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Bad Experience Transferring Unused Minutes

Posted Fri August 27, 2010 9:26 pm, by Lisa B. written to Tracfone Wireless, Inc

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I have been a Tracfone customer for about 5 years. Every year, I buy a 1 year card and use the code to get the additional bonus minutes as well. One year cards add 400 minutes and bonus minutes usually add about 250 minutes. You receive 10 minutes with your new phone. I recently also added a 60 minute card. So, during my time as a customer, I have loaded a total of about 3,320 minutes (or somewhere in that range) to the phone.

I dropped my phone about 2 weeks ago and the display stopped working. I use the phone very little, so I had around 1,350 minutes still left on the phone. I bought a new Tracfone and called Customer Service to transfer the phone number and unused minutes from the old phone to the new one.

I called Customer service on Sunday, August 22, 2010. The representative, Rey, said that he could not transfer my minutes because “the number of minutes I was claiming was too high.” He said I needed to call back during the week. So, I called back on Tuesday, August 24,2010. The representative, Karl, said that he could only transfer 800 of my minutes because of a “system limitation.” I told him that I did not understand why he could no transfer all of my minutes. He said he could check with another department and he put me on hold. When he got back to me, he said that the other department told him that he could only transfer 400 minutes to my new phone. I told him that this was not acceptable and I needed to speak with a supervisor. He transferred me to Calvin. Calvin told me that he could not transfer any minutes to my new phone. I told him that this was not acceptable and that if this was the way the company treated its customers, I would certainly tell all of my friends, neighbors, and associates not to do business with them. He then hung up on me.

I then searched on Google and saw a reference to the customer escalation department at Tracfone. I called this phone number tonight, August 27,2010 and spoke to Benjielyn. I asked her whether or not she had a way to verify ALL of the unused minutes on my phone and transfer them. She said that she did. I told her that I had called the regular customer service phone number before and was also told that, yet the representative did not give me all of my minutes. She assured me that she could. She then checked the system and said that she could only transfer 1,097 minutes. I told her that I did not understand why she could not transfer all of my unused minutes. She just kept reading from her script and referring to the number of minutes that the system said that she could transfer to me.

At this point, I was very frustrated and tired of wasting my time on the phone with Tracfone’s customer service. So, I had her go ahead and transfer the 1,087 minutes that her system said she could transfer to my new phone, along with my old phone number. I lost about 253 minutes.

I don’t understand why Tracfone will not transfer all of a customer’s unused minutes from one phone to another. I can’t think of any other company that treats customers the way that I was treated. The phones and phone cards may cost less than their competitors but at this point, I’m not sure that the savings are worth the aggravation and the awful customer service that I received.

I would really expect that a company would want to retain long-term customers. But after my experience, it seems to me that they want customers to stop doing business with them. I am very disappointed in the company and the way that I was treated.

I would like Tracfone to transfer the approximately 253 remaining minutes from my old phone to my new phone.

I would hope that the company would better train its customer service representatives so that they are able to accurately transfer all of a customer's unused minutes to a new phone.


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