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Angry State Farm client!

Posted Mon February 8, 2010 11:56 am, by Bridgette G. written to State Farm Insurance

Write a Letter to this Company

State Farm Car Insurance Misrepresentation, manipulation, lack of communication and notification of policy updates. Barbara Coleman's State Farm Office located at 1169 Kingsley Ave., Orange Park, FL 32073 Phone:(904)278-2677. I suggest you look into another insurance company if you are looking for a insurance company who is not going to drop you without notification, turn you into the DMV stating that you have no insurance so that your license gets suspended all while you are assuming they are doing there job "like a good neighbor State Farm is There" Yes...this is correct. I have been with State Farm since I was 16 years old....that was almost 13 years. I had gotten married and wanted to change my name on my insurance. Everything went smooth and a week later they called back asking for my husbands information. I called back and told them that he had his own car and insurance and that I did not want him on my insurance because his driving records was so bad. They informed me over and over for months that it would NOT affect my policy and that they needed to add him only because he is in my household and that anyone who has a license need to be listed as a possible drive just in case, but that it would not affect my insurance. My husband continued to refuse to give me his information because he said my insurance will be affected and again my agent (Rusti Bryan) stated that it would not affect my policy amount. My husband still refused until they sent me a letter on October 1, 2008 stating if I did not give them his information that they where going to drop me. When I got the letter and called they had already dropped me, however my husband finally gave me his information and I got reinstated. I got several letters and invoices after that stating thank you for your information the request for your policy change has been received, if you do not want the uninsured motor vehicle please fill out form and send it back. I got several of those letters and the October invoice and November invoice stating that everything was good that that my payment was being automatically withdrawn from my account. So I am thinking everything is fine and I donít have to worry about it anymore, right? Wrong! I find out from a sheriff that was serving my sister a citation for her car that she had sitting in my yard for sale that her tag was out and needed to be updated or the car needed to be backed into the drive way. Well he let her know that she may want to let me know that my license is suspended sue to lack of payment of insurance. So, I call (Risti) at State Farm asking her what is going on because my payment comes out of my account automatically. Well she didnít know why, so she called her underwriter and the underwriter is stating that they dropped me because my husbands record was so bad. I got very upset with her because she told me several times that it would NOT affect my policy and if it did I wanted to know why no one reached to let me know about this? She said they sent a letter on October 1, 2008. I said ya....that's the letter from you asking me for my husbands information or you would cancel me not because his record is bad and that I have gotten several letters and invoices stating that everything was ok. So, to me everything was fine. Well, the underwrite (per Barbara Colman) is saying that the letter from the previous issue is good enough notification for a totally separate issue. I asked Barbara if she would want this to happen to her and if she thought this was fare and she said, "no, but that is what my underwriter is telling me and that they cant do anything." so I sit here today "Monday" practically on house arrest since Friday because I can not drive because they will in reinstate my license when I did nothing wrong. It was there fault for not notifying me that my husbands record was so bad and that they could not insure me and I needed to find someone else to hold insurance under, so that my license would not get suspended. They failed to do that because they are to lazy to type up a new letter for a separate issue and send it to me or call me or my agent (Rusti) to let me know that I did not have coverage through them any more! I guess I should start looking into mind reading these days and so that I can make sure people are going there jobs and if you are wondering why I didn't notice why I didnít notice my account having more money than normal...well I donít have internet at home, so I cant do online banking, so I do things the old fashioned way by hand and I donít run to the bank every day to check my balance. I keep very close track of what goes in and what goes out via my personal paperwork and it has worked for everyone else, but state farm because they are lazy!

Reinstate my license because I was never notified that they dropped me and I feel it is not my fault. If they had told me that they where going to drop me and gave me time to get new insurance I would have a license. I also want them to write me a letter stating that it was a lack of communication on thair part and that they are not attaching the being dropped on my record because again, if I was aware I would have gotten insurance before I was dropped by them and get a better rate with a new insurance company.


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by Brenda K. Posted Tue July 23, 2013 @ 9:06 PM

If State Farm Insurance Adjusters have Denied Or Prolong Your Claim Or
Dropped You Please Sign The Petition: STATE FARM: Auto Policyholders,
Homeowners Policyholders, Rental Policyholders, Businesses
Policyholders, Hurricanes Policyholders, Tornadoes Policyholders,
Storms Policyholders, Earthquakes Policyholders, and None
Policyholders, who will be seeking Insurance in the near Future, Be
Aware of State Farm Insurance Companies and its Consultant, as well as
the Adjusters, who Prolong Your Policyholder Auto Accident and all the
ABOVE Claims.
Tell State Farm CEO Edward B. Rust, Vice Chairman and Coo Michael L.
Tipsord, Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Paul J.Smith, State Farm Rep. Ronald Gates and Russell Pargeon the
auto accident whereas to I was rear ended, on July 2, 2013 was not my
fault. The rear ended auto accident claim must be rewritten in such a
way that I am not at fault. It is deliberately, wrongful, and
misleading for State Farm to file an auto claim that wasnít my fault,
as a collision claim. It is also deliberately, wrongful and misleading
for State Farm to deny pain and suffering compensations to the
passengers that were in my vehicle on July 2, 2013. This not at fault,
auto accident is going to be on my record, as an at fault accident, if
state Farm do not change my claim, which means wrongful points will be
taken off my driver license. I, the Policyholder, should not have to
pay my passengers out of my pocket, when it is State Farm duty and
contractual obligation not to refuse payment and prolong payments for
a Legal Insurance claim, which is bad faith on State Farm BEHALF.

Please Sign The Petition Against State Farm...

I had an accident. I was rear ended from behind. When I looked at my
bumper I saw that the lady had knocked paint off my bumper, no dent,
so being a good person, (GOOD NEIGHBOR as State Farm claim to be) I
let her go, as well to find out that my car would not start and that
there were other damages that had been done to my car from the

Besides myself I had 4 more people in the car, 3 of them were children
and the other was an adult, all relatives. They all suffer pain from
the accident, which caused the children to not return to day care.
They all took over the counter medications for their pain, but if
their pain worsen, the kids, their mother and I will be going to the
Doctor to seek medical care for pain, stiffness, as well as, soreness.

The auto accident that was not my fault (not caused by me), have the
children in fear. At times they canít sleep, they canít eat and they
have nightmares because of the auto accident.

As for the adult that was in my car and do not live in my house, she
had to pay extra for a sitter to keep her children, who was injured in
my car, because they were unable to return to daycare due to body pain
caused by the wreck, and she also had to pay the day care center for
service, too. She during the time of the accident had a television in
my car.

Later the adult passenger, who was in my vehicle talked to Robbin
Merrell, who was handling the medical coverage and was willing to pay
their doctor bills, (but at this time there were not any bills).
Sometime after, I talked to State Farm Rep. Ronald Gates.

I was told by State Farm auto insurance Rep. Ronald Gates that since I
let the lady go, the automobile accident was my fault, and that my
passengers are not entitle to pain and suffering from State Farm, but
they are entitled to have their medical bills paid only because I have
medical coverage.

However when I asked him to send the submitted false statement in
writing to me stating that the accident was blame on me, he held the
line for a while before he said no. Surely, for State Farm to avoid,
fully covering my claim and by State Farm Rep. Ronald Gates falsely
blaming the accident on me, means that State Farm will raise my
insurance premiums.

Since Ronald Gates mind was set on the accident being my fault, I
asked him to give me the CEO name, phone number and I also asked him
for the CEO secretary, name and phone number, he would not give it to
me, he told me that he didnít know their names and numbers, which went
on and on and on. I told him you mean to tell me, you donít know the
CEO, name, he said again no. I said again, you mean to tell me that
you donít know the CEO name. He then said wait. After that Ronald
Gates told me that the CEO name was Ed. Rust. However I found that the
CEO name was and appeared on the Internet websites, also as Edward B.

Then he told me that he could give me his supervisor name. I told him
that I donít need your supervisor name, what I need is the manager
name who, is over your supervisor. He told me that he could not give
me the Manager name who, was over his supervisor, but again he said I
can give you my supervisor name. When I gave in and said ok give me
your supervisor name and number, he started to give me the runner
around. He held the line for a while, before he told me his supervisor
name. Finally I called his supervisor Russell Pargeon and left a
message along, with my phone number, on his machine, explaining what I
was going through with State Farm claim Rep. Ronald Gates. Russell
Pargeon never returned my call, which was Monday July 8, 2013 and
today is Friday July 12, 2013.

So, I called State Farm back and asked to file a Consumer Complaint.
The man on the other end asked for my claim number. After I gave him
my claim number, he gave me the wrong phone number 770-418562, but
keep in mind I repeated the number to him to make sure I had written
down the correct number. Since I was given the wrong number I called
back. This time I talked to a lady. She also asked me for my claim
number. I gave her my claim number and she connected me to a phone,
which had a busy signal, without giving me the complaint number. So
again, I called back and talked to another lady, but this time I did
not give out my claim number, instead, I asked her again and again for
the Consumer Complaint number, which is 770-4185024 before it was
given to me. Finally I called the Consumer Complaint number and file a
complaint against State Farm for the bad faith in which my claim was
being handled by Ronald Gates, who has a nasty voice tone. I was told
it would take two to three days before I hear from anyone. Well it has
been over two days and I have not heard from anyone from State Farm.
Afterward, I called the Corporate Office to speak to the CEO. Edward
B. Rust. I got a machine, so I left a message explaining everything
along with my phone number.

Later, a lady name Evelyn called me. She told me that she was calling
from the Corporate Office, but for the reason by the sound of her
voice, I thought I had talked to her before, which lead me to believe
that she was not calling from the Corporate Office. Anyway, she then
went on to say that they were going to contact Ronald Gates Supervisor
and have him call me, but whatever, Ronald Gates supervisor, namely
Russell Pargeon says his decision, as to handling my claim is final,
she repeated herself it will be final.
Evelyn went on to say that they donít get in disputes with Employees
and Policyholders, but she said she was going to write him concerning
my auto claim and she said that it would be in my favor. She reassured
me that I will definitely here from Russell Pargeon by Friday July 12,
2013. Well today is Friday July 12, 2013 and I have not heard from
Russell Pargeon and nor have I heard from anyone from State Farm. Keep
in mind not only did Evelyn from the Corporate Office supposedly email
him, I left Russell Pargeon a telephone message on, Monday July 8,
2013 and still I say I havenít heard from him. Although, we the
victims have cooperated 100% with stated Farm, we should not have to
continue to try and contact State Farm on an ongoing basic to settle
this prolonging claim, they donít have to contact me for my premiums.

My auto insurance coverage consisted of: Liability, Medical Payments,
Collision, Comprehensive, Uninsured Motor vehicle, car Rental,
Emergency Road Service, use of none owned cars, Loss of Earrings,
Physical Damage, Death Dismemberment and Loss of Sight .

This wreck and State Farm Claim Rep. Ronald Gates have caused me, as
well as 4 people with injuries, who were in my vehicle during the
accident to go through emotional and physical stress. This accident
was not my fault therefore you should not blame me to gain profit by
raising my insurance premiums. It is bad faith on State Farm part to
not pay or to prolong pain and suffering claims to the victims of an
auto accident, who are covered by State Farm Insurance. I should not
have to pay my passengers for their pain and suffering when I have
State Farm Full Coverage Insurance, on my Vehicle.

Now, in knowledge of false information is defined, as being actual
knowledge, deliberate ignorance of the truth or falsity of the
information, or reckless disregard of the truth.

State Farm is a Mutual Company (it is owned by its Policyholders, it
doesnít have shares that trade publicly) which means without
Policyholders, State Farm would not, EXIST.

A Consultant Firm whom I wonít name at this particular time, court
records showed that State Farm hired the Firm as a consultant. The
Consultant Firm developed methods for companies to become more
profitable by paying out less in claims according to Videotaped
evidence presented in Court.
Below are the Consultant Firm Methods for the Company: When a
Policyholder files a claim, first make, a low offer, if a Policyholder
(customer) protests or hires a lawyer the company should fight back.
The Consultant Company slides, which were presented in Court saysÖcan
discourage Policyholders (claimants) by delaying settlement and
stalling court proceedings.

By postponing payments insurance companies can hold money longer and
make more on their investments and often wear down Policyholders
(clients) to the point of dropping a claim. By paying less to its
Policyholders will lifted their income.

Town hall meetings with adjusters have been held to urge them to pay
less to Policyholders.

No Policyholder should ever have to go through something like this
from any Insurance company. I pay my premium for full coverage Auto
Insurance monthly and for State Farm to do business in a bad faith way
is very, unprofessional on their part.

This type of doing business gives State Farm a bad name.

The lie, as to I was at fault and the denied payments of this
Legitimate, pain and suffering claim is BAD FAITH on State Farm

In my opinion, to avoid fully covering my claim completly, State Farm
Rep. Ronald Gates falsely blamed the accident on me and said I was at
fault, which means State Farm will raise, again, I say my Insurance

This should have been resolved in a timely manner.

On Monday July 15, 2013, I finally received a call from Russell
Pargeon. Russell Pargeon answer was no, I donít know if your Insurance
will go up. His answer was no, I cannot give you anything in writing
stating that your insurance want go up. His answer was no, I cannot
give you anything in writing stating that the accident want be charge
to you and his answer was no, I cannot pay pain and suffering to your
passengers. He went in silent mode, which means he did not answer me,
when I addressed to him that Ronald Gates told me that the accident
was charge to me, will be on my record, and my premium will go up. He
also went in silent mode when I addressed the baby sitter expenses,
day care expenses, as well as, the car seats and the passenger,
television set that was in my car. However, after we continued to go
back and forth with one another, which was the the last time that we
spoke to one another, Russell Pargeon, through phone conversation told
me that he will have to see about whether the passengers in my car are
entitle to pain and suffering. As of this day I have not heard back
from him.
I recalled about what Evelyn from Corporate Headquarters told to me,
Mr. Russell Pargeon decision, as to handling my auto accident claim is
final, she repeated, it will be final, which was a truthful statement.

Therefore whether wrong or right Russell Prageon decision is final,
but I canít settle for wrongful decisions made by Russell Prageon and
State Farm Executive Employees.
On July 15, 2013, after Russell Pargeon and I had disagreed twice
(because I stood up for myself), through phone conversations the
rental car service was discontinued without warning. The next day the
Rental car service called me, which was on July 16, 2013. The tone of
the Rental car lady voice was in surprise mode after she realized that
I had not been notified by State Farm to return the Rental. In my
opinion according to State Farm consultant court records things like
this happens when you speak up for yourself.
Of course the RENTAL CAR was set up from July 2, 2013 to July 16,
2013. Now I have to pay out of my pocket for an extra day of Rental in
which I have a document in writing, stating, when the Rental service
will end, July 16, 2013, which is today. I was also told by State Farm
employee who set up the Rental for me, when the rental service was
going to end, which was on July 16, 2013.

Anyway, I pick up my car today July 16, 2013, from the repair shop
even though my auto claim has not been settled by State Farm.

Although my vehicle has been repaired the following things below,
which are included in with the auto accident claim must be settled by
State Farm.
I want State Farm to rewrite the auto accident in a truthfully manner.
Just because it is wrote up as I was hit from behind does not mean it
want be charge to me. According to Ronald Gates the accident is
charged to me and is my fault because I let the other vehicle go for
knocking paint off my bumper afterwards to see that more damage was
done to my car, as well. I want State Farm to not raise my Insurance
Premiums, but how will I know, without taking State Farm word for it,
after all in my opinion, premiums goes up more than pennies on a
dollar without policyholders knowing why.

I want State Farm to settle the pain and suffering auto claim for my
passengers and if possible for myself, as well. I want State Farm to
reimburse me for the July 16, 2013 rental service. I want State Farm
to reimburse the adult passenger baby sitter and day care expenses for
the days that her children could not attend daycare, because of their
injuries what the accident caused and at the same time, the adult
passenger still had to pay day care expenses, too. I want State farm
to replace the passengers, car seats and the television set that was
also in my car.

Factual facts:
Liability insurance-Body injuries is used to pay for the following:
Medical bills, time lost from work, legal representation for injured
parties, funeral expenses, long-term rehabilitation or nursing care
and pain and suffering.

State Farm Claims Employees, Ronald Gates and Russell Pargeon have
caused me, as well as the people with injuries, who were in my vehicle
during the accident to go through emotional and physical stress.

In my opinion, with regard to bad faith, State Farm has demonstrated
an element of dishonest, moral obliquity, and an ill will to support
bad faith not only to me but to other, Auto Policyholders, Homeowners
Policyholders, Rental Policyholders, Hurricane Policyholders, Tornado
Policyholders, Storms Policyholders, Earthquakes Policyholders and
Businesses Policyholders in the United States, and Canada, too, as
well as, Policyholders all around the world. State Farm Policyholders
must stand up for what they believe is right.

Please shareÖ

by PurPink Posted Wed February 10, 2010 @ 9:35 AM

I suggest that you contact the Florida Attorney General's office OR
the Florida Department of Insurance to file a complaint against State

State Farm will have to respond and will have a mark against their
record in the state of Florida.


My understanding by LadyMac Fri February 12, 2010 @ 11:41 AM
by JulieM Posted Wed February 10, 2010 @ 12:36 AM

This is business as usual with State Farm. I had been a State Farm
customer from the age of 16 until I was married at age 30. My husband
had a bad driving record so he maintained his insurance and I mine.
We decided to add him to my policy and I talked with my agent. He
assured me by great record (no claims/no accidents/no tickets) plus
his cruddy record would no way affect my policy. One month later, my
insurance was cancelled and I was forever lumped into a high risk

All we wanted to do was save money by combining our policies and State
Farm assured us that I was in no danger of being cancelled. I had a
letter from him welcoming him and telling me to rest assured, my
policy was safe. Ha !

Good luck, they don't seem to care.


by Knight Posted Tue February 9, 2010 @ 8:03 PM

I used to be a customer of State Farm until I switch to Allstate. Now
I have even more coverage then before and I am saving a ton of money.


by PepperElf Posted Tue February 9, 2010 @ 5:59 PM

another thing to consider:

ask your husband's agent for ways to reduce premium.

often if you take a driver's education class, you can get points
adjusted on your license and a discount on your insurance.

by Palsgraf Posted Tue February 9, 2010 @ 2:01 AM

First off, if her husband isn't driving her car, then his driving
record is irrelevant.

Okay. State Farm.

I was a State Farm customer because my parents were when I started
driving at 16. I'd been one for years and - because I don't like
change - I would still be one if this hadn't happened:

Less than a year after I bought my new car there was a major hail
storm in town. All the large insurance companies had tents set-up to
do estimates, etc. My roomates' insurance companies compensated them
for their damage, some totalling-out their vehicles.

But the check State Farm cut me, plus the deductable, covered only
about half of what the cost would have been to repair my almost-new

So I dumped State Farm. About two decades later I (luckily) haven't
had another claim. That's about 20 years of collecting premiums for
the mere cost of sending me a bill and new insurance cards every six

That money could be in State Farm's pockets IF they hadn't decided to
take advantage of a college student. Instead, I've been giving it to
the little gecko.

Thanks lizard. I'm looking forward to another 20 years with you.


His Record is Not Irrelevent by InsuranceAgt Tue February 9, 2010 @ 7:57 AM

i agree - his driving record IS revenant because there's nothing stopping him from driving her car by PepperElf Tue February 9, 2010 @ 8:47 AM

Reply by Jennifer S. Tue February 9, 2010 @ 12:57 PM

It is revelant.. by Harleycat Tue February 9, 2010 @ 4:34 PM

How do you know the husband doesn't drive her car? by Donno Tue February 9, 2010 @ 8:35 PM

by Kim M. Posted Mon February 8, 2010 @ 7:24 PM

I don't know a lot about insurance but why is the OP required to
provide her husband's information? I agree that she needs to manage
the bank account but this seems like it's approaching extortion.....


State Farm probably assumes by Donno Mon February 8, 2010 @ 7:57 PM

by Donno Posted Mon February 8, 2010 @ 2:51 PM

I have you beat - I have been with State Farm myself for 30 years, and
my family for many more prior to that.

I have been with six different SF offices over the years. They have
all had professional, outstanding staff and great customer service.
"Lazy" is not a word that would apply to any State Farm employee I
have known.

One thing State Farm will not tolerate is skirting rules. They asked
repeatedly, rightfully, for your husband's information and didn't get
it. Therefore any ramifications are your fault, not State Farm's.

Good luck getting a better rate - I have always found State Farm to
have excellent rates. When these Geico and Progressive commercials
come on, I just laugh. Notice that State Farm doesn't need to
advertise the same amount to compete.


I was with State Farm for several years as well... by Casmly Tue February 9, 2010 @ 7:42 AM

I swtiched State Farm agents by LadyMac Tue February 9, 2010 @ 3:24 PM

by RedheadwGlasses Posted Mon February 8, 2010 @ 12:34 PM

Well, they can't reinstate your license -- that's for a state agency
to handle.

They shouldn't have told you that your husband's bad record wouldn't
affect you.

But I think no matter where you go for insurance, you'll be paying
higher rates, thanks to your husbands bad driving record.


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