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Posted Mon October 17, 2016 8:46 pm, by magdalen l. written to PNC Bank

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Dear Sir
This is a complaint that an error by your bank resulted in damage to my credit rating.
I am a customer of PNC Bank at Hungerford Dr, Rockville MD.

In September of this year, on the phone I paid the VISA bill by giving the routing and bank account numbers of my account Capitol one bank , each time this numbers (checking account and routing numbers) were repeated by me and the employee Later PNC called to say those numbers were not correct, so I gave them the numbers a second time. They called again saying the check was reversed I asked why they repeated that the info was wrong so again I repeated the same info numbers for the third time. When the payment was successfully made they then closed my PNC account without telling me they would do that and without giving me a reason. As a result, my credit rating was damaged.

I complained to the bank and PNC employees Jennifer Bolder and Jen Simpson. Both said they would listen to the recordings of my 3 attempts to pay and get back to me but none have done that yet. When I call I get an answering machine.

The miscommunication of the numbers of my account was due to an error by the bank employees, who were incompetent because I had them read the numbers of my account back to me to make sure it was correct. The third time when it finally was done correctly was when a manager took the information. I paid the balance due in full. Thank you for your attention.

I have been contacted by your bank executive customer relations. Each time I am told they are waiting for the recordings I have no reason to lie as to what transpired. As far as I knew, the first time i gave my routing number and checking account number I thought that bill was paid in full. I am not responsible for your untrained employees, not one but three of them who talked to me. Eventually your bank took the money then closed the account. Why should this clerical error result in closing the account when the customer was trying in good faith to pay in full which I did when the information was finally taken correctly. I have spoken to Jenifer Boulder, 269-544-3971 (she supposedly still waiting for the recordings, Jen Simpson (she never answers her phone).
I am tired and frustrated and angry that my credit rating is affected over this.

I would like PNC to call all three credit breaus and remove the negative remarks since it was caused by the incompetence of their emploees


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