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Diaper Changing In Long Island TacoBell

Posted Sat October 26, 2002, by ed C. written to Taco Bell

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I'm writing to bring your attention to a problem with the cleanliness or hygiene at Taco Bell. Specifically, my complaint concerns store cleanliness. The restaurant I'm referring to is at Port Jefferson Station NY
RT 347.

I could not believe it when I saw it.
I went to Taco Bell, ordered my food and as I was heading towards the dining area I actualy saw a female employee changing her baby's diaper on the table along with some of her family or friends.
This is no joke and I was shocked.
I commented to her and she spoke not 1 word of english so I looked like the fool.
Another man saw this and turned around and told his wife.
The manager was not available at the time and I went home with $25 worth of food that was tossed in the garbage after I told the group I was with what happened.

It's unlikely I would consider dining in your restaurant again. Also, I don't plan on recommending you to people I know.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: I want to be reimbursed and more.
I expect to hear back from someone within a matter of a few days or I will take this 1 step higher.
I eat at Taco Bell so often because I love it, I really do.
I can get around th efact that people never wear gloves besides the cashiers but I better be contacted and not by the local manager whom doesn't care.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I hope to hear from you very soon.


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