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Posted Mon November 14, 2005, by Anna M. written to Pizza Hut, Inc.

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My husband, children and I recently visited Pizza Hut in Oxford AL on a Friday night. We had just seen the commercial on TV for the special where you get the load it up toppings for .25 more when you buy a medium pan pizza for $8.99. When we got to pizza hut it was pretty crowded as can be expected on a friday night. There was a family in line ahead of us and there were two empty tables, the waitress told them she didn't have any tables and it would be a long wait....since they had a small baby they decided to leave...before they even made it out the door 3 tables got up to leave (a good waitress would have known better..and she could have pulled the chairs from the two empty tables to give that family a table since there were 2, 2 toppers empty) we were next in line so the server sat us down (at the dirty table) she came back to clean up the table and asked for our drinks. We asked her about the special and she said they weren't having any special! She said you could get a med pizza with 1 topping for $8.99...we told her about the commercial, she said she didn't know anything about it but didn't bother to ask anybody either. We gave her our drink orders and were going to take a look at the menu...well, instead of fixing our drink orders she went to 2 other tables to talk to someone she knew. (SINCE THIS WAS THE SECOND TIME IN A FEW MONTHS THAT WE HAD ASKED FOR THE SPECIAL ADVERTISED ON TV!!!! AND WERE TOLD THEY DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT OR WE DON'T HAVE THAT SPECIAL ANYMORE (EVEN THOUGH THE SIGNS AND TV ADDS WERE EVERYWHERE!!!) we decided not to stay so since the server had still not gone to get our drinks we stopped her and told her we were leaving! Of course, she didn't care and neither did the manager. Needless to say we won't be back to pizza hut since it has just gone downhill over the past few years. Nobody knows what is going on, the people are always rude, both locations we usually visit were nasty and the managers could care less about the customer! This very same thing happened to us at Pell City, AL a few months ago-they told us the special was no longer on but yet there were signs everywhere and the add was still on TV.

You really need to get a grip on these stores. IT is sad enough that it happened in one place but for it to happen 30 miles apart. The reason we went to Oxford is because of the problems we had at the one in Pell City and then to get to Oxford and have the very same situation is truly sad! These managers need some training or to be fired! Management makes or breaks a location! These stores need to be cleaned up and made aware of current specials. These people can't tell me the don't get information from the district office, and even if they didn't....it was all over the TV!!!!!!!!


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by Bill C Posted Sat October 13, 2007 @ 9:02 PM

The same thing happened to my family in Jefferson City, MO. I called
two different locations and asked for the family special that was and
is still being showed on TV. Both locatons told me that the special
was no longer being honored. Sounds like it is a national problem, not
just an Alabama issue.

by DW West Posted Sat September 16, 2006 @ 6:21 PM

I would love to know what the corporate office said to you, IF they
even replied. Like you, I go to the Oxford Pizza Hut, even know one of
the people who work there very well and have had a problem. I asked
what the deal was and found this out: Oxford and Anniston P/H are
'franchise' locations and the one in Jacksonville is a 'company'
location. Guess which is best. Yep, the one in J'ville. Better
service, cleaner, better food, SMILES and waitresses who actually WAIT
ON YOU! Guess what else. Company owned sites are CHEAPER by at least a
whole dollar or two. And you know what else? They honor all of the
commercial prices. They don't always have the kind of specialty pizzas
(i.e. the Alfredo Pizza) being promoted on t.v., but try their best to
be accomodating.

Deborah from Oxford

by JamesRobert Posted Fri April 14, 2006 @ 8:17 PM

CHECK OUT PIZZA HUT website. They NEVER list the TV advertised
specials. They do not describe what is ON the Pizzas. I can
understand not pricing the website with so many locations and
variables. BUT not to describe what is on the Chicken Supreme Pizza
is a HUGE error. I called the local Pizza Hut here in Green Bay WI,
they also had no idea what the specials were on TV, they just
recommended the coupons on the website. You are right, Pizza Hut
needs to get a gripe on their restaurants.



by Layla Posted Wed November 16, 2005 @ 5:59 PM

Generally in these ads, they also say somewhere "Offer not valid at
all locations." Some stores are owned by private folks and they
choose not to run the promo.


by PlanetFeedback-Review . Posted Tue November 15, 2005 @ 5:12 AM

This a very common problem across most major industries. In the
automotive sector, for example, the dealers are often "out of the
loop" on all the things beings sponsored by the manufacturer, and
consumers therefore get confused. Fast food operations are generally
franchised, and that can create some disconnects between the
"corporate" program and local execution. The letter here is pretty
good, and nicely articulates the painpoint. We hope she receives a

-- The PlanetFeedback Letter Review Team


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