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Giving grief in a time of healing.

Posted Fri December 9, 2016 2:06 pm, by Muhajirah W. P. written to Target Corporation

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To Whom it May Concern,

I purchased a gift card online on 12/4/16 because I didn't feel like going outside and purchasing gifts after the recent loss of my father.

Unfortunately the gift card recipient told me the gift card wasn't working on 12/8/16, in a panic I thought it was stolen and I called target to find out what was wrong. After an hour I wasn't told anything but to call back in the morning.

After calling back in the morning I was still confused about why the gift card wasn't usable and why I wasn't given a refund. While speaking to a representative the call was dropped. I waited for a call back and didn't receive one.

One my third call I was again told alot of nothing, I was finally transfered to Andre who said that there has been a mistake and I shouldn't worry and he reinstated the card.

Andre also apologized and even offered me a $50 gift card for my troubles. Amazingly that was taken also.

Not even 1 hour later I received a call from the gift card recipient again stating she went to Target to use the gift card and again it has come up as invalid!

I called again (call #4!) and was told too bad no refund and there is nothing that could be done. I informed the customer service representative that I recently lost my father and I really don't need any more aggravation. Still I was told there is nothing that could be done.

In my time of grief and bereavement this is not the kind of behavior I expect from a company like Target. I tried to make things easy on myself because I was in mourning and wanted to still send a gift but it would have been easier if I avoid Target all together.

Shame on you, Shame!

I already have to deal with the lost of my father but now when I see Target I will remember what you made me go through when I shouldn't have had any problems.

After dealing with seeing my father die slowing from the Cancer over 6 months this is not the kind of stress or grief I need. I just want a refund and the $50 promised to me for my time wasted trying to undo a mistake using you as a gift.

Again, I want a refund of the gift card and the $50 given to me for my time wasted on 4 phone calls.


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by spunkyboy08 Posted Fri December 9, 2016 @ 2:14 PM

Did you ask to speak to a supervisor at any time during the several
phone calls you made?


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