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Unwanted text messages - Promotions

Posted Tue May 12, 2009 6:36 pm, by Francis K. written to Tracfone Wireless, Inc

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For 28 days I have been trying to get Tracfone to stop sending me annoying promotional text messages. I have sent in email complaints. I have called Tracfone multiple times. I called 4 times in 3 days including a one hour phone call today. Each time I explicitly state that I do not want any more text messages from Tracfone.

Each time I get a polite service person who informs me that I am already on the do no text message list. When I asked to be connected to the corporate cousel's office I was told that no one was in (9:15 AM Eastern Time on a Monday).

Ultimately, I was told that these promotions did not count as text messages and that I had to talk to someone in "Promotions" to get off the list of people who were sent promotions. The staff at Tracfone could not get me in touch with a single person in the "Promotions" department. I was then shunted back to another service person who wanted to start the whole thing over again.

This is really illegal. It violates the spirit of the "do not call" lists. It is clear that a sort of firewall has been set up so that the workers at Tracfone believe they are helping when they are not. The customer is never put in touch with anyone with the power to solve his problem.

My emails are acknowledged by automated returns promising a solution, but none ever arrives. When I speak to my friends they say to me "if you can figure out how to stop that, let me know".

Break the firewall.

When a customer indicates that he wish to receive no more text messages, Tracfone should follow the law and stop sending them.

Deliberate tactics which make it impossible to reach anyone at the company who can fix this problem must stop.


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by a nonny mouse Posted Thu June 25, 2009 @ 12:35 PM

Call in and tell the next person that if they can't fix it you want to
cancel your service. Insist on being transferred to the "cancellation
department". When you ask to be transferred to "cancellation" you are
usually directed to "winback" or "customer retention" or something
similar. They usually have the tools and authority to fix almost
anything. If they can't fix it THEY call other departments(no more
transfers). And cut the peons a little slack, this isn't your run of
the mill issue. I have worked for 2 telemarketing places and 3
customer service call centers and believe me, the training is less
than "in depth". Hope this helps.


by Harley Has A New Cat Posted Wed May 13, 2009 @ 11:56 AM

There is no law about sending promotional text messaging.
Additionally, since you have a business relationship with Tracfone, it
would not be a violation of the Do Not Call list for them to call you
with promotions.


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