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Issues with customer service and sprint service in general

Posted Sun February 26, 2012 8:26 pm, by Tami H. written to Sprint Wireless

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I am writing in hopes of somehow getting some resolution. I have been with sprint for the past 15 yrs or so. I am not a chronic complainer and have not had issues in the past up until this last year. I can NOT get any help from customer service or even store managers. The over all attitude I get from anyone I talk to is "sorry about your luck". I just want to give you a run down of what I have dealt with over the past yr with Sprint.
#1. About a year ago I purchased a new phone. I was calling Sprint the sameday I bought the phone because it dropped calls constantly. Everytime I called Sprint about it, I was told to ride it out because it was a network issue. I did as I was told even though I told them I didn't feel it was a network issue. Over the course of a month I continued to have issues with this phone dropping calls several times a day. I would get the same "ride it out response" everytime I called (which was weekly). The 4th time I called about this phone, that person told me it was NOT the network, in fact, it was the phone. I asked to exchange it, and she told me I could NOT exchange it because I was beyond the contracted 30 day return policy. Seriously??? The only reason I was beyond the 30 days was because Sprint put me there. I had been calling since day 1 about that phone. I finally got into a different phone after 3 months of fighting like hell with them. And even at that, I had to pay full price to replace a phone that didn't even work. Why should I, as a loyal costomer who promptly pays every month, have to pay for a phone that doesn't work? I ended up dropping a large amount of money just to get a working phone when they should have addressed the real issue the 1st day I called.
#2. After that first incident, everything went back to normal and was fine. So, in Oct. 2011, I put my mom on my plan. My mother was an AT&T customer. She had both her cell phone and home phone through AT&T. She is retired so I talked her into cutting cost. She got rid of her cell phone AND home phone and moved onto my plan with Sprint.
First Issue, The day we started her on my plan we were told we would get a refund of $125.00 in 61 days (because she was a new customer to Sprint). We still have not seen that refund and it's about 6 months later. I have spoke with Sprint in person a few different times about that. Each time I am told that my account shows the credit is there but they just have to push it through. Each time they say they have "pushed it through" it never manages to make it's way onto my account. On Tues, 02/21/12, I went back to the same Sprint store to once again address these issues. The girl I spoke with called to Sprint to find out about the refund. She was told it was "Pushed through". She also told me "Call *3, it will be there by midnight tonight (02/21/2012) or no later than 02/25/2012". Well, here we are 02/26/2012 and of course Sprint has not followed through AGAIN. As far as I'm concerned this is a 2-way street. I can't imagine that Sprint would be ok with me waiting 6 months to pay my bill. I've been doing my part for the past 15 yrs. I would think that they could credit my account in a timely manor or atleast when they say they are going to.
Second Issue, the phone that my Mother paid for when she signed on does not work. Her phone will not hold a call period. I am in the Criminal Justice field so this concerns me. My retired Mother who lives on the main floor of my house would never beable to get a call out to 9-1-1 if ever needed. There is not a day that goes by where she does not drop EVERY call and I am a witness to her continued dropped calls. I went to 3 different Sprint stores to try to get some resolution. Every store we went to sent us to a different store. Finally, when we got to the 3rd store for the day, they exchanged her phone for the same model. We were happy with that, but, as soon as we got home she was dropping calls again. We gave it a few days to see if it would work itself out and it did not. Last week on the 21st I went back to that same store, spoke with the same people and manager to address this issue (as well as the issue of still not having a refund on our account). His name was Todd (manager of Standale, Mi. store) and he was of NO help what so ever. I asked if they could possibly give her a phone like mine because I don't drop calls. Besides my being in law enforcement and understanding the dangers of no phone service, my Mother just had 2 brothers pass away, and one sister who has stage 4 cancer. SHE CAN NOT BE WITHOUT A PHONE. I talked to the manager about all of this. I asked him since they are doing nothing to help me, what am I suppose to do? His response "I don't know". All he could do is shake his head and shrug his shoulders. He made NO attempt at resolution. I told him that he is leaving me with no other option but the switch companies. Then all of the sudden he has a solution for me. He explains to me that I can purchase an Airave device for my home for $200.00. The over all sense that I got from him was "sorry about your luck".
So here I am still today, I have a mother who continues to drop every call (and has been doing so since October), I don't have a credit on my account as promised 3 times now, I have been to Sprint several times and can't get any help from them. I have my monthly bill of $232.00 coming up in 4 days that in all reality Sprint has not earned a dime of in my opinion. You are my last hope basically. I don't know where or who to go to from here. All I want is a phone that does not drop calls and a credit to my account as promised. I am hopeing that either you can help me with that or send me in the right direction that does not involve customer service.

1. Give my mother a phone that is the same as mine (since I dont drop calls) at no additional charge.

2. I would try an airave device but I should not have to pay 200.00 for it.


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