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problems with Seiko watches

Posted Sun April 20, 2003, by terry c. written to Seiko Corporation of America

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I am writing to bring your attention to a problem I had with a reliability, in the hope you can offer a solution. I'm sure you like to keep your customers satisfied, so I hope you'll move quickly to address my problem. This incident has left me annoyed.

For your reference, my complaint specifically concerns the following model name/number: sja3649p. Here are the details of my complaint:My first Seiko watch was given to me as a gift in 1993 by a business associate at Hattori Seiko. It was a sports watch commemorating the World Cup. I still wear it occasionally and it fits and runs fine. I liked it so much, my wife bought me a Seiko dress watch the next Christmas. The watch continues to run fine, but I've had problems with the band since the day I received it. Some links had to be removed and the clasp has never closed securely. I've taken to several jewelers who've been unable to fix the clasp to my satisfaction. Only a Seiko band will fit the watch. I have not been able to find anyone else in South Florida that sells Seiko watchbands. I was told it would be cheaper to buy a new watch than to replace the band. I'm afraid that the watch will fall off if I wear it, so it sits in my drawer.
In Sept., 2001, my wife bought me another Seiko watch from your distributor Daltron. The watch had a very good band, but I noticed after a few weeks that it was not keeping good time. I called Daltron, and they blamed it on the battery. They sent me a new battery. After a few more weeks, it still was not keeping good time. By then, the distributor's warranty had expired. I didn't know how to contact Seiko. That watch sits in a drawer also.
After 2 bad experiences with Seiko watches, I doubt that I will buy one again. I am very disappointed in the problems I've had, and frustrated because I did not know where to complain. I know Seiko has a reputation for quality, but in my experiences it is not deserved.

This is what I would like you to do: Tell me how I can get my band replaced on my 2nd watch and how I can get my 3rd watch repaired.

Overall, my experiences with your company have left me extremely dissatisfied. After this incident, I don't think I'll ever buy from you again. Also, I am fairly certain I would not recommend you to anybody else.

Thanks for letting me sound off and reading this. I hope some good comes from this letter.


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