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Trugreen Chemlawn sucks

Posted Thu February 20, 2003, by Linda D. written to ServiceMaster

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I'm writing with this complaint because of a problem I recently encountered with your company. I thought someone should know about it. I'm quite furious about this.

Your company was contracted by me on a monthly basis to provide my lawn with the essentials to keep it green. After you had worked on my lawn for several months I found it turning brown. I then cancelled my service. Since then (which was 3 years ago) I have gotten numerous calls from your company soliciting your services. I have talked to several managers and asked not to be called again. I still receive calls. Today I was called and spoke of my displeasure of receiving another call and hung up, a few seconds later he dialed my number again only to hang up when I answered. (I have caller ID) I called back and spoke to Nicole Pares and told her of my experience. I will take this to the Consumer Protection Agency in my area to see if something can be done with you people.

No matter what the outcome, I definitely won't be a repeat customer. Will I recommend your company to people I know? Definitely not.

Here's what I'd like ServiceMaster to do: I don't think there is anything they can do to correct this.

I hope you can settle this problem in a timely and professional manner. I look forward to a personal response in 10 business days.


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by utexasnurse Posted Tue August 3, 2010 @ 11:11 PM

Yes, Trugreen DOES suck!!! I was a new customer this summer. I had
them come out and spray my pecan trees for web worms. They did a good
job...the first time. So, I called 2 weeks later to schedule an
appointment to have my backyard sprayed for fleas and ticks. They
confirmed an appointment for Monday August 2nd. Monday August 2nd
came and went, and nobody showed up. I called the next morning and
they said, "Oh, I'm sorry, somehow your ticket didn't get pulled
yesterday, but I promised we will be out today. Today came and went
and nobody showed up. I called again, and they said, "Oh, we have you
scheduled for tomorrow." I said, "Okay, this is your last chance, if
you don't show up, I'm cancelling my service. They promised me that
someone would show up, or call me to say why they couldn't come.
Well, needless to say, nobody showed and nobody called. I called,
cussed them out, and cancelled my service. In addition, I'm going to
plaster my workplace, a 600 bed hospital, the largest in Oklahoma
City, with flyers stating, "DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON TRUGREEN, THEY

by Adam N. Posted Fri July 16, 2010 @ 5:06 PM

TruGreen charging me incorrectly.

I called in to discuss the oversight and a service agent told me that
they would zero my balance and start from scratch. I received another
statement, and followed up with another call in which the service
agent Lashonda told me they would zero my balance. They continue to
send me statements and I continued to call.

TruGreen is now blowing me off.

The manager Stephanie at extension 67465 told me that she would review
my audio recordings and get back with me. . . if I was told my account
was to be "zeroed out" they would honor it. I never heard back from
her and no one at TruGreen is able to put me in contact with her. I've
now been told TruGreen doesn't even have extensions and don't record
incoming phone conversations. TruGreen continues to transfer my calls
to agents that can't do anything about my situation. When I speak with
a TruGreen manager they make promises they don't keep.

TruGreen breaks promises!

TruGreen treats you like a number and not a valuable customer. I
requested and was promised to be able to speak with a technician. The
technician showed up while I was away from home without my requested
30min call ahead of time.

HA! I just received another call from them while typing this. It was a
technician stating that he couldn't do anything about my situation,
but wondered if I wanted to continue my service. Absolutely NOT!!

The "first treatment free" offer that I initially took advantage of
was a huge mistake! TruGreen is a corporate marketing company that
just happens to do lawn service. My recommendation is to never give
them your number.

TruGreen Sucks!

by DaveSnellman Posted Thu December 20, 2007 @ 3:51 PM

Listen, Trugreen Chemlawn is a huge company and one that has grown to
its aggressive marketing presence. The company leadership-present and
former-says that Trugreen Chemlawn is a marketing company that happens
to do lawn care. That company - the flagship company of ServiceMaster
has suffered its share of setbacks however still continues to lead all
ServiceMaster companies. I worked for that company for almost ten
years and for the most part was treated fairly - I do know that that
company sets apart the Do Not Call list for specific talent to call.
This DNC list is the "HOT" material - no one calls them therefore
those that receive the calls have not been inundated with calls. The
people on the DNC list are often the best calls to make since they are
not bothered by anyone else. Be aware - once you become a Trugreen
Chemlawn customer you are on their list forever - the calling will not
stop, it may slow down for a little while but it will never stop.


This is so true by John C. Thu June 25, 2009 @ 2:56 PM

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