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Sprint discount program lies!!!

Posted Sun February 19, 2012 10:55 am, by Carrie H. written to Sprint Wireless

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I too have had a similar problem with Sprint. After more than 8
years with the company I resigned a new 2 year contract in Aug. of
2011 with the promise in the company store, by a company employee,
that I would be receiving a 15% discount on my account for being a
member of AAA. After 2-3 months, I called customer service and was
told I needed to wait a few more billing cycles in order to see the
discount. When that didn't happen, I called again and the customer rep
she could see all my info in my account notes, she was sorry for the
delay, that my discount would be applied and that I should receive an
e-mail in about 3 days for conformation.
When that didn't happen, I called again and was told that I
would need to re-apply on line, that the process had changed, my
information was lost, and a new 2 year contract would be necessary to
receive any discount at all.
I went back to the company store, found the exact sales rep who
signed me up and asked her to call customer service for me right there
in the store. She did, she was great, and she said the MANY people
dealing with the same issue that I was. The rep on the phone told her
that in no way was I to expect a retroactive discount, but as a
courtesy the would credit a one time offer of $50.00 to me but under
their policy that was all the were allowed to do. The actual dollar
amount I deserved was closer to $120.00. Being so fed up at this point
I accepted with the condition that my contract would stay the same. I
wasn't going to resign a new 2year that day just to start receiving
the discount. Everyone agreed, the rep faxed my AAA information from
the store and I went home.
The next day I received an e-mail form sprint requiring a new
contract in order for me to "participate in their program". I refused
via e-mail and they responded by saying they were sorry that I chose
not to participate, and that the valued my as a customer, and looked
forward to helping me in the future.
I am totally fed up, will be leaving the company when all my
phone contracts are up, and have given up on Sprint customer service.
Sprint, you win. Your practice is deceptive and just plain wrong, but
cannot devote another 10 plus hour of my time to fighting you.
I also feel that I have no other choice but to complain to
consumer watch groups and the BBA about Sprints unethical practices.

Carrie H

I would like Sprint to give me the agreed discount retroactive from the date with I signed my contract with them.


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