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Email to text blocked when ISP is Bresnan.net complaint

Posted Thu March 12, 2009 12:31 pm, by TJ H. written to Sprint Wireless

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Problem: Cannot send email to text when my ISP is Bresnan.net

After several phone calls with Sprint Tech support, I find that the reason that I cannot send email to text is because my ISP (Bresnan.net) has been blacklisted by Sprint EVEN THOUGH a lookup of my rating with senderbase.org is NEUTRAL!!! My IP is not on ANY blacklists, I do not send large volumes of mail, my server is NOT an open relay, I have a firewall, virus scan, etc installed so on and so on.

I feel it is a huge disservice to me....the Paying customer to be blocked just because of who my ISP is. It is irresponsible to blacklist an entire ISP domain! The Sprint Tech refused to whitelist my ONE IP!!!! I am being denied a service that I PAY FOR even though it has been proven that I have not done anything to quantify being blocked. I am victimized simply because of the ISP that I am using whom which I have no control OVER!!! Why aren't you blocking yahoo or MSN???? I am sure you have spam problems with those ISPs too.

This is why Sprint is losing so many customers.

Simply whitelist my IP.


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by Veovis W. Posted Thu March 12, 2009 @ 8:30 PM

I am pretty sure that it has nothing to do with your ip address even
more so because they rotate. You don't always keep the same ip and
this is true for all providers. And what IS blocked is not your ip
address but your providers. A lot of times say a user of that isp did
a lot of email to text messages like spam or more fraud. Like saying
to get a free months service. Sprint really has no way of blocking one
single accout accross of all their subs so they will block the ISP. An
I am afrad that there is probably no way that they will unblock it for
that. AT&T had the same thing not that long ago where someone was
running a email to txt scam saying that call customer care and would
get a free months service so they had blocked a .net email provider
too. You can try and write there executive offices is probably the
only route that might be able to get unblocked. Easier just to make a
gmail account and use that instead would be easier.


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