature girl" said
"well..its just our decision! GRRRRR!!!! i was furious!!! they wasted
my time & my money on the tub!! i had NEW old navy, gymboree,
childrens place, guess, ect. ALL name brand and NOTHING had a stain.
everything was bought within the past year!! PLUS i know they werent
over stocked because i called before to make sure they were buying all
seasons and all items. i honestly dont think the little witches even
went through my stuff!! OH WELL because i sold ALL my stuff on
craigslist today for $40!! The lady was so thrilled to get such nice
clothes! Im glad they went to her and not this crummy place called
once upon a child!


by Amanda T. Posted Wed September 22, 2010 @ 3:21 PM


by loriann Posted Wed August 11, 2010 @ 3:02 PM

I will never go back to Once Upon A Child as well! I took in three
bags of nice clothing, most from Limited Too and Justice, none with
holes or stains. Well taken care of, washed in cold water, some
barely worn. From three bags of clothes they selected 5 items and
told me they would give me $8.25 for them. When I asked what was
wrong with the rest of the clothes I was told they looked "washed".
Imagine that!! Washed clothes. Yet a pair of sweat pants that my
daughter wore every week to school, they wanted those. The girls that
work the stores are young and unprofessional. They make their choices
subjectively and honestly I don't think they even bother. They just
pull out a few items to their liking and pick those. It is the last
time I will go to one of these stores in any state! The store that I
am referring to is in Pineville, North Carolina.

by Leigh R. Posted Sat June 19, 2010 @ 2:43 PM

I live in Waterbury, CT and just got back from the store in Danbury.
I brought in 5 big boxes of clothes that were freshly washed and
folded. The items were sorted with like items in each box and each
box was labeled. We were told that the things we brought in were too
worn. When we drove the half hour back to our house and looked in the
boxes of things they did not take, we (my mother and I) discovered
that 3 boxes were never even looked through at the store. Items in
these boxes were folded exactly how my mother and I had folded them.
At least 4 items in these boxes were BRAND NEW with tags still on
them. I brought in things that were brand names such as Tommy
Hilfiger and Polo that looked barely worn and they were denied. Yet,
as I walked through the store looking for things for my son I noticed
many items in worse shape then what I brought in. I brought in an
estimated 200 pieces of clothing and other things such as puzzles and
toys, and only approximately 25 items were accepted. Again, the
things that were denied as being too worn were in boxes that I could
tell were not even looked through because how could they turn down
clothes with popular characters such as Winnie the Pooh that still had
the original tags on them. While I was waiting the hour I was told it
would take to go through my things I went next door to Walmart where I
bought my son some shorts. The shorts I looked at in Once Upon A
Child looked a little worn and faded and were priced at $6.50 each.
In Walmart, I paid $5.00 a pair for BRAND NEW shorts...talk about a
rip off in Once Upon A Child. It would be interesting to take my
unaccepted items to one of the other Once Upon A Child stores in CT
and stand there and watch them got through and see what gets taken and
what doesn't.


by sally p. Posted Fri April 30, 2010 @ 9:29 PM

I live in joliet IL and i went there today they are snobs i had many
items that were only worn once at the most.they were bought 8 months
ago they didnt accept any thing but 5 items out of 2 garbage bages of
clothes $11.00 and the same here i saw old dingey stuff that they were
selling? who does that? not to mention over charging i can go get
brand new for the price they charge. RIP OFF! is right and those snob
girls act like ur poor trash when u do bring in ur stuff they have
alot of nerve wen they work there and our good stuff is wat gives them
a pay check! they get paid to treat people like sh** ill be darn if i
go to any store to get treated like crap!

by Michell Posted Fri April 30, 2010 @ 6:06 PM

Wow! I had a completly different experience...I LOVE this store and
save a TON of money...YES some stuff is over priced but I find that in
EVERY store I shop in..Here is a link to my lastest shopping spree
there. Thanks


by shopsmart Posted Tue February 2, 2010 @ 9:52 AM

I agree 100%. I brought in a bunch of stuff that was new or hardly
worn. They broke my sets and took bottoms but not tops. One time
they told me that I had incomplete sets and didn't take my stuff. I
also am surprised to see stuff on the rack that was a yucky brand that
i would never buy and it was really worn. I don't even think i would
pay a dollar for this stuff at a garage sale. Since I have been there
I only take cash and i don't shop there. Word to the wise. Shop
smart because you can get brand new stuff at the retail stores for the
same price as this used crap. Gymboree has sales every six weeks and
they have gymbucks! It works out to be 50% off and if you pick some
sale stuff you get an even better deal. The outlets can also be a
great deal. You just need to be smart, know when the sales occur, and
use coupons when you can.


Think about it by Amanda P. Thu April 22, 2010 @ 6:50 PM

by Brenda S. Posted Mon September 21, 2009 @ 3:21 PM

Wow to think this happens to every store at Once Upon A Child. It's
sickening how they treat people and take nothing. I have been to 3
different stores in Indiana, and ALL were rude and acting like I was
bothering them. The first time I took something in was all brand
names, probably only worn once and they tried to give me 7.00 for it.
Gee, no thanks! The second time I brought in all big items, pack n
play, exersaucer, a bouncy chair, few big games. That totaled up to
be 50.00. Once again no thanks. So I have no idea why I brought in
the items I took today but I did. They were all winter items, snow
boots, snow pants, snow outfits, winter shoes, clothes, they offered
10.00. They said that some were worn, stained or just not needed.
How can you not need a 3t size snow pants in Indiana??? Just have no
idea how they can get away with it. As I was standing there waiting I
looked through a rack of clothes and 3/4 of the clothes were dingy and
falling apart. I am NEVER going back to that store! it's a rip off!!!


unhappy in Minnesota too! by bloomington m. Tue September 21, 2010 @ 6:27 PM
by Samantha B. Posted Mon August 10, 2009 @ 2:32 PM

Once upon a child buys based on demand style and condition obviously
if they have say for instance tons a tons of summer dresses on hand
they dont have a demand for anymore. And once upon a child doesnt say
bring in your stuff we will buy all of it from you. No they have
trained employees who pick the ones that sell well for the store. So
they will pick what they want from you and give you an offer for them.
You get to decide if you want to sell them or not. If you think you
are getting ripped off then why would you sell them? If you think you
can get more elsewhere why don't you do that? And you went back 3
And you say they sell them for new prices and give you next to
nothing? Thats not true. The higher value your item the higher
percentage of the selling price is what you will recieve.
If you bring in a child of mine WALMART brand tshirt you are going to
get a lesser percentage than say a ralph lauren brand tshirt where you
will recieve a higher percentage of retail.
I think you are confused dear.
BTW not for sure but maybe your attitude had something to with what
the employee took from you VS your husband.


What planet do you live on?? by Brenda S. Mon September 21, 2009 @ 3:31 PM

my experience with ouac!!!!! by GENE21 Tue October 4, 2011 @ 8:47 PM
by newintown Posted Wed May 27, 2009 @ 1:52 PM

I had my first experience with this store yesterday in Houston, Tx. A
friend and I were excited to have found a place that makes you an
offer "right away", so we loaded up the kids and all the clothes and
toys (I had a tote and 1 box of toys and she had a LARGE tote and 3
smaller ones) and drove an hour to the store. We were told that the
appraisal of the items would take 1 to 2 hours so we left for a bit.
When we returned, we walked around for about 10 minutes before being
acknowledged and then were told that our things were waiting by the
door. I was offered $11 for about 10 items-no toys. My friend was
offered NOTHING. When we questioned the offers, neither of the 3 girls
(including the manager) seemed to "remember that buy". I held up a
spotless plush Lamaze worm toy that rattled and jingled and when I
asked what was wrong with it (and other noise making toys) I was told
"they did not buy plush toys unless they made noise"!
Umm....really...what is that that I am hearing? Before we left the
house, I checked the website to confirm the things they were buying.
All it said was, "all seasons all year long". When asked why some of
the summer stuff wasnt accepted, they relpied that because of over
stock on separates, they were only taking sets on 18 mos and under.
Fine. When I stated that the site said nothing of their "stipulations"
all the manager could say was, "sorry. I guess its not been updated to
specify." Ya think!? After going through a few things with one girl,
my friend was finally offered a whopping $2.50. Neither of us were
expecting big bucks or full retail, by any means, but it was
completely insulting. When I returned home and went through the tote,
I was shocked to see the things that were "rejected". There were many
name brand things in better than "slightly used" condition. I
completely aggree with the posts about inconsistancy. I took in 3
halloween costumes. They bought 2 used ones and rejected one with tags
still on it. All in all, our trip cost more in toll fees and
frustration than it was worth. I will NOT reccommend this store to


reply by Samantha B. Mon August 10, 2009 @ 2:34 PM

by sharonNewton Posted Mon April 27, 2009 @ 8:51 AM

I have visted Once Upon and have bought and sold to them. The one
here in Roanoke Virginia pays on the spot and usually gives me fair
price. I think sometimes people dont see what the people at Once Upon
a Child's trained eyes do see. A lot of times you think your clothes
are in perfect condition but the tags are gone or buttons are missing
or there may be staining. Not to mention, if they have been sitting
in a box or basement there may be an odor. These folks are friendly,
professional and do their best to provide a great service. I guess it
is better to get nothing for your clothes than to get something? I
think some people think they should get what they paid for them. Next
time I trade my car I will tell the dealer that. What a laugh.

Quit busting these peoples chops, they do a great job. If you bought
stained clothing from them or toys that didnt work, you would be
pissed. So lighten up and get yourself some money instead of wasting
your saturday doing a yardsale for peanuts.

by K7 Posted Tue October 28, 2008 @ 4:44 PM

Ito am unhappy with OUAC. They are complete rip offs. I have sold
things to them to seperate ocassions. The only reason I returned after
my first expierence was because I thought I was being picky. These
time had a white laundry basket full of items-winter coats, christmas
dresses, and some summer things. First,when I got there my stuff was
sitting by the door.Second the lady took a coat, 2 sweaters, and few
summer things(snd wanted to give me $3.50). Now said the first time I
was pickey but is CRAZY, and then she said the other things were worn,
most of those things had only been worn once or were terribly wrinkled
from being washed and stored away.How can a dress my daughter wore for
1 occasion be "worn". I guess I should just give my things away. Give
me $0.50 for my sweater and sell it for $5.00 . That's what I love in
Once Upon A Child!No! They are Terrible.


reply by Samantha B. Mon August 10, 2009 @ 2:40 PM

PS by Samantha B. Mon August 10, 2009 @ 2:44 PM
by Amy C. Posted Fri October 10, 2008 @ 10:51 AM

I hate to say it but I have also had bad experiences as well. The
Woodbury store in Minnesota one time gave me $7.00 for a barely used
basinett, portible swing, never used diaper genie,vibrating baby seat,
and and an outdoor riding toy. Then a few weeks later gave me $25.00
for a small bag of used clothes that I was going to give to the Good
Will but thought I'd see if I could get a few bucks. So inconsistant!
Although they have never been rude to me- I've always gotten screwed
over with a smile!


by Juliecandoo Posted Thu October 9, 2008 @ 5:23 PM

At once upon a child in St. Charels Illinois on Kirk Rd.

I brought in my things for an offer, she took 10 days to get back to
me. On a Friday evening the owner left a message on my answering
machine that she would give me $3.50, and I have 24 hours to pick up.
I was out of town and I came in the next day after receiving the
message. I did not want the store credit she offered me and she
refused to give me back my coat. I insisted she either give me my coat
or cash, she refused. I asked for a corporate number and she laughed
and refused to give it to me, she also said it would do me no good,
and if I didn't leave she would call the police.I was shocked she
could be so horrible! A customer who was behind me followed me out of
the store and gave me an web address that I could complain about her
to. The customer told me she was a new owner and there has been many
complaints about her. She also said that she had no right to sell my
items without verbal acceptance of her offer. I called the owner and
told her what her customer told me and she hung up on me! I am
speaking with the corporate office now, and hope this issue will be
resolved. I am requesting that this owner donate $75.00 to the
Salvation Army for the purchase of a new coat that a child in need can
receive, and a letter of apology for her bullying me and taking my
property. I will update if this issue get resolved!


What a poorly run store! by Samantha B. Mon August 10, 2009 @ 2:46 PM
by Leslea T. Posted Tue September 30, 2008 @ 5:08 PM

You guys should come to Missouri if The Ouac's around your area are
crappy. I have never had a bad experience in St. Louis. I was
shocked to see these responses about the Once Upon A Child stores in
your area.

by casey987654321 Posted Fri September 12, 2008 @ 11:55 AM

the once upon a child store in southgate mi is bad too.the mother and
father team that work there are teaching there kids on how to rip
people off.well i brought in a 22 dollar Velvet dress with the tag
still on and a box of nice clothes.she wanted 17 dollars for it all.i
watch on how to grade things and there not honest about it either.i
had a outfit and she was trying to say the top was ok,but the bottoms
were faded.they were not.she was trying to buy them for the cheapest
price and yet i know they will sale it for almost the original price
to over the price.

I was talking to a girl about this place and she said she sold her
walker to them.she said is was basically new and she got like 5bucks
for it.she ask them your not gonna sale it for more than the price
your suppose to get.which is 50/50.buy for 10 sale for 20.oh no.the
girl went back into the store a few days later and saw the item marked
for 25.so there gonna make 20 off the item.

the canton Mich store.they look at your stuff.type some crap into the
computer and print out the sheet to tell you how much items they will
sale them to you for and what the store price will be.also the form
tells you how they rated each item.example--shirt-faded
1.00,socks-still in package 00.50 and so on.

then she took the form and didnt give it back.Im not dumb,i know
why.so they can sale each item for a 50-70 % mark up.they are the most
dishonest company i have ever worked with.Do you know there not
suppose to sale it for more than half of what they sold it to you.

you guys suck as a business.should call the news stations so they can
do a private investigation.I wouldnt doubt that there ripping off the
taxes too.....


00 by Samantha B. Mon August 10, 2009 @ 2:52 PM

by pooter Posted Mon February 18, 2008 @ 6:40 PM

It is very ironic that I found your feedback today. I was just at the
Roseville Once Upon A Child today after I swore I would never go there
again. The manager, Melissa, is the rudest and most unprofessional
person I have come across. My first bad experience was when I had put
an item on hold and then went to buy it and someone was going to
purchase it right then. I told her to call the owner because that was
the person who told me she would hold it for me until they decided on
a price for it. She basically told me that she wouldn't call the
owner right then. I told her if she didn't hold the item until she
reached the owner I would report them to the better business bureau.
The owner did call me and was very apologetic for the mistake.
However she did not apologize for her manager's behavior. Today when
I went in I brought in three bags of very nice, name brand clothing
plus a pack n'play. Right as I walked in the manager did not even
acknowledge me. When I brought in the Pack n'play she very rudely
said, "we will not be interested in that." They ended up
not buying any of the bigger clothing which were all Gap or Polo and
in very good condition. They said they were only accepting up to age
eight. Later I called their store to ask up to what age they were
buying and they said age 8 but they would make exceptions for name
brands such as Gap etc. Hmm... sounds a bit fishy to me. Obviously
the owner of the Roseville Once Upon A Child cares more about her
freedom than her business(customers) which is her perogative. I wish
her luck because it sounds like I am not the only one who was not
impressed with the service they had to offer.


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