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PS2 Sucks.

Posted Sat May 29, 2004, by Bryan M. written to Sony Electronics, Inc.

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I wanted to bring a problem to your attention and hope you can help me gain some satisfaction. Specifically, my complaint concerns durability of your Playstation 2 product and the way you go about helping those who have had them die. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated because this incident has made me extremely upset.

For your reference, the model name or number in question, Sony has the box and system so I don't have the number. Maybe you can get it from your records using our personal information. It was sent in by Dawn Mikulus.

Here's my problem: I had a playstation 2 for a little less than a year before it broke as everyone elses seems to. I was watching a DVD, Red Dragon, when it stopped working. At first it was just a simple disk read error, and wouldn't play anything. You could still access memory cards etc. Then it just stopped turning on altogether.

We sent the PS2 to Sony to get it fixed, and paid about as much as it would've costed for a brand new PS2 for them to do so. This was a little bit before christmas as the payment for it to get fixed was my ONLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT my single parent mother could afford. So last Christmas, needless to say, I was very unhappy.

I waited through February with anticipation every day of my PS2 being there when I got home. Unfortunately, I came home to nothing every single day.

I've sent several electronic letters of complaint to Sony and my mom thought she had it handled after a telephone conversation where it was said they would reimburse us or send us our playstation 2.

Well it's about six months after Christmas, and I still have no PS2 and nothing to play all these PS2 games on.

Here's how you can help: I would really like our money back AND our PS2 back, but am willing to settle for just one of the two.

My overall experiences with your company have left me extremely unhappy. I probably will no longer be a customer of your company except to get new PS2 games if you ever reimburse us like you said you would. Also, I definitely won't recommend you to others.

Thanks for listening to me vent. I hope you will address this concern.


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