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Sams Tire Center

Posted Thu July 9, 2009 8:17 am, by steve h. written to Sam's Club

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A while back i bought some tires at the sams club in Kissimmee Florida. A week or so after purchasing them my van started to shimmy when going down the road, I went back to the club and they balanced the tires. All was fine... for a couple weeks. I went back to the store again they balanced the tires. Again all was fine... for a couple weeks. This went on for quite a few times more, I even went to a different store near the school I was attending and had them do it. Then finally I had totally had enough.... being a single father, student and employed full time I could not keep wasting an hour or sometimes 3 hours to have this fixed every couple weeks. I went to the store and waited 20 minutes or so at the tire counter to get help because no one was there... and during that 20 minutes or so I went to the main customer service counter and asked them if they could get someone in the tire department for me. The lady at the counter announced over the intercom for help at the tire center several times for me. Then a gentleman came out from the shop area and said "someone will be with you shortly... i am off to lunch." So now I am pretty upset... been at the store for close to 35 minutes and no one has helped me yet. Then someone else come out from the shop area and I ask the guy where have you all been we have paged a couple times? He apologized and said we were sitting outside the shop and did not hear the intercom. I then asked him if they were at the picnic table... he said "Yes sir." I explained to him what was going on and he said there must be a problem with your van. I was like what? He did not know. I said "can you drive it to tell me what's up with it?" He said "no, we are not allowed to test drive customer vehicles but more than likely it was the struts on my van." I said "nope... I had them replaced like 5 months before the tires were replaced." He said "then probably the alignment." I said "nope... when I had the struts replaced I purchased a lifetime alignment." Then he said that he will re-balance the tire himself and see how that does. I was like ok. For a couple weeks it was once again fine. Then when it started happening again I took it to a tire store where it could be diagnosed by someone who was allowed to drive the van. They drove it... determined it was a tire. I asked them if they could tell which tire it was? they rebalanced all of the tires and while the tire was spinning they noticed a wobble in the tire. They showed it to me there was a big lump in the tire... and they said the sidewall had separated. I went back to the Sams club and explained what I had found out it was the same guy I had talked to a few weeks prior so he remembered me. We went outside and i showed him the lump that the tire store had circled with a grease crayon for easy id. He said that was normal. I was like bullshit. I asked to speak to the club manager. He went and got him. I told him the whole story. The manager said "my tech said he told you last time you were here that it was probably a bad alignment or bad struts." I said "yes sir he did but I have receipts where I just replaced the struts and had the alignment done. And how does your tech have any authority or knowledge to diagnose the problem if he cant even drive the vehicle." The manager said "it is policy that they cant drive the vehicles. So can I see those receipts?" I went out to the van and got the receipts for him. He said he would be back... he took all of my receipts from the club for the tires and the receipts for the struts and alignment. About 30 minutes later he came back and I was smoking mad. He said that he is gonna replace them after verifying that I had in fact had been coming into the stores to have the tires balanced. So my anger quickly went to a sigh of relief. That sigh of relief lasted a couple weeks because it is doing it again. And has been doing it for a little while now but I am just dreading going thru this again. I have already been then probably close to a dozen times and many hours even days have been wasted at sams since purchasing these tires BECAUSE of these tires. But I have to make a 4 hour trip soon and honestly I am afraid we will get stranded. I mean the fear is so bad I haven't been driving the vehicle as much as I should and as much as I NEED to around town. I have already bought tires from a tire store for another vehicle because I will not buy tires from Sams again. It just make no sense that a place that sells tires cant drive the vehicle to verify if the problems are from the tire or something else.

My feeling is that MAYBE they sold me CAR tires (I don't know if this is true or not) and probably should have sold me a LIGHT TRUCK TIRE since it is a van. They should replace the tires with ones that are appropriate for my vehicle.


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by Donno Posted Thu July 9, 2009 @ 9:16 AM

I use a dedicated tire store when I buy my tires. I wouldn't trust my
car at a Sam's or a Wal-Mart for even an oil change.


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