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My Experience with Fraud

Posted Sun January 10, 2010 8:05 pm, by Joshua P. written to Regions Bank

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I was a victim of fraud on my Regions bank card. I was informed Jan 4th that my card was being used in a foreign country by a VERY rude young lady by the name of Wendy. Wendy also informed me to go into Regions Bank branch and fill out all the necessary paperwork to claim the fraud. I followed "rude" Wendy's instructions and went into Regions that day Jan. 4th to be informed that I couldn't do anything about it until the money was already removed from my account! Let me stop there, why is your banks' policy to let the money be stolen before doing anything, if you see it pending and you KNOW it's fraud, and you did because you called me... WHY LET IT GO THROUGH? So back to my complaint, so I didn't like the answers I got from William (the bank manager that wasn't there, that I managed to talk to face to face and get a card!?!?! Yes, I WAS told by the bank manager that the bank manager was out today.) so I returned to Regions AGAIN Jan. 5th to a different branch in my local city, which also happened to be the branch that I opened my account in. I asked for the branch manager, was told they were at lunch, do any of your bank managers manage their banks? I then spoke to Marilyn , Assistant Branch Manager. Marilyn informed me that I could go ahead at this point and start the process to claim the fraud.. because now the money has been stolen.. She informed she was going to order me a new bank card and file the paperwork and to call her when I had a police report number for my case. I immediately left and spent another two hours filing a police report, because the fact that I am an American that has never left the United States and has NEVER had an international purchase on my card at all wasn't enough evidence of fraud. I called Marilyn and left a message with her with the police report number, never got a return call either. I received my replacement debit card on Jan 9th in the mail. It doesn't work, thank you. I have activated it and now everywhere I try to use it declines the card due to it having the same security code on the back as the stolen one. I just wanted to send a real quick thank you for the absolute worst service I have ever seen from any bank. Regions has really made my decision of where to bank hard, but not where NOT to bank. I will make sure I let anyone who asks me know about how horrible of a bank this actually is.

Change your staff and policies, and fix my account FAST. To Regions this amount of money is a drop in the bucket to me it's my mortgage being 10 days late in the middle of a recession, thank you for deciding my credit for me, but I like to make those decisions.


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by Bionsaa Posted Wed November 30, 2016 @ 8:02 PM

Wow the exact same thing happened to me. There was a pending charge on
my account that was fraud I called regions and on Saturday and they
said you have to call back on Tuesday once the charge has gone
through!?!?!. What sense does that make?!?! This happened in September
and we're in late November and I'm still trying to get my money back!
They are the WORST and the rude customer service people just a
disgusting bank!


by NathanG Posted Mon January 11, 2010 @ 10:49 AM

I lasted about 2 weeks at regions before I took my money and went to
Wacovia for my vacation account.

Out of 3 ATMs in my area only 1 worked, and when I went to take out
$100.00 it spit out 1 $20.00 bill and that was it. That was 4 months
ago and I just today after about 20 phone calls got my $80.00 back.
Not to mention not one of their banks is open on a sat, and the rest
close by 4pm on weekdays. how the heck is anyone supposed to bank
there if they work 8-5


When it comes to international scams it is much harder for banks to
deal with it. Even though you have never left the country with the
internet its really easy to buy internationally. Even if you get a
friend who lives overseas to do it for you, then claim fraud and get
your money back.

So I can see them being a bit causious and following proticol. I dont
really see how they were being rude, just doing what they were
supposed to do.

Thats my opinion, even though I think Regions is a rinky dink banking


by Donno Posted Sun January 10, 2010 @ 9:23 PM

Banks treat fraud investigation very seriously. They are quite
secretive, even with the affected victim, until they are done with the
investigation. Having you file a police report may be SOP - after
all, you are the victim of a crime.

It may be that your money was already gone (ATM withdrawal), and they
just wanted the transaction process to complete for
bookkeeping/tracking reasons.

Bank managers eat lunch like everyone else. Assistant Manager Marilyn
sounds like she was able to answer all your questions and order a new
card. And the card doesn't work - so you will have to call the bank
and get it worked out.

This is pretty much the standard hassle you go through in a case like
this. I left my mom's ATM card in the machine, it swallowed it, and
it took a week to get the card back and be able to use her account.
Banks don't close fraud investigations quickly.

You say you mortgage is 10 days late, but this happened just 6 days
ago. As far as blame, the thief would seem to be responsible.


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