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missing minutes

Posted Fri December 21, 2007 5:29 pm, by Suellen S. written to Tracfone Wireless, Inc

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This is a copy & paste of an email situation I am in. I am getting tired of hitting a brick wall over it.

Excuse me BUT....what part of the Nokia had 1200 minutes BEFORE the fricken transfer do you people not understand????? It all disappeared when that fricken idiot in customer service only transfered 10 minutes out of the 868 minutes from the Motorola. I paid for these minutes and I want them back! Either that or I want a parital refund for minutes unsused, which I know you won't do becuase you people DO NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH.

I do have all the Motorola minutes transfered and still do NOT HAVE the original 1200 minutes on the Nokia. Did anyone not think it was weird that I had service paid for through Feb 2009 and only 10 minutes???? I do not use this phone because I bought it for emergencies. I have transfered minutes before and never lost the minutes on the phone I was transfering to. This is a first and I honestly thought one was able to take their unused minutes minutes with them when upgrading or going to another phone. I did NOT realize this meant sacrificing the unused minutes on the new phone for the old minutes on the old phone.

Don't you people think it is strange that that I keep pursuing this? I resent the fact the fact that you people are making me out to be a liar when I am not lying. The Nokia had 1200 minutes BEFORE the transfer which disappeared when the transfer occured. What can I do or say to get this through to you people? Are you people trained like the postal service to NOT understand???


Quoting TracFone Customer Service :

> Dear Suellen,
> Thank you for your interest in TracFone Wireless. We are responding to
> your recent inquiry.
> Upon further review of your account, it appears that the Nokia Tracfone
> already receive the transfer minutes from Motorola TracFone. Before
> transferring the minutes, Nokia TracFone originally had 10 minutes
> unfortunately we are unable to grant you the 1200 minutes that you are
> claiming for.
> On the other hand, please do these instructions for further
> verification:
> Please press the key below the word "Menu." Press the up arrow, and
> press the key below the word "Select" two times. The phone should
> display "Code:" On your TracFone, please press * # 0 and the OK key.
> What is the number displayed after Parameter 00? ___
> Next:
> Press the KEY below the word "Menu.". Press the up arrow, AND press the
> KEY below the word "SELECT" two times. The phone should display [Code:].
> Press * # 3 0 AND press the KEY below the word "OK." The phone should
> display Parameter 30, AND a 5 digit NUMBER right below it. What is the
> number displayed after Parameter 30? _____
> Please provide to us the numbers displayed after Parameter 00 and
> Parameter 30.
> Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact one of
> our customer care representatives at 1-800-867-7183. For your
> convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Saturday from 8:00
> AM to 9:45 PM EST, and on Sunday from 8:00 AM to 6:45 PM EST.
> We do apologize for the delayed response and for the inconvenience that
> may have caused you. Thank you for being a TracFone Wireless customer.
> We appreciate your business.
> Sincerely,
> TracFone Wireless, Inc.
> Original Message Follows:
> ------------------------
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: CR Azy
> To: ERDManagement@tracfone.com
> Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 7:41 PM
> Subject: issue
> Late Oct 2006, I purchased a Motorola TracFone and transfered my minutes
> from my Nokia 5something series phone to it. I soon discovered that I
> hated the Motorola and called customer service to transfer service back
> to the Nokia phone. I was informed sonn that phone would no be in
> service since it was being discontinued.
> They helped me with my issue of the Motorola which basically was no
> service in my area for it.
> A couple months later (December 2006), I found a Nokia TracFone here in
> town at Dollar General. Figuring if it was for sale in Kentland then it
> must work in town, so I bought it.
> Upon activation I discovered how much I liked this phone. I even have
> service on it here in town and the immediate area.
> As much as I disliked the Motorola I decided to keep it until it's
> annual plan was up in December 2007, then transfer the minutes to the
> Nokia.
> TracFone was offering super duper great deals from time to time and I
> attempted to add more minutes to it without success. I soon learned
> there was a time issue of something like720 days for annual plans.
> Long about May 3, 2007, I was able to grab one of those offers and
> updated the Nokia through 2/6/09 and had a total of 1200 minutes on this
> phone. I was positively thrilled that I had so many minutes. :-)
> The months passed and I dreaded calling customer service to transfer the
> Motorola minutes to the Nokia.
> Saturday night December 8, 2007 at 5:30 PM I decided I better make that
> call since the Motorola serivce ends December17,2007. The main reason I
> dreaded calling them is due to the fact all these people that answer the
> phones are foreigners and speak broken English and do not understand
> what you are telling them. Plus one doesn't know what the other one is
> doing and they give different service for the same situation.
> FINALLY, at about 6 PM I was able to get the minutes transfered even
> though it was only 10 minutes out 868. The guy did not think I had
> anything more than that to transfer. Getting disgusted and discouraged
> about the situation, I agreed to it even though they were minutes I had
> paid for through the years.
> Upon hanging up, I checked the Nokia. I only had 10 minutes of airtime
> on the phone. What happened to the 1200 minutes I previously had on
> there??????
> I immediately called back and explained the situation to yet another
> foreign speaking person. I eneded up getting tossed to her supervisor
> who sent me to yet another supervisor. This person helped more than
> anything but he did not believe me about the missing 1200 minutes and
> was able to transfer all the minutes from the Motorola to the Nokia. He
> gave me a case number and told me to call back on Monday before 6 PM.
> Monday, December 10, 2007, I called just after 9 AM and got yet another
> foreigner and gave him the case number etc and explained the situation.
> He, like all the others, kept putting me on hold while he consulted with
> his supervisor.
> In the meantime I was getting really pissed as I was previously was over
> the situation. I finally got tired of trying to explain that the Nokia
> had 1200 minutes before the transfer and I wanted to speak to someone
> who could understand me.
> I was freaking out my co workers and even my boss since they never heard
> me in this mode before.
> FINALLY, the foreigner told me the other department was looking it and I
> was to call back in TWO WEEKS for their answer. I was really hot by this
> time and thought I better get off the phone. I got a new case number
> and will call back on CHRISTMAS EVE...by which time they probably think
> I will have let it go but I've news for them, I want my 1200 minutes
> that I paid for and never used and I am not giving up unitl I have it
> back.
> So, please let me know what I can do to obtain my 1200 minutes that I
> never used on the Nokia????? I am not giving up since I paid for these
> minutes and want them back. I could contact the Better Businesss Bureau
> since I am not a happy camper. The main reason I have TracFone in the
> fisrt place is to have a phone in case of emergnecy and if I have no
> minutes then that doesn't do me any good! I like the plans they offer
> and like the fact I don't have an extra bill every month. Please let me
> have my 1200 minutes back!
> Sue

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I want my 1200 UNUSED minutes back!


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by CrazyRedHead Posted Sat December 22, 2007 @ 11:02 PM

Rudely insulting people is not a way to get there help. Is there an
echo in here????


by Harleycat Posted Sat December 22, 2007 @ 9:25 AM

Calling the person who want to help you a fricken idiot is not the way
to get something done. Way to go!


by donno Posted Fri December 21, 2007 @ 8:45 PM

How many question marks am I supposed to use? I see one, three, four,
five and six.

First of all, can't I use two?? Evidently not, but why not? It looks
ok, doesn't it?? Also, what rule do I apply to determine how many to
use? For example, under what circumstances would I use four????

I want to know! I am not a HAPPY CAMPER!


by PaintedLady Posted Fri December 21, 2007 @ 7:13 PM

A perfect example of how NOT to write a complaint letter.


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