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Serviceability in the Denver, CO area.

Posted Tue January 3, 2017 3:06 pm, by Heather T. written to Toyota Motor Corporation

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I live in Denver, Colorado and have recently acquired a pre-owned Toyota. I've always been a fan of Toyota. My problem is that I would like to take my car to a dealership for service, but when I look up the dealerships, they all have terrible reviews. So, I called Toyota, only to be told their is no quality control, that these are business partners and that they can accept my concern and someone will read it and decide whether it should be given any attention. Or, if I have a bad experience that I can call back and state a complaint, in which it will be given to someone "higher up" at the dealership to take care of. Hmmmmmm...that doesn't seem like the best business practices. On the sites where I reviewed the dealerships, the sales crew was amazing, but service fell very short. I was also told by Toyota that she can tell me the dealerships that have received awards. When I asked who qualifies these awards, the answer was, no one. The deanship provides the information, yet these "awards" are acknowledging the dealership for upholding the quality standards of Toyota, but Toyota doesn't give out the awards. How is that even possible. It's like me giving myself an award saying I hold the quality standards of Toyota. I mean, I probably do, but does that qualify me to provide or accept this award?

Needless to say, I would like to know how these dealerships in my area are going to provide quality service, which appears to be where they are lacking. I like to think of this as follows, if I had a business partner that built me up, telling everyone how great I am, selling me, only to not perform after they purchased me, I would be pretty upset if I were the business partner.

Have quality control in the service departments at local dealerships to where we, as customers, can have confidence we will be treated with respect, honesty, and quality service. Understanding that our time is valuable.


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by petgiraffe Posted Wed January 4, 2017 @ 1:49 PM

If your vehicle is not under Toyota warranty, you are better off
researching independent mechanics in your area and choosing one with
consistently high reviews. I avoid the dealers for service once my car
is no longer under warranty, as you generally pay more. I have used
the same Toyota dealer for purchases for 20 years, and love their
sales dept. The only reason I ever go to the service dept. is for the
free services (oil changes, etc.) offered to new car owners. I have no
problem with the service dept. - they are great. But as soon as I have
to start paying for my own oil changes or any out-of-warranty repairs,
I'm going with my trusted local independent.


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