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Got sick at Red Lobster

Posted Tue March 7, 2006 8:50 pm, by Michael R. written to Red Lobster

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So I had my first dinner at Red Lobster yesterday. It was their Gateway Mall location in Brooklyn NY.

My sister and mom had eaten there before and we were going to have lunch.

My sister her husband and I are not the type to complain but my mom is another story however she kept her cool and since I don't think she likes my Brother in-law much she really didn't care but here is my complaint.

First we got our appetizers we had ordered chicken fingers and Mozzarella sticks. The Mozzarella Sticks were cold and kind of hard. But since the chicken fingers were good we didn't really care and my sister was the only one eating the Mozzarella sticks we did not mention anything to the waiter plus by the time he came back around we had our salads and a few minutes later our lunch. I had ordered the Ultimate lobster feats, my mom ordered the same thing my sister ordered the crab legs which she shared with my mom and my brother in-law ordered fish.

So my mom, my sister my brother in-law and I are just about done with our dinner. When my brother in-law finds a short piece of hair in his Fish. At first we thought it was a bone but no it was a hair. My mom wanted to complain but he didn't want to make a scene and since he had already eaten all of it but a little he said don't worry about it, we will just leave a crappy tip.

Then we got desert, the ice-cream for all three deserts that were ordered, was already melted when we got them, I didn't complain but my mom was already upset about the hair and I guess the melted ice-cream and soggy cake pushed it overboard, so she complained about that. They brought us 1 scoop of ice-cream in a paper cup.

Anyway we pay our bill, leave a small 3 dollar tip, and leave. 10 to 20 minutes after we leave my mom and my sister started to get sick. Upset Stomach cold sweats and chills. Both of them had to use the bathroom at a near by target. We assume it was food poisoning, both ate the crab legs. Me and my Brother in-law didn't touch them and we were ok.

Anyway I just thought I would share my bad experience at Red lobster. I doubt everyone gets food poisoned and it was kind of dumb not to complain about the hair.

I would like Red Lobster to make their cooks wear hair nets. The kitchen was in open view and I could see the food handlers did not have hair nets on.

I would also like them to clean the fish tanks in that store better. One of them had a bad case of green algae.

Also if they could place the ice-cream right when they take it to the table instead of letting it sit and melt.

and also make sure that the seafood being served is cooked properly to prevent food poisoning.

Oh and the hostess should smile. That girl didn't smile once and looked like everyone who requested a table annoyed her.

Also check out the latest inspection.
You have some serious violations even though the store passed inspection.


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by SZ Posted Thu March 9, 2006 @ 1:24 PM

Michael, you sound like you're 11, going on 30! When did Red Lobster
fire you?

by JuliePie Posted Wed March 8, 2006 @ 9:08 AM

It's not food poisoning. It's just KARMA for that $3 tip.

GROSS. Plus, you didn't bother to complain!!! I'm sure if you had, the
waitress would have brought a new piece of fish and/or would have
taken it off your bill.

Leaving a "crappy tip" for something that wasn't the waitress's fault
isn't going to achieve anything. Except maybe get you sick for being a
bad person.


Perfect! by mary jo Wed March 8, 2006 @ 10:22 AM

by mary jo Posted Tue March 7, 2006 @ 10:13 PM

While I appreciate the fact that you didnt ask for any freebie...I
have some issues with your letter.

First of all...

"My sister her husband and I are not the type to complain but my mom
is another story however she kept her cool and since I don't think she
likes my Brother in-law much she really didn't care but here is my

This is really not necessary information.

Now....what kind of fish did your BIL have? How did a hair get INTO
the fish? Was this a breaded fish? I dont see how a hair could be IN a
fish otherwise.

"he said don't worry about it, we will just leave a crappy tip."

This, in my opinion, is WORSE than making a scene. Unless you could
prove whose hair it was it was more than likely NOT the fault of your
waiter. Why should they have to pay for someone else's mistake? I
think this was highly rude and the WRONG thing to do. There is a way
to speak up for yourself and make your complaints known without making
a scene. Maybe your family members all need a lesson on that.

I can tell you most people will inform you that food poisoning doesnt
kick in for 24 to 48 hours. But since it was just your mom and sister
I have to wonder about it. I guess it could be possible that the food
made them sick but I no one can claim food poisoning unless they go to
a doctor.

I guess the rest of your letter was pretty good. Adding the recent
inspection was a good idea. And again, its great you didnt ask for
anything. Just let your family know that sitting at the table and NOT
speaking up about the things you dont like is NOT the way to get
things changed. See, your mother spoke up and got you some more ice
cream. If you eat the food and pay for it and never once speak up that
you didnt like something or ask for it to be fixed then basically you
are telling them that everything is fine and you approve and accept
it. You really shouldnt have left without telling the manager of all
the problems.


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