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Sears Refuses to Honor Warranty Claims

Posted Sun December 11, 2016 8:44 pm, by Charles T. written to Sears, Roebuck & Co.

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I bought a Microwave from our local Sears store October 5th. December 10th it went up in smoke. Literally filled the kitchen with smoke. No big deal it has a 1 year store warranty. Nope Sears refuses to honor the regular warranty because I was stupid enough to buy the extended warranty.

Wait what? Yeah you heard that right. The standard one year, just bring it back and we'll swap it out warranty is void if you buy the extended warranty.

To use the extended warranty you have to mail things back and forth and I can see it taking weeks to get a replacement. That is of course if the website where you file the claims even worked... "We are unable to process your claim at this time. Please try again later." over and over it fails.

There is a, or was a reason why I went to a "bricks n' sticks" store. I wanted personal service and if I had a problem I could talk to someone to get it fixed. All Mona, the manager at this sears was willing to do was tell up to go away and use the (non-functional) website.

I believe a warranty is a binding contract. The warranty included with the microwave is pretty clear and makes no mention of calling anybody and visiting websites. It simple says "Return it with proof of purchase to any sears store for free replacement"

That's a Lie.

They flatly refused to honor the warranty even when I made them read it out loud.

For 50 years I've shopped at that very Sears store. Never again. If I'm going to get worse than Amazon customer service I may as well shop at Amazon.


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by Shaun R. Posted Sun December 11, 2016 @ 11:26 PM

With respect Charles, I don't believe Sears automatically provides a
one year, bring it back and we'll replace it warranty. At least the
Sears stores I've worked with have never advertised such a guarantee.

Normally, the consumer is provided with a limited warranty during an
initial period of time. This isn't always one year. There are
actually times when a product is far less. Because you don't specify
the manufacturer and model of the microwave, it's difficult to say.

Per Sears: "A Sears Master Protection Agreement provides you with the
Guaranteed BEST Coverage in the industry.

If it breaks, we'll fix it. You're covered for manufacturer's defects,
normal wear & tear and cosmetic defects and you'll receive unlimited
service and no deductibles or fees. Other plans cap service. Not


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