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Unnecessary tire disposal fee

Posted Thu September 2, 2004, by Lauren C. written to Sam's Club

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I would like to bring your attention a complaint I have about the price and value at your store, located at Tampa, FL. I hope you are able to resolve this situation.

On September 29th, I came into the Sam's Club #6401 in Tampa, FL with my dad with the intention of buying four new tires for my car. Since my dad is a mechanic he would install the tires himself, thus saving some money. So then we buy the tires which are about 71.50 each and checkout. To make sure of the price, I looked at the reciept and noticed in addition to the price there was a state charge for 1.00 and a disposal charge for 1.00 also. I knew I would have to pay a state charge, but the problem was that I was paying a total of 4.00 for a disposal fee and you weren't disposing them, my dad was since he was going to change them himself. So I asked a manager why they would put a fee on disposal even though they wouldn't be changing them and he simply replied "It's policy for everyone who buys tires." So I decided to leave and send a letter to you concering this issue. Why should I have to pay a disposal charge when you aren't the one disposing them, I am?

I have not yet decided whether I will return to your store again, and I'm not sure if I can recommend you to others. In the past, quite frankly, I've been fairly dissatisfied with you. I usually visit your store 3-5 times per month. And I spend $16-$30.

Here's what I'd like to see Sam's Club do about this: I would appreciate either a refund of my four dollars or a letter stating why you must charge this fee if it is not applicable?

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response.


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