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Max Call Numbers Are Reached! Broken Phone??? Dont' think so

Posted Sat January 26, 2008 5:57 pm, by Tiffany K. written to Tracfone Wireless, Inc

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My tracfone has an error message "Max Call Numbers Are Reached!" I tried to contact the customer service and they say my phone is broken that I will need a new phone. They told me that since I have my phone for more than 12 months (I have it for 15 months now), I would have to purchase a new phone. I am angry because I just renew the service as I still have over 500 units on the phone and it is valid till the end of November 2008. I am able to send text message and no units would be deducted. The phone will ring but if I attempt to answer, I get the message that I stated above. I think there is a glitch in the Tracfone system. I carried the phone number from a different provider to Tracfone. I had a lot of difficulty in getting the number that I transfer to work on Tracfone. I feel that, that might have something to do with it. I am reluctant to get another phone as I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Pherhaps, what I need is a new number?? It has been a bumpy road... I am not sure how this is going to be resolve... I think I might explore other carrier so I don't have to deal with all those mental torture...

In a perfect world, I would like to keep my phone number and get it to work again. If they truely believe that the phone is broken (which seems fine to me as I can text), then I think they should provide one. I think it is a technical issue. I think it should all be done in a timely fashion. My previous experience has been just miserable. It takes hours and hours to resolve my phone number carry over and it took quite a few phone calls. I don't want to go through the whole process again.


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by Tiffany K. Posted Mon April 21, 2008 @ 1:41 PM

I received a new phone from Tracfone which I activated without any
difficulty. I was glad that I did not have to pay for another phone
even though the phone they sent me is not as nice as the one I had
that "broke". Thank you.

by Wesley U. Posted Sun March 9, 2008 @ 5:07 PM

The same thing happened to me one day out of the blue when I went to
make a call. I have a Motorla V176 I purchased at Target about 15
months ago. I didn't have it charged for a few days, and then it
seemed like it wouldn't take a charge. But really everything seemed
(and still does) fine with the phone!!!

It stated " Max Call Numbers are Reached! X "

...all I wanted to say was W.T.F.!!!

Anyhow, I called tracfone on my landline at 800-964-4836. They didn't
state what was wrong, but said they would send me a new phone within
3-4 days, and I would need send mine back within 30 days.

I gave the customer service person my IMEI which is listed under the
prepaid folder on my phone. They said I would get credit for my
unused minutes. I didn't think about asking them if the lifetime
double minutes I already paid for was going to still work, but it
better!!! It is going to be a hassle to be without a phone for a
while, and a bigger pain to transfer the whole address book of phone
numbers to the new phone! I suspect there is some software problem.
...strange how it may be!

Clinton, Iowa

by Andy Ziehmer Posted Mon February 18, 2008 @ 6:49 PM

I have the same problem with my Motorrola V176.
I have my service through Net-10 which is owned by Tracfone.My Phone
is approximately 15 Months old as well.I received a text message from
Net-10 on Feb.14th
wishing me a Happy Vallentines Day and then I wasn't
able to make or receive calls.Can a Cell Phone receive a virus?I
E-Mailed and spoke with Net-10 concerning this problem,however the
only thing that was accomplished is that all my stored phone numbers
where erased during an attempt to reset my phone.
If this is something that more people are experiencing
then the word needs to get out.If it is a phone defect that occurs
after the warranty is up that needs to be addressed as well.


by petrohd Posted Sun January 27, 2008 @ 8:19 PM

I am surprised that their Customer Service isn't trying to clear the
error messages on their end. Yes I know the phone's warranty is
expired but still if they want to keep you as a customer you would
think they would try all avenues to make sure the phone is not working
and if not give you some kind of credit when you purchase another

Good luck with this...I hope you get some kind of response. If not,
then I would suggest going on Tracfone's website and see if you can
email them from there.


by StoicGrrl Posted Sat January 26, 2008 @ 9:17 PM

Well, I certainly agree that if the problem is with the network they
should get this fixed as quickly as possible. But if the problem is
with the phone, well, unfortunately the warranty on cell phones is
generally one year. So you will have to pay for a new one in that

I dug around online a little, and found one other reference to that
error message, but sadly there was no information about how to fix
it. The person that posted it also said that his carrier maintained
it was a phone issue. So either that's the line they all use, or
that's actually the case. Sorry I couldn't find anything more helpful
than that.

I assume you meant that the new minutes you put on the phone are valid
until November of 2009. You might email the very helpful Mr. Helpful
at greg@planetfeedback.com to edit that for you. Good luck, and I
hope your phone is up and running again soon!


maximum call numbers reached by abuseduser Tue October 29, 2013 @ 4:39 PM

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