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You need upgrade yout service or allow more features to consumers

Posted Fri February 12, 2010 2:22 pm, by Aaron C. written to Straight Talk, Inc

I like my service so far, the customer service could use a major improvement, and the data network could use a upgrade to. My major complaint is the limiting of use for my samsung r451c, and it's not just me I have read many complaints about this. All I want to do is use the phone, the way its suppose to be use, the fact you disabled the java is wrong.

You want people to play $100 plus a phone card, and not even include accessories, then turn around and disable phone features thats just wrong. Please correct this issue, and let people get what they pay for. It would be nice to get apps on my phone, and be able to check my e-mail easier. If you don't change this, I don't see you being around longer, yes you are cheaper. But phones are getting alot more advanced, and there's other providers that can give the people what they want and need. Say for instance the want and need to have apps on their phones.

I want you to enable the java on the samsung r451c, I understand you want to keep the data low. But I can't even get access to basic apps like games, music, or video. And it frustrates me that I paid $100 plus $45 for data, text, and talk to have a phone I can't do anything on. I can barely surf the web, and barely listen to music.


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