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Sandals SUCKS!!!

Posted Mon February 23, 2004, by Mark L. written to Sandals Resorts International

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I am writing to tell you about a problem I had recently with the overall experience at your resort. I am quite upset. I sincerely hope you are able to address this. My complaint concerns the Sandals Resorts International facility at Royal Bahamian Resort in Nassau. This particular incident occurred on March 24, 2003.

We got married on March 23, 2003, and traveled to your Royal Bahamian Resort in Nassau on March 24, 2003, for our honeymoon.
We did a lot of research through travel agencies, brochures, videos, and websites, and made the decision to spend more money to make sure our honeymoon was special. We decided to have an all-inclusive Sandals honeymoon. We had booked the reservation months ahead and had saved up money to pay for an all-inclusive package for 5 nights.
We "splurged" to have one of the better packages, the Balmoral Villas Honeymoon Suite. However, we did not get what we paid for. We feel that we were misled about the quality, service, and the claim on your website/brochures that, "Sandals Royal Bahamian brings an unsurpassed level of luxury and personalized attention to an outstanding range of accommations."
The Rolls Royce service, that we paid more for to be sure it was part of our package, was a huge disappointment. Nothing like your website describes it, as being "pampered in a Chauffer driven Rolls-Royce" and nothing like the car you have pictured there. Instead, we were picked up in an older model Rolls that was not much to look at. When we left the resort, the brakes on the Rolls were out, so we were taken back to the airport in a towncar.
When we arrived at the resort, we were told that we had been upgraded to the Windsor, from the Balmoral Villas (we never had an explanation why). The room they put us in had a terrible odor - a mixture between dirty mop water and Clorox bleach and mildew. After being in the room a short time, we became nauseous and had headaches. We notified the Concierge who moved us to another room. This room was not as nice as the first room we were in. It was on the edge of the property beside a property fence with no view. We were told we could stay in this room until a better one became available two days later. We were going to say in this room longer (to avoid moving again), but the mold and mildew smell was very strong. So we moved into a third room for our last two nights. Being in 3 different rooms during our 5 nights was not at all what we had expected to happen. Packing and unpacking our things was a huge inconvenience when we were there to relax and enjoy our honeymoon.
In all three rooms, we had a problem getting towels each day. We had to constantly call housekeeping for towels, and usually more than one time before any were delivered. We usually had to wait a couple of hours for anything that we requested. There was no sense of urgency to make sure our needs were met. Again, the claim on your website was not true stating that "Sandals Royal Bahamian brings an unsurpassed level of luxury and personalized attention to an outstanding range of accommodations".
The information on your website claimed that we would have 24 Butler Service with "An extensive and sophisticated in-room menu serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers and late night snacks, available for guests staying in qualifying suites", which was not the case. We had a very limited menu, brought by room service (not a "butler"), and the food was very poor in quality. This was a huge disappointment, since we had paid extra, and had planned to take advantage of room service as part of our all-inclusive package.
The drinks at all the bars were terrible. They were all watered down and tasted as if there were no alcohol in them. We thought at first that we were getting non-alcoholic drinks, but then realized that all the drinks were the same. We would even ask for a "double", and still nothing. We are not heavy drinkers by any means, but when alcoholic drinks are part of our package, and we are celebrating our marriage, we expect to have alcoholic drinks as promised on your website, "bars serving unlimited brand drinks".
The private island, described on the website as, "an exotic offshore island complete with its own pool", was anything but that. It was filled with families who had been dropped off by a cruise ship. We intentionally picked an adult-only vacation spot to celebrate our honeymoon. And claiming that the island was a "private offshore island" was yet another false claim.
The hot tub outside the building our room was in was nothing like the pictures and video showed. It was lukewarm, at best, and the jets were never on. We notified the Consierge, as well as two other maintenance men, but during our stay, no one ever looked at it or gave us a reason why it wasn't hot and wasn't working. In addition, all of the pools were cold...too cold to swim in and enjoy.
Before we got married, we had told all our friends we were taking a "Sandals Honeymoon", and when we got back they all wanted to hear about it. Well, we have told them exactly what kind of experience we had. I would not recommend Sandals to anyone, especially someone going for their honeymoon. A honeymoon can't be redone.
It seemed that none of the things we paid for turned out to be anything like we were promised. Your video, website, and brochures are truly misleading to the point of being untruthful and considered false advertising.

Perhaps it would help if you had a little information about me. This incident didn't surprise me because I've been dissatisfied with your hotel in the past.

After this experience, I have absolutely no intentions of staying with you in the future, and I'll urge people I know to find other accommodations.

Here's what I would like you to do: Due to the fact that we were misled with False Advertising, and suffered inconveniences like poor service, food, and amenities, as well as paying a high price for a honeymoon that can never be redone, we are requesting full compensation on our honeymoon package of $. (Sandals has offered a free night on our next stay to Sandals, but that doesn't come anywhere close to making up for the awful honeymoon we had, despite the fact that we will never visit another Sandals.)
We have done extensive research and have discovered that there are numerous couples who have been taken advantage of just like we were and are just as upset about their experience. We are prepared to take legal action, if necessary.

Thanks very much for your time and attention. I would greatly appreciate a prompt response.


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by ericpratum Posted Mon August 23, 2010 @ 10:15 AM

We recently stayed at a Sandals Resorts property, Sandals Emerald Bay,
for our honeymoon. Unfortunately, on our last day, hundreds of dollars
were stolen from my wife's purse while she was showering at the Red
Lane Spa. While our experience was different from yours, we came away
feeling very similar. Since reporting the stolen money, we have been
treated horribly. Sandals Resorts employees have lied to us, been very
passive aggressive in both emails and on the phone, been unresponsive,
and generally treated us like they could not care less about us. The
full story is at http://bit.ly/SandalsSucks

by Abhi S. Posted Sun January 3, 2010 @ 9:23 PM

We just returned from the same resort and had the same exact
experience? Our private car service (Rolls or Mercedes) was actually a
6 passenger bus that took us back to the hotel, late might I add.
Also had the oceanview, Balmoral Honeymoon Suite which was nothing
more than a simple hotel room overlooking the adjacent residential
property's backyard! There was no oceanview...we were lucky to be
able to see the sky! I wish we would have found your posting earlier,
we would have never booked this had we known what we would be, or not
be, getting. The food was terrible, drinks mediocre and the
Housekeeping service was non-existent. Towels, water, glasses, sheets
were all hard to come by.

If you are reading this...do NOT book this resort!

by julesyeve Posted Tue June 3, 2008 @ 9:40 PM

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Julia . A little over a month ago my husband and I
stayed as guests for one week at the resort Sandals Regency. After
returning from our "weddingmoon", we have had ample time to settle in
and reflect on our recent visit. We have been asked by countless
friends, family, and complete strangers on our trip to the Sandals
Resort. My husband and I also own a golf course and have contact with
a very large amount of the public on a daily basis. I would also like
to mention that we have an upcoming reception planned here at home as
well, and I am quite certain I will be repeatedly asked about our
experience with your company. Because of these reasons I feel
compelled to comment to you and your guest relations department on
some of the factors that played into why my husband and I were much
less than satisfied with our stay at Sandals.
Firstly, the majority of the staff was unfriendly and
extremely unattentive. This made us feel at times uncomfortable, as
well as unappreciated. Our needs were countlessly overlooked. Let me
give some examples to further clarify our complaint. We were actually
yelled at and corrected by the pool bar serviceman, who told us "keep
quiet, your being loud". Please let me assure you, he was being
completely serious, and my husband and I were in no way being
rambunctious, out of control, and above all certainly not loud. The
bar staff then completely ignored us until we finally left the pool
area. It was so out of line and obvious to others that even other
guests commented to us how wrongly treated they were by the staff as
well. We also experienced deliberate unattentive service at the bar
in the main pavilion; the bar was not even half full and with two
bartenders staffed. When we finally chased them down for service, your
staff gave us the clear impression that we were putting them out to do
their job. I would also like to note that throughout the entirety of
our stay, this particular bar area resembled the nauseating smell of
vomit, so much so that other guests also commented about it to us
through the week. We also experienced extreme unattentiveness at the
restaurant Arizona. For example, we had asked for steak sauce at the
beginning of the meal, and by the time we had finished our steaks and
waiting for over 45 minutes, we finally received our request, with no
apologies and the same negative attitude from the staff. I would also
like to bring to your attention what happened to us one morning as we
sat down for breakfast at your main pavilion dining area. We were
seated at a table with a large pile of bird feces on the white
tablecloth. Giving the hostess the benefit of the doubt that she
perhaps must not of notice this, we politely brought it to her
attention. She didn't say anything and walked away obviously annoyed
and minutes later came back and smeared the feces onto the tablecloth
even more so in an attempt to wipe it up, and proceeded to then walk
away. We decided it would probably be a good idea to not rub are
elbows in bird feces while we ate so we covered the area with a napkin
to make the best of the situation. I also experienced much
frustration when I had my wedding dress pressed with your on site
laundry service. I had sent my dress knowing that on the slip it
states all clothing would be returned within 24 hrs, if not the same
day. On the day of our wedding, to add stress to an already hectic
day I was left to worry if my dress would be delivered on time for me
to be married in it. Luckily my dress arrived just two hours prior to
the ceremony, after my repeated phone inquires on where and when I was
going to be receiving my dress. After it was all said and done my
dress was delivered two days after it should have been delivered
according to the laundry service receipt.
A slightly different situation that certainly didn't fulfill our idea
of a relaxing vacation was when we returned to our room mid-day to
catch up on much needed sleep lost from our very long plane ride into
the island. Only to have that become totally impossible, due to the
hours of hammering and pounding being done above our room on the roof
of the building.
Yet another example of no consideration for the level of
comfort of your guests was displayed in yet unfortunate incident that
occurred during our stay. Within the week there was some sort of a
convention taking place at the resort. One night after we retired to
our room to sleep from exhaustion from the day's activities, we soon
learned that these other guests were partaking in a party on the golf
course adjacent to our room. This convention party (that we were told
was for agents with high sandals bookings) was so unbearably loud we
could hear every word the band was singing as if they were performing
right in our room. After calling the front desk and asking if we
could be perhaps moved to another location due to the unbelievably
loud music, we were told that this was not possible and that the band
would be finished in no more than a half an hour. So we waited, and
waited and figured the music would not continue much past ten o'
clock. Over an hour later the music finally subsided, and at last we
could relax and recharge our batteries for the next day. When booking
this trip we were aiming for a relaxing no stress vacation. We were
definitely not under the impression that we would have to be covering
our heads with pillows when we want to sleep because of obnoxious loud
music being played into the night. Or hammers pounding in your ears
when you want to take a nap, because you didn't get to sleep the night
before because of the loud music. We were given the impression that
this wasn't comparable to a Mexican spring break trip. We were told
this was going to be a romantic get a way. That our basic needs would
be carried out for us, and carried out with a genuine smile, not a
forced one- at best.
We, as I had mentioned are newlyweds, and plan to have many
vacations in the future. Please understand because of your companies
neglect, we are completely disappointed in our choice of staying at
your resort. I feel that I cant help but relay our bad experience
with the many people who will be asking us, so how was your trip? I
don't want other people to make the same mistake we did.
Furthermore, when deciding which company to go with when we
originally planned our trip, we felt we should go ahead and spend the
extra money to stay at a Sandals resort. With the hopes of getting a
great first class experience. I hope I have brought certain things to
your attention in this correspondence and maybe you will, across the
board, change the way your company treats its guests, so they so in
fact aren't deceived with any false impressions. I'll have you know we
did in fact enjoy ourselves on our trip, but I believe only because we
didn't let all of the constant daily disappointments get the best of
us. My husband and I were honestly so excited that we were getting
married, that nothing was going to take that feeling away from us.
Having travel abroad we do know good service when we get
it, and although it was to few and far between we would like you to
know that you do have a couple of real gems working at your resort who
didn't make us feel like we inconveniencing them. Like Barney the
nice gentleman working at the scuba center, the very polite and
talented man singing nightly at the Arizona, as well as a young woman
called "Pebbles" at the main pavilion who seemed up- beat and polite
to just about everyone. But unfortunately this is just three people
who stand out as being kind and real to us. This we are afraid shows
that the good simply does not out way the bad. In closing I regret
that as it stands we can not recommend your resorts to anyone and will
not be returning to over spend on a place that certainly does not
deliver on its promise of "no pressure, no problem". Because believe
you me, there was way to much pressure and way to many problems.

Thank you for your attention and please feel free to contact us if you
have any further questions regarding this matter at:


by LAX Posted Thu July 12, 2007 @ 7:56 PM

Just curious if you ever got a response. I just booked a Sandals
vacation and, being in the Army, I am eligible for their 20% military
discount. However, the person I booked the vacation with claimed they
didn't have a military discount. I found out 2 days later they do and
called Sandals back to ask for the 20% credit. They're claiming that
since I already paid there is nothing they can do. I think that's
completely unfair. If I'm eligible for a military discount and a
representative misinforms me I don't see how they can, in good
conscience, say that there is nothing they can do. My vacation starts
in 2 days and I'm starting to think I may have picked the wrong resort
to stay with. :-(


Sandals Montego Bay Sucks! by mike harrell Wed August 15, 2007 @ 10:07 AM

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