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customer service/out of stock?

Posted Mon November 29, 2004, by dissatisfied c. written to Target Corporation

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I would like to bring your attention to a complaint I have about the selection/availability at your department store, located at Traverse city MI , Troy MI, Walled Lake MI . Specifically, I am writing about out of stock items. I hope you are able to resolve this situation.

Registured for a high chair in my baby registry in april the item i scanned hasnt been in stock for 7 months why have a store sample of something that is suppose to be available to all your friends and family for an easy gift idea/pick up on display in the store for even more expectant mothers to scan if it hasnt been in the store for 7 months?the Traverse City store was really good about my mplaint the lady at the desk gave me 3 stores by Detroit through a Item Locate from her service desk called all 3 stores this is where the BIG problem came in to play waited on the phone for 20 min calling long distance to the Walled Lake store for the operator to come back and tell me everyone in infants was out to lunch could I call back ??Asked for a manager there wasnt one on duty?? I was told I used to work for Target there is always a manager on duty asked if i could have someone call me back when they were done for lunch ? she said sure gave her my # no call back the lady at the TC store told me there was only 3 of this specific high chair in the whole state of michigan the chair was not avilable on target.com and that they're not able to sell the store display for any reason !! even though the Tc store hasnt had one in 7 months we then called the Troy Store we were told they had 2 they ouldnt take a credit card over the phone to pay for the item nor would they hold it at the desk for us against store policy ?? thought the point of a sale was there business?? my sister lives 1/2 hour from the troy stor has 3 kids all in car seats hmmm... lets see they wouldnt even hold a chair that we have been trying to get since my daughters birth 7 mo.ago for 1/2 hour so my sister could come pick it up ? POOR customer service after all I had to HUNT it down and was willing to drive to FINALLY get it so then called the flint store the 3rd one on my list said they had one which they had NONE!! The Story ends with my mother in-law driving 2 1/2 hours to the Troy store to hopefully get 1 of the 2 left in the whole state of michigan mind you that this chair is on display in all Target Stores as an Item they carry but havent had shipped to any stores in 7 months ??

I visit Target Corporation about 4-6 times a month. On average, I spend more than $115 when I patronize your store.

Here's what I'd like to see happen:TAKE it Off DISPLAY!!! so knowone else has there heart set on reciving it as a shower gift in Michigan at least Sell The Displays and dont carry it anymore if it takes at least 7 months or more to get in the store again or only offer it on Target .com to better inventory controll it And Dont tell customers your store never knows what it is going to get in on its trucks that sounds so un professional also makes customers badger the employees to see if the item is in every day do they really even check when we call NO!! i know that because i used to work there And no i wasnt fired i quit after 2 weeks of the poorest under staffed under paid department store where the management was even rude to co-workes no wonder they are rude to customers as well will never recommend anyone to register for gifts at target or to be employed there I would definitely think twice before spending money at your store again, and I will urge everyone I know to steer clear as well.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response.


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