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very displeased with Sprint Wireless

Posted Sat February 25, 2012 12:47 pm, by shawnee j. written to Sprint Wireless

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My name is Miss. Jackson and i have been with Sprint for 3 years now. I've never really had an issue until now. One of the lines on my service currently has a defective phone.I've taken the phone into the service center about a month ago. The problem seem to have been corrected but wasn't, so a few days ago i called in to inform the company that i still had an issue with the phone. I am having to move the phone all kinds of ways to get it to charge due to a piece within the phone. Well, the customer service person stated that we can replace your phone but it with take 7-10 business days. like i explained to them my phone may not be able to charge my phone come tomorrow and just be without communication. No one seem to care even after speaking to supervisors and managers they made it seem like it was my fault they didn't have the phone in stock. They didn't care that i may not have a phone for days or maybe even a couple of weeks.

I would like for sprint to replace my phone if they don't have this one in stock then one that compairs to the one I have. So, that i won't be without a phone for days/weeks. Hopefully someone that receives this compliant will care enough to better assist there customers.


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