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Expired rebate check

Posted Mon July 1, 2002, by james h. written to Staples

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Keeping any kind of office stocked and running efficiently is a big responsibility, one that I take seriously. I would like to bring to Staples's attention a problem I had with the experience at one of your stores. My specific complaint concerns the store at Oswego,NY. This incident has left me extremely angry.

In February 2002 I purcahsed a H/P allin one G85 printer from your organization. With this purcahse cam a $100 rebate that I could apply for and recieve. I went through this process and recieved my rebate check. I put it in my wallet and forgot about it. It was issued on 3/20/2002. I found this check on 6/18/2002 and attepted to purchase an item and use it. I was told that the rebate check expired the day before and there was nothing they could do to accept it since the code was expired on it. I think this is rediculous first of all to have a three month expiration on the check .

As a result of this incident I doubt I will be shopping at Staples again, and I don't think I can recommend your store to people I know.

Here's the resolution I'm proposing: Since I shop at Staples for myself and as a representaive of my company for our corporate account I think that Staples should honor this check. It would show good faith for the company and show to me that Staples is the kind of store that I can depend on now and in the future.

I hope you are willing to address my concerns. I look forward to receiving a response within 10 business days.


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