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Unfortunate Experience at Thrifty LAX

Posted Sat February 6, 2010 2:44 pm, by Kenny Y. written to Thrifty Rent-A-Car

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I reserved a rental car for a week (7 days) in LAX for both business and pleasure. While booking my rental car online (Thrifty.com), I also reserved a hotel through Thrifty. Upon picking up my car at LAX, the customer service person tried to sell me the loss damage waiver packages, which I needed as it was required per my company on rentals for business. The customer service rep wanted to initially charge me $21/day for the least of the three insurance packages (after failed attempts to sell me the other more robust packages). I asked him to look up my company's account and he never did, despite telling me that we had no account. I had rented it under my name and he didn't even ask who I worked for! So, how would he know if my company doesn't have a corporate account with Thrifty? I told him the insurance for the week would be almost more than my rental charges of $170! I told him maybe I will just risk it and not get the insurance package. He then said he would check with his manager and try to get it to me for $9 - almost 60% less than his first quote! It sounded more like a used car sales pitch to me. He went in the back for a millisecond and came back with the $9/day approval. It was 11:30 PM when I arrived for my rental car pick up and I don't appreciate being taken advantage of when I need to get to my hotel! This is disgusting coming from a big company like Thrifty, whom I've never had an unpleasant experience in the past!

My hotel booking was also a disaster. Not only was the hotel under construction where I stayed, but on the last day, they told us that the water would be shut off for 8 hours, starting at 10 AM, even though check out is at noon! My wife and I had to get up early to make sure we had water for shower and bathroom. Upon check out, the charges were $216.30, BUT I was pre-charged for a total of $299.31! When I called to ask why the difference, the rep countered by asking if I had agree to the initial rate and charges and then if there was a reason then for the dispute - yes, I was scammed for an additinal $20/night!

I would like you, Mr. Himelfarb, to do the right thing - have the price on the placard instead of no pricing and seeing how much you can take advantage of your customers! Maybe staff gets commission for "up selling" these services, and if so, Thrifty should put an end to that compensation structure. Cost of insurance being more than the rental of the car seems a little ridiculous - maybe Thrifty should find a better insurer if their rates are that outrageous. That staff person at LAX (serviced confirm #F3K7SN) should be fired or, at minimum, go through retraining - he never even ask me to sign anything initially when he first tried charging me the $21/day for the loss damage waiver, but just printed out the contract and told me to have a nice stay. The second time around, I had to initial in three places and sign at the end - why the difference? At minimum, I would hope Thrifty will reimburse/credit me for the difference in my hotel bill, $83.01, and if Mr. Himlefarb is about customer service, maybe should even reimburse me for the $9/day in insurance that I had to haggle for half an hour to get!




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by Nate. Posted Sat February 6, 2010 @ 7:49 PM

The rental car agent sounds very sketchy with his sales techniques...
That needs to be addressed. Your company should have been looked up.

Regarding the hotel charges - When booking through third party
companies, hotel rate discrepancies do occur, but it is not a scam as
you put it. When booking, you agree to a rate, and pre-pay the company
who is booking it for you, who then in turn pays the hotel. They
frequently will charge more than what they actually pay the hotel.
That is how they make their money. When this is the circumstance,
usually the hotel is instructed to never display the total of the
room/tax folio to the guest. Mistakes do happen though.


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