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Posted Mon January 21, 2002, by JOHN SMITH, AMERICAN GATE written to Time Warner RoadRunner

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I know Internet access can bring untold joys to a household. But, as I've learned recently, Internet service providers can bring much sorrow. Unfortunately, I'm writing to you about the sorrow part -- specifically, the billing or payment at Time Warner RoadRunner, which has left me just furious.

To whom it may concern,

The group of people of employees that work your Business Class area are no where as efficient or knowledgeable pertaining to customer service as the regular residential customer service. Why is this?

Back in August, we signed up with Road Runner for our office. We received our first bill shortly after and filled out the necessary info on the stub to have the bill charged to our credit card on a monthly basis. Our September credit card statement showed the charge for August but our following 2 credit card statements had no Road Runner charges on them. We received a delinquent notice from Road Runner stating the service would be interrupted in 5 days, prompting me to call 4072912500, the number on that letter. After holding a few minutes, I was told that my account had to be handled by a certain representative, David Velez.

This is what gets me is that Road Runner for my house is $44 and I receive on the fly customer service with knowledgeable people whereas for my business I pay $80 and have to wait 7 hours for a call back from David Velez. This is not David's fault as much as it is Road Runners Infrastructure. Or perhaps it is Mr. Velez's fault....

I left a voicemail for Mr. Velez telling him that I received a letter regarding disconnection of our account. He called me back a few hours later and guaranteed me the account was not in jeopardy of being disconnected and to chill out, he stated the Electronic Funds Transfer can take awhile to setup. He also stated that all disconnects have to go thru him and that he would note the account of the situation that Road Runner failed to set up the EFT yet. Despite his assurance, 4 days later we were disconnected. I called and spoke to someone in Business Class who verified that David would of had to seen the account before it was disconnected. In other words, a system of checks and balances to make sure Road Runner doesn't disconnect a "GOOD ACCOUNT".

This unjustified disconnect prompted me again to call David because NO ONE ELSE IN BUSINESS would help me. David Velez is basically my only connection to service at Road Runner and that inadequate. Mr. Velez this time called me back 2 hours later and got the account up and running and did not even apologize when I explained to him the situation that he told a few days earlier the account was in GOOD CONDITION and WELL NOTED.

My concern on this phone call was again why has the EFT not taken place on our credit card. He said he can't handle that and placed me in queue to customer service who told me NO only Mr. Velez can handle your account. What a run around!! I called him back and demanded he straighten this out and HE not me, get in contact with whoever is supposed to setup the EFT that we requested months ago. After all, he works at Road Runner and the chance of him tracking down the RIGHT PERSON is much greater than mine. A couple hours later I got a call from 407-215-5803 JEANETTE and she took the credit info and said she would get it taken care of.

Our following credit card statement showed a charge of $244.35 so I was satisfied that the EFT was finally set. However, I received last months bill for Road Runner no where mentioning that it was going to be debited automatically, prompting me to call 407-215-5803 JEANETTE and ask her what the deal was. She called me back a few days ago and said she told me that all she could do was the one time charge and she couldn't set up the EFT. That's fine but that is not what she said the day we gave her the info. David told me that he would have someone call me to take care of the EFT, she calls me and gets the credit card information and mentioned nothing about the fact that she was not fixing the problem. This means to me that Mr. Velez did not fully explain to her why she was calling me and that he didn't care about fixing the problem with our account but had to get something else MORE IMPORTANT DONE. I told Jeannette about the tremendous amount of time that I have put in this to get it resolved to find out no one really did anything to set up the EFT. She than replied "Perhaps you should find another service provider" I replied "where did that come from I am just trying to get a problem resolved."

After that fiasco, she had David call me back who again told me HE COULD NOT HELP ME and put me back in queue with customer service who he said handles the EFT. They answered and customer service said NO Mr. Velez has to handle your account. THIS IS GOING NO WHERE REALLY FAST. YES, I COULD FILL OUT ANOTHER STUB FROM MY BILL REQUESTING EFT, BUT I HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS. IT IS NOT MY WISH TO KEEP FILLING OUT STUBS WONDERING IF IT WILL BE PROCESSED CORRECTLY. Mr. Velez should have said I will take care of this and tracked down who handles entering the EFT's and called me back with her fax number. I am the customer yet I have done more work than Mr. Velez has to resolve this issue. His inadequacy to handle customers in the "RIGHT MANNER" is what prompted to get your email address so I could advise you of such problems. Perhaps, I will add more validity to other complaints issued against Mr. Velez.

You have people in Business Class that can execute a sale but that can't execute customer service. In the restaurant business, the Chef may do good in the kitchen but when it comes to waiting on customers they are below par just like Mr. Velez and Road Runners Business Class Customer Service.


John Smith
American Gate

Because of this, I am fairly sure I will search for another ISP, and I can't in good conscience recommend you to others. How can you make it up to me? I'm glad you asked. CORRECT THE PROBLEM

Thanks for listening to me. I'll be even more appreciative once I receive your response.


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