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Top 25 Letters
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  1. Beating Dead Horses! (no offense to any PETA supporters!!!!)
  2. Look at how greedy you have become!
  4. Rude posts at Planetfeedback.com
  5. Recommendation
  6. Question on TOS?
  7. Dont be So Quick to Delete
  8. Ken V. should be sued for libel for slandering Wal-Mart!
  9. Going to the source of the problem
  10. Commenting on Planetfeedback
  11. The Medium is the Message
  12. Community Feedback
  13. Comments left by the PFB Team
  14. Share a letter prior to sending it -
  15. Answer my letterrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. To All PlanetFeedback Users
  17. People who represent PFB Community
  18. Sad : (
  19. Again, on your data base!
  20. Thanks, PlanetFeedback!
  21. What happened to the 25 latest?
  22. You site
  23. PlanetFeedback edits of posted letters
  24. PlanetFeedback Works!!!
  25. Ken V.

Top 75 Companies
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  1. Citibank N A
  2. Verizon Wireless (Cell Phones)
  3. Sprint Wireless
  4. Bank of America
  5. Walmart
  6. Cingular Wireless (now ATT Mobility)
  7. McDonald's
  8. Sears, Roebuck & Co.
  9. Dell Computer Corporation
  10. Best Buy
  11. Capital One Financial
  12. T-Mobile USA, Inc.
  13. Home Depot, Inc.
  14. Comcast Corporation
  15. Target
  16. American Express Credit Cards
  17. Chase Bank
  18. Tracfone Wireless, Inc
  19. PlanetFeedback
  20. Wal-Mart
  21. Burger King
  22. Circuit City
  23. Wendy's International, Inc.
  24. DirecTV, Inc.
  25. Dish Network (Echo Star)
  26. Apple Computer Inc
  27. Washington Mutual
  28. Verizon Local Telephone (and FIOS)
  29. Target Corporation
  30. Pizza Hut, Inc.
  31. Delta Air Lines
  32. Starbucks
  33. Walgreen's
  34. HSBC Bank USA
  35. United Airlines
  36. Applebee's International, Inc.
  37. American Airlines, Inc.
  38. Juniper Bank
  39. Verizon Internetworking (DSL)
  40. US Airways
  41. Taco Bell
  42. Amazon.com, Inc.
  43. Kentucky Fried Chicken
  44. Nextel Communications
  45. Subway (Sandwich Shops)
  46. Olive Garden
  47. Office Depot, Inc.
  48. Lowe's
  49. United Parcel Service
  50. Nordstrom, Inc. - Department Stores
  51. CVS
  52. Wells Fargo
  53. Kmart
  54. Time Warner Cable
  55. Blockbuster, Inc.
  56. Red Lobster
  57. Toys R Us
  58. Ford Motor Company
  59. Microsoft Corporation
  60. Discover Card
  61. Charter Communications
  62. EBay
  63. Pepsi-Cola
  64. Macys.com
  65. Hewlett-Packard Company
  66. JCPenney Company, Inc.
  67. Sears.com
  68. MBNA
  69. Vonage
  70. Chili's
  71. BellSouth Telecommunications
  72. Outback Steakhouse
  73. Victoria's Secret
  74. Nabisco, Inc.
  75. Maytag Corporation


Cincinnati, Ohio

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PlanetFeedback Assessment
Here is a review of this company provided by PlanetFeedback.
PlanetFeedback is one of the web's oldest and most respected consumer feedback sites. Whereas most other feedback sites simply provide a place for consumers to air their feedback, PlanetFeedback actually allows them to send their feedback directly to the involved companies.

This company does an excellent job of responding to feedback sent through PFB.

Sub Sectors
Here is a list of popular letter topics for this company.
» Can I send a letter to a company outside the U.S.?: 0.29%
» Can I write to a company if it's not on your site?: 1.45%
» Can I write to a government agency?: 0%
» Do you post company responses?: 0.58%
» Do you sell my name to advertisers?: 0.29%
» How can I tell which companies respond?: 2.02%
» How did PlanetFeedback get started?: 0.29%
» How do I change my password?: 0.58%
» How do I remove my name from your newsletter?: 0.29%
» How do I update my personal/contact information?: 2.02%
» How do you make money?: 0%
» How do you monitor shared letters and comments?: 1.16%
» How long does it take to get a response?: 1.73%
» I received a 'Page not Found' error while writing/sending my letter: 0.58%
» I used cut and paste. I received a 'Page not Found' error sending my letter: 0.87%
» Let's write a letter: 1.16%
» Let's write a letter: 1.16%
» Let's write a letter: 1.16%
» Let's write a letter: 1.16%
» Let's write a letter: 1.16%
» Let's write a letter: 1.16%
» Let's write a letter: 1.16%
» Other: 51.16%
» Other: 51.16%
» Other: 51.16%
» Other: 51.16%
» Other: 51.16%
» Other: 51.16%
» Other: 51.16%
» Remove a shared letter or shared letter comment: 23.12%
» Spell Checker: 2.31%
» What can I do if I don't get a response?: 1.16%
» When will you expand to my country?: 0.29%
» Where/How do I tell you if I received a response?: 2.6%
» Why haven't I received my points/rewards?: 0%
» Won't accept my email and password: 2.02%
» Writing My Own Letter: 4.05%

Last 5 Letters
Here is a list of last 5 letters for this company.
Appalling Behavior of the Planet Feedback Team
by Daphne M. of Jacksonville, Florida written to PlanetFeedback Posted Fri November 27, 2015 5:32 pm
5 replies, Last Updated: Sat November 28, 2015 4:09 pm

I have long been a member at PlanetFeedback and I have written several letters and recommended to others to use your services. However, I have noticed recently the aggressive and rude comments that have been made towards others posted by "The Planet Feedback Team" This has been a trend I have noticed. Many comments by others are being attacked ruthlessly by Planet Feedback. If other...

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How can you ... ...
by Richard R. of San Nicolás, Argentina, Florida written to PlanetFeedback Posted Wed May 14, 2014 8:15 am
3 replies, Last Updated: Wed May 14, 2014 10:34 pm

On Su May 11th, 2014, I've posted a letter about Nike's product, BUT didn't able to attach many pictures related to products.
What can you do to complete that info ?
How can attach the desire pics. Thank You

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Again, on your data base!
by Alan S. of Evanston, Wyoming written to PlanetFeedback Posted Wed May 8, 2013 12:35 pm
9 replies, Last Updated: Sat May 11, 2013 12:01 am

Here we go again with your (lack of) knowledge base.
I tried to write to Black & Decker but your database doesn't know them! Now come on, who hasn't heard of Blank and Decker?

Also, in my first complaint to you today about you, Planet Feedback was not found either until I improperly ran two words together to form planetfeedback.

As I said before, your date/knowledge base drastically...

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Complaint letter to Royal Caribbean..
by JUDY P. of NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina written to PlanetFeedback Posted Wed March 6, 2013 8:44 am
5 replies, Last Updated: Wed March 6, 2013 2:54 pm

I wrote a complaint letter to Royal Caribbean International yesterday, March 5th, on Planetfeedback, and have not received an email with my letter. Did you run into a complication? If so, please contact me.

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Dont be So Quick to Delete
by John M. of E Falmouth, Massachusetts written to PlanetFeedback Posted Fri February 15, 2013 8:56 am
57 replies, Last Updated: Thu April 4, 2013 9:28 am

My complaint is simple. Follow your own rules. If someone makes a post helping a consumer and offering them advise on how to fix a problem (or troubleshoot an issue) it is not being rude, it is not calling the consumer a lier, or correcting them.

We are trying to help. Stop being so quick to delete comments. All you are going to do is drive the helpful people away and if your intent on...

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