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Blue dots

Posted Thu January 5, 2017 8:42 pm, by Eugene D. written to Sony Electronics, Inc.

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In 2005 I bought the WEGA 55 inch television (model #KDF-50WE655)for over $3,000, however within 2-3 years it started developing a problem with the blue haze that continued to grow. I tried finding a solution, but the cost to have it repaired was well above my budget.

I have bought another television since, but I still have the Sony, but cannot watch it without being distracted and not having a good experience overall with the purchase and overall use of product.

After doing some research, I've discovered that many models of the 2004 Sony rear projection LCD TV's suffer from this problem due to an issue with the optical block. I also discovered that there was an option to have the TV repaired at Sony's cost, but it expired in 2008. As an owner of this television I was never notified of this issue and I experienced this issue before the deadline.

At this point I'd like to continue to use our WEGA, but I need assistance from Sony in repairing the TV. As the issue is apparently due to a defect in the television, I'd like to receive the same offer that other customers were given prior to December 2008.

I'd like Sony to have the television repaired by a Sony licensed repair person at their expense, or I'd like to be provided with an alternate option in repair or replacement,


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by Shaun R. Posted Sun January 15, 2017 @ 10:09 AM

I'm familiar with the problem and the recall.

The issue was with poor ballasts place within the units that would
become defective over a period of time and require replacement.

The problem, as you've suggested, is the time frame required for the
service to take place. The defective part is no longer even

Frankly the TV has no real value even if it was operating correctly.
The technology has improved so dramatically and no longer requires the
lamp replacements that the rear projectors required.

You can now purchase a Sony flat panel, 55 inch, with all the details
far superior to this older unit, for less than $500.


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