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Staples - UPS Authorized Shipping Centers - not helpful for me!

Posted Tue September 14, 2004, by Theresa B. written to Staples

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I would like to bring to Staples's attention a problem I had with the experience at one of your stores. My specific complaint concerns the store at Staples Store
South Willow St.
Manchester, NH.
This incident has left me extremely angry.

On Monday, July 26th, I shipped two cases of tile through the Manchester, NH, Staples store. I specifically brought them to Staples because tStaples advertises itself as Authorized UPS Shipping providers and packagers. Since, I was unsure of what kind of packaging the tile would need, I felt I should bring it to an Authorized UPS shipping "expert" to find out how it would need to be packaged.
I brought my unpackaged tile (in the manufacturer's original unopened packaging) to Staples and brought to the counter (they also have a self shipping station - which I did not use as I needed packaging advice). The Staples counter person looked at the tile and said that it would not need packaging as it was "in it's original packaging". Since, she was the shipping "expert", I took her word and shipped it as is. I would have been willing to pay the extra packaging fee to have Staples package it for me, but the Staples employee told me it would be fine as is.
Needless to say, on August 5, 2004, I got a call from the Manchester Staples store saying that the package had been returned to them as damaged en route(tiles smashed) and what did I want to do. They gave me the 800 Staples claim number and I started a claim. The claims people have been less than helpful. UPS has denied the claim since the tile wasn't packaged correctly (though a Staples employee had told me it didn't need to be packaged since it was in the original manufacturer's packaging). I have talked to 3 different people, all of whom have assured me they would start a claim, re-submit the claim, call me back, etc. I started the claim on 8/6/04. I do not know whom I originally spoke to at the Staples claim center (I believe her name was Beverly, but I did not document her name). After almost a month of not hearing anything back from the Staples claim center, I called again. On 9/3/04 I spoke with Megan, she said she would again re-submit the claim and would call me by the next Tuesday - no call. Then on 9/8/04 I spoke with Tim who said he didn't see an update in the computer and didn't know why I wasn't called back, but that he would re-submit and call me. He assured me there was no reason he wouldn't call me back - again no call. Tim also informed me that they (the Staples Claims center telephone operators) were really just sub contractors and that maybe I should contact the Staples store I sent it from since they gave me the wrong information regarding packaging the tile- which I did. I spoke with Elena, the Manchester store manager, who said the stores carry no liability on packaging and she wouldn't do anything other than tell her employees to not "misinform the customers on packaging requirements".
Obviously, I am upset, my tile has been smashed beyond saving. I am out the $50.40 it cost me to ship the tile and I have to reimburse the woman who bought the tile from me. I could have gone to the Staples UPS self ship counter, but I didn't. I went to the counter with the shipping "expert" looking for advice on how to package the tile and she told me it would be fine as is. I feel as if I have been given the run around and nobody has offered me any suggestions.

As a result of this incident I will do everything I can to avoid Staples in the future, and I will certainly advise others to avoid your store.

Here's the resolution I'm proposing: I would like Staples to reimburse me for the cost of the tile and shipping - approximately $85 or suggest another solution to me.

I hope you are willing to address my concerns. I look forward to receiving a response within 10 business days.


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by Candy Candy Posted Mon February 9, 2009 @ 3:45 PM

I would like to bring to Staples's attention a problem I had with the
experience at one of your stores. My specific complaint concerns the
store at Staples Store #138
1296 Lititz Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 396-8917
I also have a complain with the Staples Center 1-800-797-5924 .

I took a very expensive doll to the Staples store to have it shipped
to California. I was with my son at the time. I ask the Staples Rep
at the UPS counter if I would have any problems shipping my doll to
California and he said no that Staples ships UPS packages all the time
and have no problems. So, the Rep packaged doll up and I insured my
package for $3,000. I also asked the Rep to put fragile all over the

When my doll arrived in California I opened my UPS package and I found
my doll broken into pieces and it was destroyed. So I called the
Staples claims center at 1-800-797-5924 to open a claim on December
27th. So far, I have gotten nothing but a run around from the claims
center at Staples. First,I was told that UPS would need to come to my
home and inspect the package. Which they did, and the UPS Rep told me
that the Staples store Rep in Lancaster should have not have accepted
my doll for shipment. That my doll needed to be crated and shipped by
some company who provides that service. So I called the Staples
claims department and gave them that information. At that time, I was
also told that I needed to send in the value of the doll and that UPS
required an estiment of how much it would cost to have the doll
repaired. Which was just a way of putting all the process longer?
So far, I have made over 20 calls to the claims center. Each time I
have called Staples Claim Center I would usually get a new Rep or new
Supervisor and had to start all over again. Each time giving me a run
around on what I needed to do to settle this claim. I could get no
one from Staples Claim Center to ever return my call. What does this
tell you about the claim center? It looks like their job is to put
everyone who calls in to the center on a waiting period and never
getting back to the caller. Very bad customer relations. Finally,
this morning (February 9th) I was told by the Staples claims center
that I needed to contact the Store Manager in Lancaster to get the
store to approve my claim and take responsibility. I called the store
and talked to Heather Richardson and had no luck with her so ask to
talk to her boss and also had not luck with him. I am extremely angry
with the Heather Richardson (Supervisor) & the Store Manager. There
again getting the run around from Staples. So to cut this story short
my claim has been denied and I will not get paid for my doll. I have
learned an important lesson from this bad experience. Don't use
Staples to ship your UPS packages. Take your package to a UPS store
and your package can be insured. Don't deal with Staples because they
don't carry insurance on your packages. This was an extremely bad
experience for me. As a business owner I have always ordered all my
office products from Staples. Also unless this claim is approved I
will never step foot in a Staples store again. Here's the resolution
I'm proposing to Staples: I would like Staples to reimburse me for the
cost my doll $3,000.

by wizia Posted Tue August 19, 2008 @ 4:41 PM

Help what I Need to do
I am insimilar situation, my wife shipped a palma TV ( 42" Panasonic)
fro Staples stores, Olympia ph=3605700800, Mnager name =April) on
7/11/2008 with origional Panasonic TV package paid for additional
packing charges+ insurance charges for TV value of 800 and shipping
charges 240.00
The tv arrived broken and UPs asked to send back and contact Staples
for claim. After 15 days the manager gave me a number and promised to
get my money, in turn this a claim department and they are very
unhelpful and asking thousand questions and almost trying to it
impress myfault package is wrongly etc and fianly take n claim and
gave the claim number, I do not when I will get my Tv refund it is
almost a month with out TV. UPS/ Staples are cheating me and puting me
others court all the time.

Help what action I need to take for resolve and gte my money.

Vijay Akella


Staples Claim Center was no help to me!!!!!! by John M. Wed February 11, 2009 @ 2:51 PM

by a nonny mouse Posted Mon April 7, 2008 @ 9:56 AM

Ditto - I have been working with Staples Claim Center for nearly 3
months now. Have worked with at least 3 different Customer "Service"
people. I had no idea what a mistake it was to think using Staples
was like going directly to UPS. They do not seem to know what they
are doing in the store, and if something goes wrong (like UPS damage
to goods I paid to insure) it's a nightmare to work through Staples to
get UPS to act on the problem. UPS denies your submitted damage
report unless it comes through Staples and Staples Claim Center is
remarkably unresponsive. Don't even mess with the fax # Staples
provides...I really think the machine dispenses your faxes straight
into a trash can.


by Dan Church Posted Tue May 22, 2007 @ 7:24 PM

I had a similar experience with a toilet base that arrived via UPS,
then was reshipped via UPS from Staples only to arrive as shards.

After UPS/Staples rejected the claim citing poor packaging, I called
the Staples involved and obtained the manager's fax number. I then
wrote the manager a letter giving him two hours before I filed suit in
small claims court. Within 30 minutes, someone in Staples corporate
had called to verify my address for a check.

I had the check in hand via FedEx by the next day. For weeks
thereafter, I received updates from Staples and UPS on why my claim
was invalid.


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