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defective electric blanket

Posted Sat September 14, 2002, by Anne J. written to Sunbeam

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It's really frustrating when you spend hard-earned money on a product, and then this happens. I'm referring to the customer service with Sunbeam and I'm hoping you can do something about it. Frankly, I'm really annoyed with this matter.

For the record, I own a 33672 or 602 88472-602 from your company.

I have been it constant communication in trying to resolve a problem with a Sunbeam warming blanket purchased Dec 30, 2001. The latest after a series of back and forth Emails(SUNBEAM KMM1078)(KMM1160566V91378LOKM) resulted in my total frustration with what I feel is a "stonewalling" on the part of SUNBEAM. I did as I was told paid to have the blanket sent to 224 Russell drive, Waynesboro, MI on July 9, 2002 for their consideration and after notifying them I had shipped it by MAILBOXES INC I was told by SUNBEAM I had to send it to the factory(no address given) despite being told to send it to the original Russell Drive location. I was told to call 1-800 892 7684 to get the problem resolved which I did. I called and began to explain I wanted to talk to the customer service rep who gave me the phone number etc and was told to give them all the info as to where I bought the item, the stock number, the problem etc because the E mail department I had been contacting had nothing to do with the department I was now talking to. I further requested out of utter frustration to return my "defective blanket" or either repair it, or replace it. I have heard no further word from SUNBEAM

Here's what I'd like to see happen: As explained above return my original blanket, repair it or replace it. The problem I believe that the blanket is lost. I hope you can fix this, because it will prove to me that I should continue doing business with you in the future. You can be sure I'll probably give my friends mediocre reviews of your products.

Please respond to this complaint as quickly as possible.


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