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Short Lived Remote

Posted Tue January 3, 2017 11:12 pm, by Sandy A. written to Roku

I received the Roku 3 as a gift about 1 year ago. Although the device is still working, the remote has gone dead. I tried new batteries etc, but the light indicator won't even display. No question, it's dead! Best Buy, where the device was purchased does not carry the remote as a separate unit. I tried to purchase a new remote from Roku. It was listed at $29.99 and "Out of stock." I finally found a cheaper version, no voice search as in the original, on Ebay for $6.76. The remote should not have gone bad in such a short time. It should not have been that costly to replace.

Roku should make a more durable remote. My device was never abused, mishandled, or used excessively. Since there doesn't seem to be any store that carries the original remote, Roku should be able to stock their own product, and sell it at a comparable price to other remote control products. I would have returned mine for repair, but you don't seem to offer that option either.


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