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jump through hoops to cancel?

Posted Fri September 18, 2009 11:13 am, by Susan J. written to Sprint Wireless

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On Tuesday, September 15th I called to cancel my wireless internet service. My contract has long expired and now that I have an Iphone, I no longer use this service. When I called to cancel I was asked what Elementary school I attended. I told him, and he told me I was wrong. I needed the correct elementary school to cancel the service. I'm pretty sure I know what school I went to. He told me that I could talk to a supervisor that might be able to "work some magic" for me. Of course I got his voice mail. I left a message with my phone number and asked him to return my call. I have yet to hear from him. I asked the customer service person if this was a ploy to not allow customers to cancel. He told me no, but I'm not so sure I believe him. I also do not understand why your website makes it impossible to send a letter directly to Sprint to get resolution to a problem.

I would like my internet service canceled as of 9/15/2009.


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by Just Jeffrey Posted Fri September 18, 2009 @ 1:54 PM

Obviously, you wouldn't want just anyone calling, claiming to be you,
and canceling. That's why they require a password, such as your
elementary school. (For the record, that's a terrible password
because it's easy for anyone to discover. Not your fault, since
they're the ones that decided to use this as a passcode.)

Anyway, there are a few possibilities. First, the rep may have
mistyped the name of your school. I (obviously) don't know your
school, but it might be something that someone might misspell. And
it's not just hard words. Some people think that "Jefferson" has only
one "F."

Second, does your school have a variant name? My high school is known
by initials. But, technically, it has a much longer name. Which one
did I use?

Third, when you first provided this information, did you type it? Or
did you let someone else? If someone else, they may have made a
mistake in the spelling. Or abbreviated when they shouldn't have.

In the end, the rep did the right thing by not giving you access to

However, the rep did fail in helping you resolve this.

He should have asked if you knew your online account login. If so,
you can go online at www.sprint.com and set a PIN, which you can use
instead of a school name.

He could have also suggested that you provide additional information,
although a supervisor may need to be involved. You should not need to
wait for a call back. Sprint has supervisors readily available. Yes,
you might have to be put on hold, but you shouldn't need to leave
voice mail. (Additional information may include account number,
address, social security number of the account owner, etc.).

Lastly, you can send an e-mail via Sprint's web site. I've done it
dozens of times. And, particularly lately, I get a response within 24


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