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Tracfone Customer Service SUCKS!!!!

Posted Wed December 28, 2005 5:09 pm, by Austin S. written to Tracfone Wireless, Inc

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I would like to suggest to Tracfone Wireless, to put more people on in their customer service department. The long wait times or failure to reach a person is NOT accetable. They refer you to their website too much. The website does not take care of all problems which you will incure. They need an option on their automated phone to let you speak to a customer representative. I don't understand a customer based company hiding from their CUSTOMERS, which make them their money.


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by pissedoff1 Posted Sat December 13, 2014 @ 11:50 PM

the so called service is non existant very tupid no help at all
dont speak to be understood pakastani accented woman spoke english in
such a strong accent couldnt understand at all when i asked her to
please slow down and speak clearly she became very sarcastic i asked
to speak to some one else and the call was terminated i called back
a man who spoke clear english came on and acted as if i were a were
wasting his time and such a bother that i felt bad for the poor guy
ill never use trackphone again or suggest any one deal with these
bastards i was apalled to find that the service was this way

no savings here just disapointment and frustration even ripped me off
for double airtime offer paid 20 dollars for 60 minutes got 60 no
double offer big rip off should have gotten 500 hundred minutes with
offer code 71287 but got nothing but 60 minutes . ill have no more
to do with this garbage its pure ripoff ill usemy minutes and throw
phone away but when i do ill make such a stink about this abuse they
will be exposed world wide for the abusive bastards they are un
princabled un reliable bastards


total retards at the tech support help desk by peetersc Thu February 2, 2017 @ 7:51 PM
by Theresa L. Posted Sat March 9, 2013 @ 9:47 PM

CRAPTACULAR customer service and products! Yes, you get both. Make
sure to purchase your nightmare/money sucking phone and set it up
online or with one of their human time vampires ASAP. I am shopping
for another cheap alternative at this point. Bought new phone with
triple minutes for life for my son (just used for emergencies). SIM
card stopped working 3 times already. Just got off the phone with
customer service (a misnomer if there ever was one) and they needed to
assign a new number and "add minutes" and "days" as there is no record
of me ever purchasing these. New number because they reassigned it to
another Tracfone sucker. So I ante up the 9.99 for 30 minutes and 30
days. Only 30 minutes shows - instead of 90- (I had over 200 minutes
that were "lost" to begin with...) I asked why only 30 and not the
triple minutes and that "deal" has now been deleted as well. Think
twice before getting a Tracfone. I thought it was a cheap alternative
to expensive contracts but I'm probably spending the same just
purchasing and re-purchasing days and minutes. The company should be
ashamed of their service and products.


by m f. Posted Sun June 17, 2012 @ 9:12 AM

I have been sent 6 SIM cards in order to port over my phone number
from AT&T over a two week period. I have spent over 8 hours on the
phone with customer service reps and managers due to the fact that
Tracfone has taken my number from AT&T but somehow cannot activate it
on my new Tracfone. I have read the comments from the customer
service providers from Tracfone and I understand that you need your
sleep and work long hours. I also understand that people call you
very upset because they are trying to have their new phone activated
from Tracfone. I would offer that during my experience, the follow
thru has no ryme or reason in tracking a persons problem. From one
day to the next, one customer service rep has no idea what another
customer service rep has done the day before(even though there is a
ticket number to track this information). I have no idea how Tracfone
has kept their contract for their customer service dept. Due to the
continuing level of frustration on both sides of the fence, why
doesn't Tracfone bring their customer dept to the USA like many other
companies have done so they can keep their customers and not have the
customers go to other carriers. In closing, It really doesn't matter
how much sleep you get or how you have to work long hours or how upset
people get with your level of NON experience. You at Tracfone have a
job to do and the level of experience you have to do your job is
lacking in several areas. If you knew how to do your job, you would
not have customers getting upset at you and you, as a customer service
agent would, in turn, get more sleep, which is what you want now,
isn't it? I would suggest that you customer service reps at Tracfone
call other USA based customer service reps at AT&T, Verizon etc and
ask them how you can improve your job and not wine about how your
customers get upset at you, you loose sleep and work long hours. Just
a suggestion


Re: Tracfone Customer Service SUCKS!!!! by Jains Thu October 18, 2012 @ 1:49 AM
by JO2 Posted Mon June 11, 2012 @ 6:29 PM

i Would like to Suggest to Tracfone Customer to leave the company it
sucks ass.there phone is always cheating us, the customers, out of
minutes and when we call Tracfone agent they say "I will now Transfer
you to my tier 2 support team."that sucks go get a contract with
verizon or sprint

by Fred F. Posted Tue February 28, 2012 @ 2:12 PM

They are HORRIBLE. Hung up on me. I was trying to help an 80
year-old lady who was robbed and the bad guy took her TracFone.
Walmart ought to be ashamed of their relationship with TracFone.

The phone was purchased at Walmart.
The phone was recharged/reloaded with minutes less than ten minutes
prior to the robbery - IN THE WALMART PARKING LOT!

The overseas rep from TracFone is a disgrace. Walmart acts like they
have their customers in mind ALL THE TIME, however any relationship
with TracFone tells a different story. It's about the money, not the
customer relationship.

Shame Shame Shame


Whatever by Carribean Girl Fri June 15, 2012 @ 11:21 PM

by Hatchemoto M. Posted Mon October 3, 2011 @ 7:19 PM

Honestly, as customers we really don't care what the internal personal
issues are, whether you're feeling good or bad, what country you're
from, or how the company runs itself. It's the end CUSTOMER SERVICE
experience that counts, and in CUSTOMER service, it's all about the
CUSTOMER. I've wasted way too much time with Net10 support dealing
with issues on THEIR END, such as airtime simply not coming through
and my bank account getting charged. Instead of just looking at the
transaction, seeing that my bank charge occurred and obviously the
minutes didn't, and simply adding them to my phone, I, as the
CUSTOMER, have to run through hoops with terse CODE screens only to
find out that doesn't work, then dig up bank statements and get on the
phone for further frustrations. This is a NET10 problem, not mine.


Regarding the Net10 customer by whateverbaq Mon April 9, 2012 @ 8:26 AM
by c:\\avaya\\agent_mystic Posted Sat September 3, 2011 @ 6:28 AM

I am a representative from one of the Tracfone's call center company.
For me, my experience in receiving calls had been fun yet on the other
hand, it's also a NIGHTMARE. i am an Asian, a Filipino. and just to
inform you people that we Filipinos can speak better English. It's not
our fault that we need money and we need to stay awake from 9PM until
5 Am just to make a living. I know 100% that I am doing my job well.
It's just that for some instances we tend to forget what we should do
on an issue because YOU CUSTOMERS usually start the call by YELLING!
for Christ sake! I know you are disappointed with the service that
you've experience but please remember that you are NOT talking to a
MACHINE or ROBOTS. We are HUMANS, we get hurt if people will say bad
things on us, we 're Happy if people appreciates us.For my part, I am
not used of hearing people say the "f' word on me. If just stop being
such a cry baby and try to do things first your win way like reading
the manuals and following instructions properly then maybe you will
not end up calling on the CHEAP service that we offer you. How can you
say that we are being rude on you when in fact we treat you with
respect since you are the customers even if sometimes you don't
deserve our respect from the way that you treat us. Bottom line here
is , yes we will do our best in giving you the QUALITY service we can
offer you, but please do treat us with dignity when you want our
assistance. as a saying goes," DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DON'T



I Don't Blame You For Not Wanting To Hear Cursive Words by Denise G. Tue January 10, 2012 @ 2:11 PM
by Rep123456 Posted Sat July 30, 2011 @ 1:29 AM

i'm a rep aswell , the reasonthe call can not be answered is because
the people can not hold up being there . the agents are going to
another call center ( job ) better payment better salary , i work
5 hors per day i earn 120 dollars per month , that's really sucks
, but as i don't have a family to hook me up , reason i can not lelave
the job ,some cases the agent can not handle a angry coscumer
because maybe is a new one , but a agent who has worked there for so
long already knows how to do so , the system does not work , some
times we are trying to perform a trasaction and the system fails ,
that sucks, but there is nothing we can do , those rules about
repeating the cust name and saying you're welcome , pisses off the
cust as well as we can get ,but what happen , tracfone has not it's
own towers to make a phone work tracfone uses verizon t mobile and
atyt towers, so a cust may check the coverage where he/she live to do
nto expèrience problems , the coverage the signal , is the most
important this you gotta check do not refer to the tracfone page use
the t mobile atyt or t mobile before you purcahse a tracfone phone ,
the better technology will be the cdm a phone is the phone in to the
simcard says sim 4 is a atyt phone the one will work under the atyt
tower so go the the atyt tower and enter your street adress and you
zip code and check , is you have anymore question regarding this
please reply the message ,


by sesshomauro Posted Wed June 1, 2011 @ 10:49 PM

You know! I am one of those Customer service representatives, I work
for trafone and everyday they are asking us to level up the quality of
the service. It is kind of hard not only because you have the company
pushing you but because you want to have a really good day at working
and a customer just call to talk like you were a piece of S!"#$. you
know whatever happens to your phone IS NOT the rep fault. but if you
get mad and start yelling probably the rep gets nervous and instead of
solving the issue will make it bigger not to be mean.
Be nice!!! I swear if I could do it, everytime that I got "I did not
receive my minutes" I would tell you : sorry I will give you a
thousand !!! but we have to follow the rules.
now, My english is not that good. I try very hard to make myself
understandable. I have improved a lot with you guys. but when a
customer says I dont want to talk to you It really hurts. Well you
have the right to have a good service but we are human beings as you
besides. there are so many things that you can do by yourselves. if
you activate the phone on the webside you will receive 20 minutes
instead of 10. before adding airtime check on the page the promo
codes. (thousands of customer dont know what a promo code is). I have
received customers to add promo codes...(EVERY PROMO CODE HAS TO BE

better always call from a different phone. if it is a land line It
would be free.


Trac Phone/Net Ten rep's by jonny2b Mon June 13, 2011 @ 9:18 PM

Negative Feed Back Or Derogatory Responseses Won't Work by Denise G. Tue January 10, 2012 @ 2:15 PM
by mike1009906 Posted Wed May 4, 2011 @ 11:07 AM

Give them a break will you. I mean those people are there answering
calls from a customer who's obviously don't know he's doing. Yes they
are from foreign countries like India and the Philippines but if try
to listen carefully you'll hear that they can speak better English
than us Americans, they are very particular with grammar especially
the Filipinos. Their English is way better than ours.

If keep putting you on hold, why don't ask them to call you back once
they have the solution. They do call you back, tried it several times
already. The problem with us is, when we call their hotline we are
usually pissed off which make our tones high, the representative would
think you are angry. Asians are warm hearted and educated people,
shouting and whinning isn't really in their culture. If you only speak
to them calmly, you are sure to get the best customer service you've
ever had.

by yazzie Posted Tue May 3, 2011 @ 12:37 PM

Guatamala India China it makes no difference these people are not
fluent in english and that makes the call difficult and finally you're
stuck with the same problem you called in for. I had to transfer
minutes to a new phone and not only did I get cheated out of the
original minutes on the phone but they did not include my double
minutes for life even thoough I purchased a phone with that plan!! As
soon as I use these minutes up I am switching over to net.10 and see
what they are about but as it stands now Tracfone sucks big time!!


Re: Tracfone Customer Service SUCKS!!!! by whateverbaq Mon February 13, 2012 @ 12:52 PM

Unfortunately tracfone IS net10 also by m s. Wed February 22, 2012 @ 12:47 PM

by Tracfone S. Posted Sat April 16, 2011 @ 9:53 PM

I spoke to them about 5 times on the problem I had, each time it took
me 15-40 minutes to get hold of one person, and then each person put
me on hold many many times! I am still on the phone with one guy and
it has been 131 minutes since I dialed the number! He kept saying "may
I put you on hold for up to one minute", then he came back to me 3-5
minutes later, and says "may I put on hold for up to 3 minutes?". This
drives my crazy!!! I never want to deal with them again. While I am
typing this, he comes back and says "may I put you on hold for another
two minutes?". I just don't understand how this company can make
money?>!!!! My phone now shows "136 minutes" and I believe the guy
will come back on a couple of minutes saying "may I put you on hold
for a minute"!
Terrible experience ever! They drive me crazy!!!


Another 10 mins! by Tracfone S. Sat April 16, 2011 @ 9:56 PM

advice by robocop Wed May 18, 2011 @ 5:40 PM

From an agent: by sesshomauro Wed June 1, 2011 @ 10:15 PM
by Scott B. Posted Sat April 16, 2011 @ 4:30 PM

I too am totlly fed up with the lack of customer service with
Tracfone. Today I waited for 15 minutes only to get a lady that was
IMPOSSIBLE to talk to.
Bottom line, I am switching carriers. By the wy, I was never able to
figure out the cost per minute or cll with thier convoluted "unit"
system based on the vlue of the last card you used to add minutes. I
have had Tracfone for about 4 yers but now it is totally time for a

by Tracinsanity Posted Tue March 29, 2011 @ 9:06 AM

I just spent 40 minutes on the phone with 2 different representatives
to try and determine why an icon had changed on my mobile phone
related to texts. Once again, the outsourced customer service lacked
the basic English skills to understand the problem, much less give a
confidence inspiring answer. Time after time I have had to call in
for mintues credit, due to their phone double debiting sends on texts,
usually ones that are multiple pages. Sometimes it has amounted to as
much as 15 units.

They act as though they are doing you a favor by giving you credit for
their screw up. They sound scripted, as if they practice their
English enough by saying "we appreciate your business" or I just need
a minute to talk to my supervisor that is sufficient. I can't count
the number of times I have hung up angrier than I was from the initial
problem, because their customer service is a disservice.

I still don't know why 29 texts of 171 saved texts had symbol changes.
They couldn't even tell me what model my phone was by the Sim # or
account look up.


by Judy A. Posted Tue March 22, 2011 @ 3:32 PM

This is so true... You not only can not talk to someone right away in
customer service, you get some foreigner who speaks broken English to
take the call. My Dad's phone ran out of time, NOT MINUTES, and I
tried to transfer his minutes over to a phone that my Mother uses and
they told me that I lost all my time.... OVER 500 MINUTES GONE!!! Any
other company would have transfered the minutes or done something.
They just kept passing me from one foreign person to another saying
Sorry No Do.... Tracfone YOU SUCK!!!


you ain't kidding by supperdooper Thu December 29, 2011 @ 8:17 PM
by homer f. Posted Tue March 22, 2011 @ 9:13 AM

you are totally right!!! this company has the worst, and i do mean the
worst customer service. i am a U.S. citizen. when you finally get to
talk to someone, they are foreign and very very very hard to
understand. when they try to answer your questions, they are reading
from a script and have trouble being real and answering real people
questions! this is the most frustrating service i have ever had in my
life! you can only hope that when you sign up you never have to call
customer support. please consider this before purchasing a plan from
tracfone. by the way, no dropped calls and the service itself is
great. but take heed, if you ever need assistance you won't get
satisfaction and that is GUARENTEED!

by ocpud f. Posted Fri March 11, 2011 @ 4:04 PM

Net10 stole my daughters birthday money ($50) and then their card
destroyed my phone!They want to replace her NOKIA (which was a GREAT
phone) with a Samsung flip phone (crap)...so after about 20 hours of
fighting with em on the phone---I went and bought www.net10sux.com

Now----if they want my website which will tell the tale of our odyssey
(which is STILL ongoing)---its $9000.00 plus $1000 per page for them
to purchase (and remove from the internet) my website. Wanna tell
your story?

Email it to me and I will post it on my website (on its own page for
$1000.00 if anybody wants it) and if net10 ever wants to remove it and
pay for its removal---I will split the cash with you 60/40.


Mutiny is the best policy.


They are all A-Holes by bigmig1993 Mon July 23, 2012 @ 4:21 PM

by jenna a. Posted Thu March 3, 2011 @ 12:34 PM

I just called again to get "tech support" and the voice automated
system said "due to an unusual amount of calls we are unable to take
your call"
I'm trying yet again!!!!!!

by Dick M. Posted Thu February 24, 2011 @ 1:31 PM

It STILL sucks! Here's why:
TracFone Wireless is a 98%-owned subsidiary of América Móvil, Latin
America's largest provider of wireless telecommunications.

Broken links all over their website. Logged problem on website, got
auto-reply saying response in 24-48 hours. It's now 100 hours and

I'm not even going to bother calling the 800 number after all the
horror stories I've read here!

It's obvious they don't want to fix the problem so my phone is going
back to the store. So Tracfone is LOSING ANOTHER CUSTOMER!

by dvinci Posted Wed February 16, 2011 @ 7:09 AM

In 2008 their parent company had 1.48 billion dollars in revenues. I
guess they do not think they need any of the customers who helped them
make that kind of money.

Nor can they afford to put on any more "customer hate (service) staff.


by starry Posted Tue January 11, 2011 @ 7:36 PM

It's a long story and I'm tired of repeating the same one every time I
call them...every time they put me on hold...every time I'm on the
phone with them for 45 minutes or longer. Every time I get someone
who speaks broken English, and I keep asking them to repeat

They were supposed to mail me a new sim card. I talked to two
different reps who verified my address and said it's in the mail. I
waited 10 days...and guess what? They never sent it. THEY NEVER SENT
IT!!!! I have a ticket number through their so called support system,
but guess what? Every time, I call them, I have to repeat, repeat,
repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, myself and tell them all over again,
what is happening to me.

Tracfone Customer Service SUCKS big time!!!!


Tracfone is going down! by jenna a. Thu March 3, 2011 @ 12:30 PM
by DisSatisfiedCustomer Posted Mon December 20, 2010 @ 1:01 PM

Tracfone customer service does not exsist becuase they do not provide
customer serviceThe only thing you will recieve when you call their
customer service line is lies and deception. I recently purchased a
tracfone through straight talk 1 phone never worked could not be
activated,2 when i asked when would I recieve a replacemen phone their
reply was 10 to 15 days after I paid shipping and handling to return
the phone I recieved that never worked and if I wanted a refung of my
money this would also be the process. They do not understand the
concept of customer satisfaction becaus I am a very dissatisfied
customer. I have be lied to and led on a wild goose chase by these
people who have literally stolen from me because for 1 I do not have a
repalcement phone and 2 I have not recived my money back! I want them
to know that I am not gonna stop with just complaining on here that I
will seek futher actions and all thise was done on my part with
professional, calm and politenes not once did I disrespect the
represenative I was speaking with and I talked about 5 and 3 managers.


Exactly! by Al79 Fri December 24, 2010 @ 5:28 PM
by never Posted Tue December 7, 2010 @ 12:23 PM

You all are just idiots, if you are dence enough to call a custermer
service hotline and not expect a wait the you are truly a
stereotipical american. Most of the time the people who work for a
"hotline" like this are not the brightest in the box but, if you are
calling with a legitamate question and are calm and respectfull you
will have your questions awncered. These people would not have been
hired for a job that they couldent do!! Would you be?? Give them a
brake, we as americans are legitamate ass holes. Right? So I know as
aamericans we seem to be ok with that, so lets change the opinion of
the world people! Or do you like being known as the bigest assholes
(As a whole) in the world??????????


answers moron by PR B. Sun July 17, 2011 @ 3:09 PM

by nihaf Posted Fri July 30, 2010 @ 12:32 AM

the problem is that the most part of the customers are so so so
stupids!! and call to waste the representatives time.. they can not
get really important calls, if some customers calls to ask if they can
make calls with the cellphone off they can not take care about the
important issue with a ph that really need it, i suggest avoid to call
customer service if it´s not important, also who calls customer
service at 7:00 am? that´s ridicoulos!


hahaha.. your right..!!! by Osama Wed September 29, 2010 @ 1:32 PM

Re: Re: Tracfone Customer Service SUCKS!!!! by Marc S. Wed October 13, 2010 @ 9:47 AM

you are more that right by robocop Wed May 18, 2011 @ 5:32 PM

u r right by robocop Wed May 18, 2011 @ 5:36 PM

Your so dumb by PR B. Sun July 17, 2011 @ 3:19 PM

by a nonny mouse Posted Fri July 16, 2010 @ 10:20 PM

After spending hours repeating the same information/cues over and over
and over and over to a customer service rep who appears to be on their
first day on the job, you lose your patience.

I don't care where a customer service rep lives, my gripe isn't with
them, it is with TRACFONE/NET10

TRACFONE/NET10 must be the worst company to work for because they
obviously don't spend anytime training their employees.

And if you have "roll over minutes" when your phone dies, ha! That
takes an hour...the online service is a joke. It's like you are forced
to talk to a person who has just received the worst training in
customer service. Oh, sure, they're nice. But they can't help you. so
who gives a shit.

Lesson learn: 1) use up your minutes each month, NO ROLL OVER, 2)don't
store anything on your phone 3) see it as a burner you could lose
tomorrow and not be bothered.


TRAcFONE CUST SERVICE IS THE BEST by juanitalamasgonita Wed October 27, 2010 @ 1:42 AM

Gringos are so stupid? by socalbyrd Fri November 12, 2010 @ 11:42 AM

YES YES YES by robocop Wed May 18, 2011 @ 5:48 PM

jajaja by robocop Wed May 18, 2011 @ 6:29 PM

Your stupid by PR B. Sun July 17, 2011 @ 3:23 PM
by catscry Posted Mon June 14, 2010 @ 12:08 AM

all your concerns be resolved ask for the extension numbers: (if you
think that an agent can't resolve your needs)

1161 - real tech support
1150 - supervisors

and you customers please be responsible for your phone, i have a phone
for 4 years but don't even encounter any issues because i KNOW how to
take care for my things. You Americans talk about shit but don't even
know how to navigate your own phones.
Tracfone and Net10 have a book guide for your phones before, the
reason they remove it because you guys don't know how to read.
Yes its true some of our representative can't speak english clearly
because they our from foreign countries but PLEASE don't degrade this
people they are humans too like you, these people tried their best
just to communicate with you. English is you native language be


tracfone does not sucks...customers sucks by null Mon October 11, 2010 @ 11:26 AM

Customers suck? by socalbyrd Fri November 12, 2010 @ 12:01 PM

This is one customer who needed some extra help by dvinci Wed February 16, 2011 @ 7:52 AM

Again your stupid wow, tracfone CSR's really shine on here by PR B. Sun July 17, 2011 @ 3:30 PM

by catscry Posted Mon June 14, 2010 @ 12:07 AM

all your concerns be resolved ask for the extension numbers: (if you
think that an agent can't resolve your needs)

1161 - real tech support
1150 - supervisors

and you customers please be responsible for your phone, i have a phone
for 4 years but don't even encounter any issues because i KNOW how to
take care for my things. You Americans talk about shit but don't even
know how to navigate your own phones.
Tracfone and Net10 have a book guide for your phones before, the
reason they remove it because you guys don't know how to read.
Yes its true some of our representative can't speak english clearly
because they our from foreign countries but PLEASE don't degrade this
people they are humans too like you, these people tried their best
just to communicate with you. English is you native language be


You Americans talk about shit?!?! by socalbyrd Fri November 12, 2010 @ 11:58 AM
by Willis1989 Posted Fri May 28, 2010 @ 8:47 PM

Cry babies!! you guys talk so much and o little. shut up and listen.
why do you get so frustrated for a 9.99 cell phone. gosh just buy
another one. get over yourselves. jeesh. you well know that you want
the best custoemr service for 10 cents that you spend. what kind of
thing is that?! you would not like to serve anyone except those have a
$100 bills attached to their foreheads. this is tracfone guys. give it
a break. they have a life as well. only because of one experience you
will go on like mindless zombies attacking a company that has no idea
what you were doing or what happened with the system at that time. if
you want the best service, give us a break and pay us more. if you
want to use the phone thats fine if you are willing to wait and if you
want to wait for 2 hrs for a measly 19.99 phone. buy another phone and
save our reps the hassle. Crybabies!


Willis you do not know what you are talking about by dvinci Wed February 16, 2011 @ 7:18 AM

9.99? by Kevin E. Thu May 2, 2013 @ 3:07 PM

by nech Posted Thu May 20, 2010 @ 5:20 PM

as an EX customer service rep (yes i was let go because tracfone
doesnt care about their reps,,, and bare that in mind)... i would say
that tracfone does a pretty lousy job in regards to customer service.
reps are mostly thought on how to be nice and APOLologize, other than
fixing the problem.
when you first speak to a rep, you are (most of the times) transfered
to a rep that just started working there (a.k.a someone that doesnt
know shit).
if i were you i would ask to be trasnfered to ext 1150 (supervisor) or
the REAL tech support (EXT 1161).
in regards to getting more service resps... wooh! tracfone has 6 call
centers. each with like 500-700 reps. the amount of CALLS that come in
a day, you woudlnt beleive. that's why you are placed on hold.. etc.
ALSO because the same reps handle calls for Tracfone, Net 10, Safelink
and Straighttalk, that's why... mostly tracfone and N10 customers are
placed on hold alot. caz a rep may be dealing w/ a straight talk
customer, then you ( a tracfone customer) will come in, etc...
overall it's very unfair to reps as well. we are told to deal w/ all
these tyupes of calls and we are getting paid a pittance (trust me, i
and tracfone reps are practically never rude to you guys, caz if one
call is recorded and we are 'rude' to you, we can auto matically lose
our job. for call center managers, reps are indispensable. i that
loved the call center job was let go because of a stupid reason.
plenty of superviors were against my dismissal, but if that's teh way
tracfone wants to play w/ their reps, well fuck them. i'm going to
verizon or tmobile or at&t.
atleast they can get the problem resolved.!

by nech Posted Thu May 20, 2010 @ 5:18 PM

as an EX customer service rep (yes i was let go because tracfone
doesnt care about their reps,,, and bare that in mind)... i would say
that tracfone does a pretty lousy job in regards to customer service.
reps are mostly thought on how to be nice and APOLologize, other than
fixing the problem.
when you first speak to a rep, you are (most of the times) transfered
to a rep that just started working there (a.k.a someone that doesnt
know shit).
if i were you i would ask to be trasnfered to ext 1150 (supervisor) or
the REAL tech support (EXT 1161).
in regards to getting more service resps... wooh! tracfone has 6 call
centers. each with like 500-700 reps. the amount of CALLS that come in
a day, you woudlnt beleive. that's why you are placed on hold.. etc.
ALSO because the same reps handle calls for Tracfone, Net 10, Safelink
and Straighttalk, that's why... mostly tracfone and N10 customers are
placed on hold alot. caz a rep may be dealing w/ a straight talk
customer, then you ( a tracfone customer) will come in, etc...
overall it's very unfair to reps as well. we are told to deal w/ all
these tyupes of calls and we are getting paid a pittance (trust me, i
and tracfone reps are practically never rude to you guys, caz if one
call is recorded and we are 'rude' to you, we can auto matically lose
our job. for call center managers, reps are indispensable. i that
loved the call center job was let go because of a stupid reason.
plenty of superviors were against my dismissal, but if that's teh way
tracfone wants to play w/ their reps, well fuck them. i'm going to
verizon or tmobile or at&t.
atleast they can get the problem resolved.!

by Tanya H. Posted Thu April 15, 2010 @ 3:46 AM

I bought minutes & when the phone activated it stated I needed to call
customer service to complete the activation.
I could not understand the person, she did not know what she was
doing, she ended up switching me to someone else without telling me.
This person also could not speak english & finally I gave up since I
had used over 30 minutes this entire time. He told me he could not
reimburse me for the minutes & switched me to a "supervisor". After
being on hold for over 7 minutes I hung up in frustration.
I wasted 45 minutes dealing with the "idiots" in their supposed
customer service department.
They need to get people who can speak english & know what they are
Anyone want to buy my phone? Cheap!
TracFone SUCKS!!


andy by loco loco Fri April 30, 2010 @ 2:33 PM

better solution by nech Thu May 20, 2010 @ 5:22 PM

Tracfone Best Activation Service Is By Computer by Dowdy Tue May 25, 2010 @ 6:06 PM

by fifaxtrm Posted Sun April 11, 2010 @ 2:56 AM

I am a Tracfone customer care representative. I have been working with
for the company for about 7 months now. I have read alot of the
comments made on this thread and while some are valid some are not. we
as representatives have a tough job, and that is satisfying you our
customers. Yes, we have most call centers in other countries and only
our main office in maimi. I have personally had customers call and ask
for someone who speaks english just because she/he did not want to
speak to a non american, even though i was speaking clear enough for
them, all because the information i was relaying to them was not to
their liking. You customers have to realise that the reps your
speaking to are not responsible for the things that happen to your
phone nor will they always be able to resolve your any issue on the
spot, thats just wishful thinking. Lets be real there is no such thing
as a perfect service, plus with computer systems and large networks,
anything can go wrong within a split second. The thing most customer
care reps do there best to assist customers, but its irate customers
that make some reps lose it and dish smack to some customers. I have
witnessed that. You customers need to remember regardless of what you
think or how you feel when you have a problem and you call us, we are
also people like you, and the same composure that we have to exercise,
you should also. I feel good when a customer calls with a complex
problem and i am able to resolve it, like wise i feel bad when i am
not able to do anything but provide the customer with a case number
and a turn around time because theres nothing else i can do. Life is
not like burger king, you won't always have it your way. Alot have
complained about the long wait to get through to an agent, ok, thats
understandable, but i dont think you people realise how many calls
come through to us every hour of the day. Hell, we would call other
departments and can't get through in 10-20minutes...Tracfone is not a
small business, It is infact the largest prepaid wireless service
provider in America, not even Verizon nor AT&T get as much calls to
their centers as we do. I do understand how you guys feel given the
problems you may have or may have had, but you cannot vent your anger
on innocent reps who have nothing to do with your issue demanding this
be done and that be done, that according to your AMERICAN ENGLISH
DICTIONARY is called IGNORANCE. Put yourselves in our shoes and
picture someone calling you with nothing good to say to you, demanding
shit and not concerned with the fact that you could be getting
monitored and possibly attain what we call an autofail if you say
anything out of the way or even show a hint of anger. Thats fucked
up...you know why?? Because our pay depends on our quality scores! So
bare that in mind For now Thats All i have to say...


Quit your whining! by Tanya H. Thu April 15, 2010 @ 3:49 AM
by Chipito Posted Fri April 2, 2010 @ 7:05 PM

You are right that they need more people in service, and especially
they need training.
TracFone gave me the worst experience I have ever had. My letter to
them says:
We have been Tracfone customers for several years.

Late yesterday afternoon WalMart and I received the poorest, shabbiest
treatment I have ever experienced.

I bought the phone mentioned above on March 14 at Walmart in Cheyenne.
Two days ago the phone battery would not hold a charge, so I returned
it for exchange to WalMart yesterday afternoon around 6:30 MDT. I
asked the personnel there to transfer the remaining minutes (80) and
the phone number to the new phone. They called your company to do so.


That is outrageous treatment. I fully intend to tell everyone I know
about this, and to contact the Better Business Bureau, the FCC and
National Chamber of Commerce about this fraudulent treatment.

I want a Tracfone with the old number and to have my minutes restored
to that phone. Please reply by email and USPS mail.


by Scottsteaux63 Posted Thu March 18, 2010 @ 6:23 PM

I have been a subscriber to TracFone prepaid cellular phone service
for five years with no problems. On Sunday last (14 March), I realized
that I had allowed the minutes to expire (the expiration date was the
13th). First I tried to reactivate the phone on TracFone's website, to
no avail. I called their "Customer Service" number and after being on
hold for NEARLY AN HOUR I finally got a person whose first language
was obviously not English because every time she turned to speak to
her co-worker they spoke what sounded like Chinese. I had to give her
my information THREE TIMES only to be told that I could not purchase
airtime with a credit card and that it would take them 48 hours to fix
the problem and to call back. So I did. 48 hours later I call back
AIDS, but at the moment I have no car and I live three miles from the
nearest store so the task of buying the card fell to my husband.Call
Number Three, Day Four: I call with the Airtime Card PIN code and
FIXED.The irony here is that I actually allowed the phone to expire by
mistake once before; the only consequence that time was that I ended
up with a different phone number; otherwise reactivating the phone
took only about fifteen minutes.They have 24 hours.


by Michael D. Posted Tue March 9, 2010 @ 11:11 PM

You think that's bad - Read this:

On Feb 16th 2010 I ordered a replacement phone from TracFone. The deal
was that I would get this phone including 120 minutes and a “doubler
card” already programmed into the phone. This was to be shipped by
FedEx on three day delivery.

On Feb 19th the phone had not arrived. I called to check on it and was
informed it had not shipped yet and it would be sent out three day on
that day. I eventually received the phone on Feb 24th.

When I planned the purchase, before I even decided to order the phone,
I called customer service for TracFone on three separate occasions and
asked how long it would take to transfer my phone number to the new
phone if I decided to buy one. I was told each time that it would take
a matter of minutes.

Once I had the phone in hand and all charged up, I called TracFone to
move my phone number to it. I noticed there was already a phone number
on it for an area adjacent to my home area. I live in the 619 area
code and this phone had an 858 number already in it. I tried to make a
call on this phone and found it was restricted from outgoing, (and I
later found out, for incoming too), calls.

When I called to have my phone number moved to this phone the agent
was having problems. I was told that for some reason the minutes from
my old phone moved over to the new one, but the phone number would not
move. I suggested to them at that time that maybe it had something to
do with the phone already having a phone number on it. They told me
that would not mater. Then I was told that I might have to wait up to
72 hours for the transfer to take place.

I was put out by the 72 hour quote since I had been promised a few
minutes by other agents before I even ordered the phone. I asked if
the agent could just move my minutes back to my old phone. I was
informed that this was not possible as the phone number was already
transferred and it was “in the network” waiting to be put o my new

So, I waited the time. During this time my old phone would ring as if
someone was calling it. I found that people could call it and even
leave voice messages on the voice mail. I could check the voice mail
from other phones. This is how I found I was losing business as when I
called people back I was told by most of them that they had already
found someone to do their work. So I was missing out on business.

After a couple days of this I called back and got another rep. I asked
for a supervisor and was put on hold for a long time until someone who
identified them self as a supervisor came to the phone. I explained
the situation. I was told that it has to be 72 hours for the phone
number to move.

After another two days of no service I called again. This time I was
told that the sim card included with my phone was programmed for the
wrong area and it would not work in my service area. Also the agent
was able to get my phone number to move to the new phone. So, now I
still had no working phone and the voice mail went down since the
number was now moved. I had no access to the voice mail as the phone
was restricted to no incoming or outgoing calls.

Now there was no way for new business or my current customers to call
me on the only phone number anyone had for me. I was, in effect, out
of business.

The agent I was speaking to on this call then managed to set up a new
phone number on the OLD phone and put some minutes on it so I had a
phone to use during this period until my new phone was up and running.
I was told that a sim card had been shipped and that it would be to me
in three business days.

Three business days meant five days since it was over a weekend. I
waited and no sim card showed up. On the fifth day of this I called
back. I was told that the sim card had not been shipped. I was ASSURED
that it would be shipped overnight and I would receive it the next

The next day it did not arrive. I tried to call TracFone but their
call center was closed. I called the next day and was told it had not
been shipped for an unknown reason. I was ASSURED it was going out
next day through FedEx that day. I t did not arrive the next day. I
called back and was told it had not been shipped and it absolutely
would be shipped that day by next day through FedEx.

In all these calls from the 24th of Feb on I spoke to a supervisor. In
all cases the supervisor ASSURED me that the shipping would be next

On the 3rd of March I spoke to a supervisor manager named “Fel” who
told me he was in the Philippines. He told be he was very sorry for
the problems and that he found the problem and would have it sent Next
Day FedEx. He also told me that if it did not arrive by then to call
and ask to be transferred to the Philippines call center and to ask
for him.

On the 4th of March I called and asked to be transferred to him. I was
told that it could not be done. I eventually was transferred to a
supervisor manager who worked with me but would not transferred to
Fel. I was told it was impossible to do. I asked why he would tell me
to ask for that. This agent could not, (or would not), answer the

Eventually she found that the sim card was still not shipped. She
tried to use the excuse that they did not have my correct address. I
asked how the phone had arrived without a problem if they had an
incorrect address. I went online during the call and checked my
address. It was correct.

This agent’s name was Tiffany. When I asked what call center she was
in she answered in unintelligible way. I could not understand the name
of the location she was in. after asking for that three times I
dropped it. Tiffany told me she could only send the card by ground
with a delivery time of five to seven days. I told her this was
unacceptable. I demanded next day delivery. She was very strong in her
stance that it could only come normal ground delivery. When I
continued to demand next day delivery she hung up on me.

At this point I have surrendered to the loss of my phone number and
realized that I will not be getting the sim card from TracFone. I have
decided to order a new phone and service from Cricket instead. This
will cost more money in the cost of the phone and service as well as
having to take out new advertising to show the new phone number.

After I ordered the new service I called TracFone back to get
information on how to return the phone. The agent tried to fix the
issue but could not overcome the shipping issue. I told her that if it
could not be resolved by the minimum of overnight delivery than I
would no longer be a TracFone customer. She could not resolve the
issue and I told her I would be leaving TracFone and making a
complaint to the California PUC as well as speaking to a lawyer. She
ended the call with “Thank you for using TracFone. We appreciate your
business”. The last thing she heard from me was the deep belly laugh
that this gave me.
I am now wondering how much of a problem TracFone will give me on
moving my phone number to another carrier.

Update –

Sim card (actually two sim cards in two separate deliveries), arrived
on March 8th. I received the new phone from Cricket and called them to
begin the porting process to move the phone number from Trac Fone to

They told me it should take 4 hours or so. After six hours I called
them back. I was told that there was a problem with getting TracFone
to release the phone number.

TracFone supervisor says they have no idea why the phone number will
not port to the new company and will see what they can do. I will wait
and see.


by Terry M. Posted Thu December 10, 2009 @ 9:27 PM

Tonight I got a text message from tracphone saying that if I use promo
code 11008 and buy a 200 minute card, that I'd receive an additional
40 minutes.
So I bought the card and when I went on line to add the time and
attempted to redeem the promo code, I got "invalid number."

So I called and spoke with "an agent" and his "supervisor." What a
waste of time!

They basically told me that the text message must have been delayed
and that the promo code has expired in October.

Judging from their slurred speach, I'd say somebody has been putting
some pretty heavy barbituates in their cups of Earl Gray (or whatever
kind of tea they drink in India)...


Hello by TFTechsupport Tue January 12, 2010 @ 9:22 AM

Think Just a little by WTF Sun February 21, 2010 @ 10:15 PM

Hello by PINK123 Sun March 14, 2010 @ 7:22 PM
by Zack M. Posted Sun September 20, 2009 @ 12:19 PM

Tracfone customer service SUCKS!!! I wanted to activate a 60 minute
card, which I normally do through the phone, but the stupid scratch
off pannel took 2 numbers with it. So I called them to see what they
could do, and the very RUDE associate named Nadia (who is Indian, no
Tracfone support is American, this is a HORRIBLE mistreatent of
American customers) put me on hold, but forgot to mute her mic. She
called me a b*tch, and kept talking to her friends, but after maybe 20
minutes the time was on my phone. I was going to complain to her
supervisor, but right after the minutes came on the phone Nadia HUNG

Most Tracfone signals are AT&T, so if possible, get an AT&T phone. I
have to deal with Tracfone because I don't make very much money but
from now on I'm making sure to be careful uncovering the pin, so I
don't have to talk to another rude non-American phone jockey again.


Tracfone customer service SUCKS!!! by johnie Tue November 3, 2009 @ 11:56 AM

Don't Judge by TFTechsupport Tue January 12, 2010 @ 9:19 AM

liar by juanitalamasgonita Wed October 27, 2010 @ 2:01 AM

by Karla T. Posted Fri July 17, 2009 @ 1:46 AM

For you reps from Tracfone I have just one question to you. Why can't
any of you speak English? You are giving service to America and we
have always spoke English. That's the real problem we are asking
stupid questions because we do not understand what the hell you are
saying or telling us to do!

For potential new customers don't buy a Tracfone unless you want
nothing but problems and wasted hours on the phone with people that
you can't understand and they don't understand you. Tracfone is the
biggest waste of time and money.


C´mon by WTF Sun February 21, 2010 @ 10:29 PM

reply by nihaf Fri July 30, 2010 @ 12:55 AM

get a brain! by innocent Tue August 3, 2010 @ 8:24 AM
by Tom L. Posted Mon November 17, 2008 @ 7:12 PM

Tracfone really sucks.
Every time I turn around they are shutting my phone off even though I
just purchased minutes and my due date is good.
If I call them, they say they have to send out a new sim card and I am
without a phone for 3-4 day.
They really suck.
I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.
Tracfone sucks.


Answer by Cinnamon Sun February 21, 2010 @ 10:47 PM
by Sick Posted Fri November 7, 2008 @ 6:20 AM

If you want to speak to an actual American, always request to speak to
somebody from the corporate office which is in Miami. But please be
advised the real corporate office is only open until 5 PM EST.
Otherwise you might be transferred to somebody that says they are from
the corporate office which they are not. But the employees that make
these claims only do so because they are instructed by their


HELLO by PINK123 Sun March 14, 2010 @ 7:30 PM

by J. Johansson Posted Tue September 9, 2008 @ 9:41 AM

They are rude and don't speak English very well. If you are going to
be doing business in a country, learn to speak the language correctly.
I should not have to push so many freaking buttons to hear the
language spoken in my home country for centuries. Then when you
FINALLY get someone, you can't understand them and they don't give a
rip about you or the problem. They have your money and now you have to
deal with it. Corporate doesn't care either. If we could get people
to buy another product, they would listen. Profit will always dictate
and regulate. We are paying for a service and a product, not terrible
attitudes of superiority.

by botch Posted Thu June 12, 2008 @ 3:31 PM

i purchased a fathers day special reg 99.99 for 49.99 i cent the
purchase thourgh but the special is no special if you make a mistake
with there deal and call them you find out that you are screwed and
they told in know certain term. so they got me for 52.95 tracfone
sucks spread the word


Tracfone bites the bone. by Gordon G. Sun July 27, 2008 @ 6:51 PM
by josh b. Posted Thu May 22, 2008 @ 3:19 PM

agree today they accused me of stealing minutes and told me they were
going to flash my account. they accused me of fraud and they have no
proof. what a bunch of losers.. i might report this to better business


by JohnDoex Posted Wed January 30, 2008 @ 7:51 PM

I strongly agree with your idea that Tracfone's customer service
should have a lot more agents so customers wont have such a long wait
and be frustrated from the long wait when they finally reach a rep.
But sadly because they pay for such small amount of money and the work
enviroment is horrible. No one wishes to stay and if they do they
really hate working in the call center. Complaining of how horrible it
is to be working for the company and how they cant wait to find
another job.
I do understand that sometimes customer service can be a bit annoying
sometimes. But please consider that the connection is really bad
sometimes because we have such a bad program like Avaya. Also have in
mind that there are so many people in such a small area. That there is
so much background noise that the rep cant hear you and sometimes
customers cant hear us either.
I believe most of the issues lie on the company itself. Bad work
enviroment which they do not wish to improve, bad connection, low
wages, and horrible working hours.
But if you wish for tracfone to start paying attention to you. Maybe
you should stop complaining in blogs less and just stop using the
service. If customer starts losing customers. Maybe then they would
wake up from their long dream and notice that they really have some
serious issues with their customer support. Most of the reps really
want to assist customers but with such bad connections and with some
"interesting" customers it's really hard to work as well as one would
wish to.
Also one last thing that i would like to point. I usually have people
disrespect me in ocassions where i'm trying to assist them and do
whatever is in my disposal to fix the issue. But please do remenber
that we are human beings also and that if you want respect and you
want assistance. Please treat us equals and we will do the same.

by larry kime Posted Thu January 3, 2008 @ 8:31 PM

It has taken me 1 month, 4 e-maila and 3 hours of phone calls to have
a double minutes card that I bought with my tracfone to be activated.
I figure that it has also cost me 860 actual minutes as well as 1/3 of
my usage by it not being acticated when they told me it was.

I believe that many of the problems with tracfone would be solved if
they would track on their web page all minutes and time purchased and

The only thing that the customer service can do is say "I AM SORRY!" I
know I am sorry I chose tracfone! Tracfone customer sevice should
change their name to "customer no service"

Larry Kime

A Tracfone customer for 32 days and counting down. Once these minutes
are used up I am buying another phone.


Tracfone bites the bone. by Gordon G. Sun July 27, 2008 @ 6:36 PM
by Mikepcap Posted Wed January 2, 2008 @ 8:09 PM

How about just teaching some of the people who answer, English?
I too had an issue. I haven't been able to use my voice messages since
I bought it over a year ago. Fortunately that's ALL it was, and I have
been able to live without it. When I try to get to the voice mail to
set it up initially, by pressing "1" I get a recorded message that
says "Your call cannot be completed as called, please check the number
and call again". I submitted a ticket online TWICE, and got the same
response that it "should be working in 4 hours". 9 months later. I
finally find the time to call, because I finally have a need for it.
After talking to a lady who obviously understood no more English than
"yes or no" and was ovbiously following a script, in which there was
no option for my situation. I even asked her if I could play the
message for her. She obviously had no clue what it said, because the
very next thing she said, "so what was the message you got?" I played
it again in my other ear and repeated it for her. She dug up my
previous tickets and, as far as I can tell, simply repeated what they
said: wait 4 hours and call us back (at the same "hot-line" number -
and wait in the 20 minute queue again) if it still doesn't work. At
this point I'm assuming it will not be fixed for another 9 months
until I get time to call again.


by Ralph W Dundas Posted Fri December 14, 2007 @ 12:48 PM

For almost a week, I've been getting this "No Lines Available in the
Zip Code you entered"
I get the same thing with all the zips in my area. Calling customer
support solved nothing
"Just wait 24-48 hours and try again"..Guess what that
accomplished...NOTHING!!! I went through this crap 4 times..."Oh then
we'll escalate the call"...Did that twice too! Now..the question of
the day...Did that resolve the issue??? Okay...all together now
Oh no!!! I ain't done yet...it gets even better!!(I'm being sarcastic
here). Okay..now I tried a zip that's about 3 counties away! Ah, it's
proceeding..maybe that will resolve things...BUT NOOOOOOOOOO! "The
serial number(SIM not ESN) you entered is not in our records". I
called customer service.."There are no lines available in your
area".."Right man..we've established that! Now it won't accept my
SIM#" "Oh well you'll just need to get a new SIM card." Okay...now
I'm really getting pissed..so the CS rep reactivates my
SIM..cool..."I'm sorry but there are no lines avail..."
Sorry, didn't mean to shout. Okay..take a deep breath...let my mind
Now I'm calm.."Okay so what you're telling me is that there is nothing
you can do, right?"..."No sir we are not saying that..what you'll have
to do is wait another 24-48 hours for..." WE DID THAT!!! WE DID
my buzz is killed yet again. Okay, here's how we can solve this...why
don't you just send me a check for about $600 bucks..for the price of
the phone and for the stress and aggrivation that you've caused me?
"Oh no, we can't give refunds"...(Not that I didn't expect
that)...I'll give you a ticket# and we'll excalate the ca..."
ggrrrrraaaaAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!..calm down now...we did that..how 'bout
you let me talk to someone in the escalation department? "No sir,
that department doesn't take calls."..Why not? "Well that department
just doesn't take.." I know that man!! I heard you the 1st time!
Okay..let's just admit that there is absolutely nothing that can
reslove this, right? "No sir we're not saying that; just wait another
at the mouth like a rabid dog)...(pounding my fist on the table
now...great, now my hand is sore and I've just made a complete ass of
myself and my hypertension has been aggrivated.

Now it's payback time...AAAAAAAAAHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA!...Where did I
get the phone? you may ask....KMART...go to KMART website...customer
service number...bingo! Got a rep! That was quick! "Can I help you?"
Yeah...contact every store in such-and-such town and all surrounding
counties..make sure that they pull all Tracfones off the shelf..(I
then give the KMART CS rep a complete run down of events...I left the
hysterical yelling, fist-pounding and foaming at the mouth
out..figured she really didn't need to hear about that) "Thank You
very much for passing this along!" Oh, my pleasure!!
"VENGEANCE SHALL BE MINE!" Thus saith the Lord...


So, you don't know that... by lynx Thu December 3, 2009 @ 11:31 AM

It make take up from 24 to 72 hrs lol by WTF Sun February 21, 2010 @ 10:52 PM
by lib Posted Wed December 12, 2007 @ 11:53 AM

Tracfone customer service is the ABSOLUTE WORST that I have ever had
to deal with. They charged my credit card twice for one transacton.
When I called to notify them I was placed on hold and transfered to
many different people for a total of an hour and a half. At the end of
that call they insisted that I had made two purchases and that the
time had been added to the phone. Since I did not have the phone in
hand I could not verify that the time was not added and I was told to
call back the next day. The next day when I called back and explained
to the woman (who I could barely understand, and who obviously could
not understand me) she told me that she could help me and needed to
verify some codes in the phone and could I please put a code in. When
I did, it was actually to add the minutes from the card that I did not
purchase to the phone. When I told her that I did not want the time
and I wanted my money back(which I explained 3 times) she told me she
could not do that because the airtime card had been redeemed. I
flipped!! I told her that she had just redeemed that airtime card and
I demanded to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold for a total od
15 minutes and still had no supervisor. I again lost my cool and
explained how horrible Tracfone CS was. She then offered me a refund
for one of the airtime cards (which was all I wanted all along). She
then asked me to verify my credit card number 5 times and then told me
the card number was wrong. Are you kidding me?? I had the card in my
hand, so I verrrryyy slowly read the number to her for the sixth time.
She no whad the number right but STILL did not understand what was
happening here. I am so frustrated!! I can tell you one thing for
sure, I will be switching my daughters phone service to Boost mobile.
They are a much better company, and USA based.


Bad connection by Denise Wade Thu January 3, 2008 @ 12:53 PM

Bad connection by Toddy Sun March 23, 2008 @ 10:51 AM
by kat12345 Posted Mon November 5, 2007 @ 12:39 AM

i thinks its not the customer reps. it not the company either.

whose to blame?
no one...I would just want to share some of my experiences while
working with trackfone...
some of the people who are using it are those who cant even turn on a
phone. i am a rep. from trackfone and i encountered issues such as
customer asking "how do you go to pre-paid menu?" "where is the menu
key?" "where is the power button?" simple questions my 8 year old
brother can answer.. i am not mocking on the customers, it is our duty
to assist them and as reps we are happy to assist them.
what i would like to convey is that customers should not put the blame
on the reps., the reps are doing their best to resolve every issue
they encounter with a customer. i understand that as call center
agents, we represent the company and when people call they pour all
their frustrations on us.. but please, to those frustrated customers,
dont put all the blame on us. we are humans too and we are not robots.
we have feelings and sometimes we break too. i work as trackfone call
center rep. from 8:00pm to 3:00am since we have diffirent time zones
here. imagine that? talking for 8 hours is very stressfull but a happy
customer can be a fullfilment too.
i live on a country where we have a lot of good english speakers. some
of them even speak better than native americans. and i proud of that..
the issue here is on the phones and the networks, trackfone is doing
their best too so that they can enhance the quality of their service..

i believe the problem is not on the reps. so please when you call
again.. treat us reps as humans and we will be happy to help you with


Tracfone CS Tricky by deedee832 Fri December 28, 2007 @ 12:40 PM

your company can't even spell phone by mjla Fri December 28, 2007 @ 1:29 PM

Trackphone by Ange1us Thu December 3, 2009 @ 11:39 AM

HA YOU WISH!! by ms002946 Fri March 12, 2010 @ 1:44 PM

by JWAGS Posted Fri October 26, 2007 @ 10:40 AM






ALL OF YOU by amnesia Sun December 9, 2007 @ 6:49 PM
by Qualfon Philippines Posted Thu September 27, 2007 @ 9:36 AM

Hi Guys! You better visit WWW.QUALFON.TK, the forum website of Qualfon
Philippines and inquire directly from the Customer Care
Representatives. Qualfon provides Tracfone wireless with Customer Care


by Qualfon Philippines Posted Thu September 27, 2007 @ 9:34 AM

Guys, better check out WWW.QUALFON.TK ! That is the Forum Website of
Qualfon Philippines, that serves Tracfone Wireless. You can meet and
ask queries from Tracfone Customer Service Representatives!


by Megan Posted Wed September 26, 2007 @ 4:36 PM

I've had a HORRIBLE experience with Tracfone's customer service. DO
NOT BUY A TRACFONE! They just decided to go to replace their network,
causing my cell to no longer work. They offered a free replacement
phone, which sounds like a good deal; however, they mailed me a
reconditioned, inferior phone with the WRONG BATTERY. When I tried to
call customer service to get this taken care of, my call was answered
at a call center in Belize. Huh? I live in the United States and speak
English. I was put on the line with someone who spoke very poor
English and told me that she could send me a new battery but would
have to get approval from her supervisor. We then waited 20 minutes
for her to get in touch with her supervisor. Her supervisor also spoke
very poor English and could offer no good explanation as to why I was
sent the wrong battery and why they couldn't overnight me a new one.
She also then refused to give me her last name or ID # for my
references (in case I never received or was shipped the wrong battery
again). When I tried to give her my name, address, and phone #, I had
to repeat it three times for her. In all, I spent 50 minutes on the
phone with them today (my home phone keeps track of exactly how long a
call takes and I'm not exaggerating here) and I am also out the face
plate and car charger that I had purchased for my other phone--which
by the way I purchased from Tracfone within the last year. If they
knew they were going to replace this system, why would they continue
to sell outdated phones?


TRACFONE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS! by Jan Russell Tue October 16, 2007 @ 8:37 PM

united states and english?? oh my god by xlog Tue October 23, 2007 @ 3:52 AM
by Qualquemados Posted Thu September 6, 2007 @ 12:22 AM

We're reps located in the call center in Buenos Aires and we have an
experience which is very similar to the one described by the agent in
Colombia; we're obliged to get only 100's and only 90's are acceptable
as exception. What's really funny is that if you think of the rules we
need to follow to accomplish that score, they're not thought to best
deliver our customer but to mess both with customers and
representatives. Plus, taking calls after calls after calls makes us
work under high pressure and at a productivity of 100% constantly,
which is not good to offer the best service. Working at call centers
is considered insanitary and there are regulations on the job to
prevent its bad consequences. Since they are not met, in Buenos Aires
we've decided to organize ourselves and try to change this. For now
our blog is only in Spanish but we plan to make it bilingual. You can
find as at www.qualquemados.blogspot.com or write to us at

by squigglesbl Posted Wed August 8, 2007 @ 4:28 PM

I have been a customer of tracfone for probably over 8 years now. My
1st phone was given to me for Christmas by my sister. It was an
analog phone,which I had for 3 or so years. One time when added
minutes I had a problem with it, and was directed to call the customer
service. I did with out a problem, and was told that the phone was no
longer serviced by Tracfone so I need to send it back and get another
one free of charge. that went without a hitch.

This new digital phone worked fine for several years also, then about
a month ago I started to have problems of no service in places I had
service before. After a week of this, I contacted Tracfone through
the website and was told that the phone would be obsolete by 2008 and
they would send me a new one free of charge. I received that phone
about 2 weeks ago. After I received the new phone, my old phone
started working fine again so I was in no rush to activate the new

I read on line horror stories of the long waits on phone,
disconnections etc when activating phones/transferring minutes etc.
So i put off activating the new one. Yesterday I decided to try it
during my lunch hour. The automated service said wait time of 30 min,
so I hung up. Later in the day it said the same thing, again I hung

Today I tried right before 9:00est when they open, I got someone on
the 1st ring. Yes, I was put on hold a lot, I could not transfer my
number which was not big deal, but my minutes were transfered. I was
on the phone maybe a total of 1/2hour. My new phone was active in
about 1 hour, even though the person said it would take an 1/2 hour.
But get this, my old phone still works, so now I have 2 phones that
work with the same amount of minutes on them.

I suggest that when calling Customer service, do it as close to
9:00est to get them before it starts getting busy. that is easy for
me since I am on the east coast, but even if you have to get up early
in the other time zones, it may be worth it.

I heard comments about the customer service people having heavy
accents, repeating things etc. Yes, she did have an accent, but I had
no problems understanding her, that maybe do to the fact that I work
for an international company,and I am use to dealing with accents
almost every day, whether it is German, Swedish or French Canadian.
She did repeat everything but I like that so I can make sure she
understood me as well, I do not consider that a problem.

overall I would rate the customer service Good. I have not had any of
major problems with either the service or customer service.


Repeating things by Tracfone_rep Fri August 10, 2007 @ 1:26 AM

IM AGREE WITH YOU by btaboi Sat October 27, 2007 @ 11:53 AM

by btaboi Posted Thu June 28, 2007 @ 12:08 PM

hi, i'm also a rep from tracfone located in colombia one of the best
call centers with argentina, in our country we need to give our best
because in order to keep working with them in colombia call center, we
are monitored from main office in miami .....so if they monitored a
call if we get less than 90% it is consired LOW SCORE so always the
company is telling us that we need to get only 100% .... thats
frustatig sometimes due to back connection that we have in some calls,
and it's very difficul when our avya system is not working properly
and most of the times we need to guess what is telling the cust,
sometimes we have calls when al the time ur voice is breaking up or
hearing an echo and u cant be focus at all in order to fix the
problem, so if u try to call cust service sometime and u get back
connection u will know why....our system when is not working it really
sucks...and well, if you are a cust calling for assistance, please
pray that somebody from colombia or argentina answers the call,
because most of the calls im getting, it is because reps from belize
or guyana mass up ur phone.....and it is crazy because in belize or
guyana they speak english as their native language, so i cannot
understand why they cant fix ur issue, always i need to fix the
problems that belize or guyana people nakes on ur phone, or sometimes
they make ur problem even bigger, so please cross ur fngers nad try to
reach a good agent or someone from argentina or colombia. and well, i
think most of the tracfone reps think the same way i do....also
remember we as customer service we are trying to give you the best
service....but we cant make miracles, most of the times we get calls
from people who really dont know how to turn the cellphone on, also
please remember that in order to fix ur issue, we have special systems
that make us get connection to ur phone....but most of the times our
system is running slow, or gets frozen and we need to start over again
the process.
i know how difficult is reach someone for cust service, as u know cust
service represent TRACFONE AND NET10 so we use two diferent systems
for both companies....sometime i couldnt get connection to my NET10
system for around a month, so everytme thta i was getting a NET10
call, i needed to transfer the call to another rep, and i need to dial
the 1877 number to do that, and even i was working for net10 , i spent
10 o more minutes trying to reach someobe for transferring the call,
so i really know how u feel when u can and i need to manage the
automatic system because it never gives u the option to talk to
customer service
we as cust service in colombia earn around 300 350 usd that's pretty
good for our country but we need to work 8 hours per day so at least
this is a few of good jobs in our country...i wuld to sharte more
experiences with more reps from tracfone or how we say sometimes


Yeah Right by Nerissa Cantun Sun January 6, 2008 @ 11:23 AM

user manual by btaboi Sun January 6, 2008 @ 11:23 PM

STOP COMPLAINING, by nogie Sun January 23, 2011 @ 12:46 PM
by Tracfone_rep Posted Sun May 27, 2007 @ 10:24 PM

I also work for Tracfone. I work in the Cordoba's (Argentina) call
center. This is the best of the 10 centers but it is going to close,
because TF does not want to pay what we really deserve. They preffer
to spend less money and hire more employees in Belize, Guyana and Cebu
(Philipines). I won't say anything about those centers, but they
really suck.

tracfone rep: let me have your e-mail so we can share some


mail by tracfone representative Wed June 6, 2007 @ 9:50 PM

TRACFONE SUCKS by julio lopez Tue August 28, 2007 @ 2:51 PM

We are leaving by Tracfone_rep Wed August 29, 2007 @ 1:14 AM

Hi by Azumi Mon October 15, 2007 @ 11:39 PM

Re: Hi by Tracfone_rep Wed October 17, 2007 @ 12:53 AM

YOURE JUST HATIN!! by Nerissa Cantun Sun January 6, 2008 @ 12:17 PM

what??? by Tracfone_rep Mon January 7, 2008 @ 9:35 PM

Diga el "no" a Tracfone by Agosto Wed June 4, 2008 @ 11:46 PM

haHHA!!!Qualfon Cebu agents are way lot better than you! by innocent Tue September 14, 2010 @ 8:35 AM
by tracfone rep Posted Fri May 25, 2007 @ 9:37 PM

ok, I don`t know what to say, I am also a rep from one of the latin
america call centers, I won`t say wich one, but however, I work there,
I know by hard all of the tools and computer programs that work with
tracfone and i am one of those reps who have the power to fix any
issue. I`ve spent hours receiving call after call, giving my best to
offer a good customer service, i reached a method to avoid all of
these stupid scripts and make them sound like a sensefull thing. I
received a bunch of what we call "100% from Miami" wich indicates that
someone from the main office has monitored one of your calls and
thinks that the call is perfect. Therefore, i was promoted to another
department where suppossedly, you have a work for more responsability
but where your work is going to be less stressful... so far so good,
then suddenly, everybody in the call center began to quit (now you
know in wich call center I am...) because the horrible conditions that
you work in. It is almost a crime to receive a score for your calls
under 85%, but that might happen if while you are talking the customer
whispers and you don`t notice that, they say that you interrupted them
and then they menace you with firing you or make you work one or two
days with no payment, receiving calls in a room that seems to have
some kind of curse, because there is where you receive the most
terrible customers with the most insolite issues. beautiful, now, a
person like me, who gives it all in every single call, who receives
100% after 100% everyday, whose customers are always twisting in the
floor of happiness, guess what receives... let me say it with all its
words in caps.... NOTHING, yes, nothing, nada, is that fair? some of
us are able to overcome the amazingly unefficient network to make your
customer go at the end of the call a big THANK YOU, for nothing. I
give up. The cultural barriers are never to be crumbled down, I know
that, some lucky people can reach a good rep and have the phone under
correct operation, but the most of the times, in the most of the
calls, customer has to say things ( that by the way we hate) like "do
what now" or "i can`t understand you" to stablish a barely good
communication, the saddest thing is that tracfone knows that, tracfone
knows that our first language is not english, but they do NOTHING to
keep on their lines the good workers, that`s why in 20 days, 190 reps
left the call center i work in, that`s why the special department i
used to belong to has been moved to another call center and I am again
receiving calls as a regular rep, this is what i got for my hard work.
That proves that tracfone doesn`t give a sh.....t about its customers,
either for the people who make work its system barely fine, so my
advice and my conclusion is... say NO to tracfone. wether you are in
latin america or you are under the temptation of buying that cheap
thing, Say NO, pay a little bit more for something more reliable, and
my dear bolivian friend, please look for another job, you`re running
the risk of a gigantic dissapointment


customers sucks by ani tobar Tue September 18, 2007 @ 2:09 AM

by dma Posted Fri May 25, 2007 @ 9:13 AM

OK, I'm about to become a representative of Tracfone Inc.Care center,
located in La Paz, Bolivia, and believe me that the "new generation"
is going to do the job better. We are recieving a very hard training
right now,specially in the way that we have to serve our costumers and
about the technical issues as well, because Bolivia's Tracfone care
center wants to become the best among the 10 others.So we're getting
the best training ever in order to serve you better.
But, believe me, we heard a lot of calls from you guys, and it's so
stressful!,I believe that Northamerica has a very good standard of
education, however, it seems that some people haven't seen a cellphone
in their entire life, or there are a lot of attitudes that we have to
resist, but don't worry we're going to serve even those people
Just for your information, Tracfone's Care Center is going to fire
like 25 people this week (those who didn't serve the costumer
properly)in order to put the new good reps instead, so Bolivia could
really become the number 1.
I'm very glad that I've been hired by Tracfone in Bolivia, even
thoupgh it's just around 200 USD, I'm a student and for me that's
great!, because according to our current economy (1 USD= 7.99 Bs., so
it's like 8 times more in Bolivia, things are way far cheaper and
healthier here, most of Bolivia's reps are students like me, so 200
USD or 400 USD, is great for us,Ok, so keep in mind that we're
becoming better representatives in order to serve you better, and
believe me we're doing our best.


you what??? by lilo Sat June 30, 2007 @ 5:57 PM
by Winged Posted Tue May 22, 2007 @ 11:17 PM

Probably you are right, Tracfone (and Net10, is the same company) is
terrible, it sucks.

And believe me, I was once (a few months ago) a customer service
representative for both companies. The fact is that Tracfone does not
provide customer service, a completely different company. The customer
service is provided by Qualfon. So let me tell you, it doesn't matter
if you complain with a representative, you are not even speaking with
someone that is working for tracfone.

I gave a great customer service when i used to work there (I`m located
in Buenos Aires, Argentina). Every day I had, at least, one "happy
customer" (the ones that told me "I would like to talk to your
supervisor, because you gave me a great service").
And If wou experience any inconvenient with us, try to understand, I
was paid $1088 (pesos argentinos, that is not even 350 dollars), for 6
hours and a half we only have a 20 minute break (that is for us to
have lunch or dinner). We have to follow stupid scripts (you all,
probably, know the "activation script"), we spend our days giving up
to 10 codes for someone in the phone (you guys), and every code is up
to 20 numbers. We take one call after the other with only 20 seconds
of "after call", that is the time we have to write the interaction.

So you see... we are underpaid, overworked, and usually mistreated. In
summertime the air conditioning is so high that we freeze inside, more
than once I ended up with terrible cough for being exposed to the
cold. Our desks does not even have 1 meter broad, the computers are
always in terrible conditions. We dont have the tools to help you...
and you know, Tracfone does not even exist! is a company that resells
the lines from Verixon, Alltel, and every company that you can
imagine. So, you think you have tracfone... but probably you have a
different provider.

But wait, I'm no angel, I'm not a cutomer service angel... the company
sucks, it really does. But some of the customers aswell. The people
YOU're talking to over the phone, knows how to speak english, surely
spanish (most call centers are located in latin america), and in my
case, I know how to speak italian and german. Every 10 calls I had 3
customers that treated me like I was some kind of idiot because I was
south american. And for every 10 calls I had 8 customers that didn't
know how to use the cellphone (some of them did not know how to turn
it on or where was the "OK key"... The one that is below the word
"OK", if you have a Nokia, is the blue line to the left, or in the
middle if you have the 1100, and if you have a motorola it would be
the spot to the left).

For the one that said that we have gone to a dumb school... why dont
you try to do the job we are? you probably are one of them that do not
know where the OK key is... come on! just read the user guide, all
your questions will be resolved... just kidding, try to place yourself
in our shoes, being paid 350 dollars (A MONTH!), and dealing with a
lot of people that do not know where their own belly button is.

To conclude, if your 19.99 cellphone does not work, throw it away and
get a new one, you'd probably will buy a toy more expensive for your

See you!
Hasta luego!
Auf wiedersehen!
Au Revoir!


Barranquilla, Colombia by La Monda Fri November 9, 2007 @ 8:33 PM

LOOL by juanitalamasgonita Wed October 27, 2010 @ 2:10 AM
by sam pipper Posted Tue May 8, 2007 @ 7:53 PM

I just had one of the worst new customer experiences. I just got my
first tracfone, activated it online (but then after 24 hours and still
getting an "unregistered sim card" message, had to call in to get some
monster-long code to input into the phone to make the activation
work), and then asked the phone representative if he could help me
update my online account info. I was having problems with it:

(After I had initially signed up myself, I logged in to check it out,
and my personal info came up with the correct name, phone, birthday
and pin#, but the street address line 1 was blank, and line 2 had a
bunch of numbers. In addition, it said I lived in Miami, FL and had
the wrong zip code. I live in Baltimore MD, and that's what I
registered with. When I logged in and corrected the info, and then
pressed the "continue" button, it gave a message "congratulations,
your info has been updated, but the info it showed was back to the
incorrect Miami info.)

The phone rep had me log in while I was on the phone with him, but the
same thing happened. He had me do it again. Same thing. Then he did it
on his end, and I had to give him all the same info over the phone
that I had just entered twice. No luck.

Then he said I'd have to register with a new account, but I could use
my same email address. So instead of logging in as an existing
customer, I went through the steps of creating a new account, as a
new, unregistered customer.

After I completed the data entry and pressed "continue", there was no
confirmation--all it did was send me to a new screen, with the same
data entry form, but now all the fields were reset and blank.
Completely blank. The phone rep had me do this FOUR times while he
waited on the phone. Then he had me do it one more time using a new

**In addition, let me say that all the while there was some horrible
static on the phone; actually it sounded like wind, and the rep told
me it was their air conditioning--blowing right on his headset, and
you can imagine what it sounded like in my ear.**

After my 4 attempts failed, the phone rep tried it on his end, and I
had to tell him all my information over the phone again. He got the
same result.

Only at that point, after 42 minutes (FOURTY-TWO!) on the line, he
said to hold on and I needed to talk to a supervisor. He put me on
hold, I heard some clicks, and then the line was disconnected. I
couldn't believe it.

I can say, however, all my bonus promotional minutes were successfully
credited upon activation, the rep spoke English well, and my hold time
was not more than 5 minuites. My long time on the phone was actually
WITH the representative.

Haven't tried the phone yet, but I would like to have correct info
online. Thank God they don't bill!


no solution by Flowerella Thu July 26, 2007 @ 11:41 PM

by seesthru Posted Sat May 5, 2007 @ 9:41 AM

AMEN!!! Tracfone sucks ant not in a good way! Twice in a row I
reactivate the dang thing, only to find out it's NOT reactivated! I
tried to renew minutes via the website, and it gave me error messages,
so I call customer service, wait EONS, and then get a mumbling rude
"person" with a horrid accent, and then, I lose the double minutes,
because the promo code online I can't get to when I am on the phone,
and miss nasty service gets all rude about that too. Now I'm trying to
resolve the fact that my reactivated phone is NOT activated, via the
stinking website AGAIN, and I can't even get an email out. I give a
description of the problem, and when the email sends, it says I gave
no description of the problem!!!

They are a big fat ripoff!!!!!!!!


no answers, no help. by sam pipper Tue May 8, 2007 @ 7:52 PM
by Speck Posted Thu February 8, 2007 @ 1:06 PM

AMEN TO THAT!!! The phone number that they give (on their web site AND
in the book included with the phone) to contact customer service
results in hearing a recording that "This call cannot be placed from
your location". What's up with THAT?!?! Just HOW are we supposed to
reach them when emailing them results in them telling us to CALL
them....then not being able to? PLEASE TAKE IT FROM ME...do NOT buy
and use Tracfone service. That HAVE no service!!!


TF! by Darka Wed February 14, 2007 @ 11:46 PM

just a little Tip by Darka Wed February 14, 2007 @ 11:51 PM
by TCPIPAPPSPEC Posted Wed December 27, 2006 @ 12:39 PM

I would concur. Tracfone customer service is awful. I recently
bought a phone and it should have been setup in the Oklahoma City
area. Instead, they set it up for the Chandler, OK area. Hence,
everytime I try to make a call, it say "cannot complete call as
dialed". If I put in the area code, no problem. But, it is then a
long distance call.

Trying to explain this to anybody that cares is impossible. Clearly,
their zip codes and service areas are not matching up.

So, here I sit with a cell phone that doesn't work. I was just on
hold for 18 minutes and gave up. I have sent emails and have not
received even an confirmation.

If you should ever actually get ahold of someone, God forbid that you
can understand them. Their English is usually terrible.

I read the note from the Tracfone employee with interest. But what
this individual doesn't understand is that Tracfone customers are not
interested in excuses. We merely want what we paid for. I am sorry
that your English isn't so good and that you are overworked and that
you are underpaid .... but that doesn't get my phone fixed.

At this point, I suspect that this will be my last Tracfone and I
would encourage others to look elsewhere.


by Dave R Posted Mon October 9, 2006 @ 8:36 PM

I've been in call center hell with you guys. I have a net10 phone same
company as tracfone, infact when you call net 10 support they
sometimes mess up and say tracfone!!! Anyway, hold times for me are
VERY short, infact a real person picks up right away usually.
Look guys, Dont take it out on the call center people, their hands are
tied by tracfone. If they could be of more help, they would. They HAVE
to go by whats on their screen/script or get fired. Dont blame them,
blame tracfone and net10 for not giving the call center people more
power to help.
The ultimate here> Go to BBB online and lodge a complaint about their
service like i just did. The more real complaints, the better it'll be
for us consumers.

by DennyM Posted Fri August 4, 2006 @ 3:10 PM

I can concur. The customer service for TracFone is
a nightmare.

Isn't it also interesting that the price per minute
for a Tracfone is considerably higher than for a
Net10 phone .... yet, the are the same company.

When confronted with this issue ... they refused to
answer the simple question of WHY?

I have never, in my 53 years, experienced any WORSE
customer service than Tracfone has to offer.

by Angel Williams Posted Tue April 11, 2006 @ 10:14 PM

If you have a problem please file a complaint with BBB.I bought
airtime and the codes were invalid so i have no minutes.Money
wasted.Tracfone is the only company were the customers are always
wrong.We are never compensated and problems are never resolved.They
should be shut down!!!


To Angel Williams by Pato Fontanet Mon May 1, 2006 @ 9:31 PM

Tracfone ripped me off! by John444 Mon June 4, 2007 @ 11:45 AM

by Juggles Bodine Posted Sat March 25, 2006 @ 1:45 AM

I couldn't understand the customer service either when I called them.
I disconected my service with them, because I always got frustrated.

I don't like asking a person what they have said numerous times. I'm
sure it's embarassing for them, as well as me. I just thought it was
simpler to cut the service.

by chacha Posted Sat March 25, 2006 @ 1:22 AM

what's wrong, why so much hate..... let me tell you that tracfone has
no care center in INDIA. I know that becouse i work for tracfone, i'm
located in Guatemala (central america), i do know that tracfone has
care centers in belize, argentina, bolivia, colombia, el salvador and
i'm missing a few others.

we are not english native speakers, we just try to do our living, we
have a hard time with customers that from the very start will.... you
we do our best, the company policy was to have a cheaper service
center (we).... i do not accept this type of policy, but also i need a
gob, and in my country there are not many, so you see....

i'm a good representative, i know it for sure, i'll receive complains
from time to time, but what can i do, most (around 95%) of the issues
i'll get them fix, regarding the others, what can i do? tracfone
provide's me some tool's but from time to time they will not work.

i do my best. please let us improve ourselfs and from time to time
have a little patience with us.


I don't care where the 'care' centers are by Cheryl Powell Thu May 18, 2006 @ 4:59 PM

English speaking reps by contsil Thu March 29, 2007 @ 9:01 AM

Lies by Linda Lindstrom Sat April 21, 2007 @ 5:06 PM

Lies by agustin1984 Tue October 16, 2007 @ 3:21 PM

Tracfone Customer "Service" by michinfig Thu July 12, 2007 @ 7:24 PM

You americans? by Tracfone_rep Tue July 24, 2007 @ 2:14 AM

to My lenguage by Flowerella Thu July 26, 2007 @ 11:28 PM

(y) by Azumi Tue October 16, 2007 @ 12:16 AM
by Nue Nue Posted Sun February 26, 2006 @ 11:56 AM

Your right. I had just bought some airtime for my tracfone.Before I
called Customer Service I had 80 units abd 20 bonus units all together
I had 100 minutes. Then my stupid self decided to call Customer
service to see if I could get any ringtones. When i hung up after all
that waitibg I was left with 72.4 minutes left. I didn't even get any
information at all.I HATE TRACFONE.!!


I agree by rip Thu March 16, 2006 @ 8:02 PM

Bad Batch of Tracfones by gwendula Sat December 23, 2006 @ 1:52 PM

by crewboy Posted Tue January 31, 2006 @ 9:17 PM

I agree that it is difficult to get a live person on the phone when
you call them Twice I've upgraded to a newer phone and had to call
customer service to get my account transferred over to the new phone.
Not only did I have to wait a long time and wade through so much
automated stuff, the person I finally talked to had such a heavy
accent that I had trouble understanding his instructions.


Tracfone Customer Service SUCKS!!!! by richard johnson Fri February 17, 2006 @ 9:23 AM

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Hello! by Darka Wed February 14, 2007 @ 11:33 PM

You company is great at making excuses and money by dvinci Wed February 16, 2011 @ 7:31 AM

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THE TRUTH ABOUT TRACFONE/NET10 by mces Wed August 29, 2007 @ 8:21 PM

Not only Qualfon by Tracfone_rep Thu August 30, 2007 @ 7:04 PM

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