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Lack of Customer Service Regarding Product Complaint

Posted Thu March 16, 2006 3:17 pm, by Dana M. written to Tupperware Corporation

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Trying to get ahold of the correct person who can help me has been quite an ordeal.

I had expected a response from my first attempt to contact customer service thru the Tupperware Canada website. I even expected a response after leaving a message for Anne Martin at Tupperware Canada. To get the phone number for Tupperware Canada, I had to call Tupperware's head office in the USA. It seems that the people who are unable to help me have been quick to respond (much appreciated), and the ones that could help, have not responded at all.

purchased an Open House Collection Dinnerware set. I purchased it in the beginning of 2005. It was quite pretty and quite expensive.

I am displeased with the quality of the dishes. I have a large dinner plate with a crack in it. So I put it aside. I figured I'd bring it to a Tupperware party. Then I discovered a small sandwich/desert plate with a crack in it. I expected better quality.

I do not want it replaced. I just want my money refunded, There are no other Tupperware items I am interested in.

I had sent an email thru the Tupperware Canada (March 6) website to customer service and to date have not heard anything back.

I also left voice mail message on (March 10) for Anne Martin in Customer Service at Tupperware Canada and my call was not returned.

I found the contact information for three Tupperware dealers in Chilliwack, One of them (Kim K.) responded (March 12) and then I was contacted by Lisa J. (March 13) she offered to help me find the consultant whom I purchased the Tupperware from.

I purchased the Tupperware from Louise Ryhorchuck (last name may be spelled incorrectly). The woman who hosted the party told me that Louise moved to Toronto.

Lisa, confirmed that Louise had moved and gave me the contact information for Marie-Anne with a telephone number and two email addresses. I sent a copy of all my correspondence to date to both email addresses. One of the emails came back with a failure message. I have not heard anything else from the other email.

This morning I tried to call the number Lisa had given me, but Marie-Anne was not able to take my call because of a conference call.

And I have made many attempts to contact the correct people, and am feeling quite frustrated that I have yet to hear from the people who can help me.


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by generallyunsatisfied Posted Wed August 27, 2008 @ 2:59 AM

Seriously though. You want your money back? You've used the stuff for
more than a year and they are offering to replace the broken pieces
for free and as often as necessary and that's not good enough? I
agree that your calls should be returned - and promptly - but I don't
see why you would expect your money back. If you'd bought it from
anyone else and it broke the simple answer would be "too bad, so sad".
At least Tupperware does have a replacement guarantee and they do
honor it. They don't say they'll never break (although I have the
same plates as you -12 of them - and none have ever broken)...but they
do promise to replace if they break.

by Dianne Pike Posted Tue September 4, 2007 @ 3:06 PM

I too have run up against the same problem. Call not returned and
when i finally got the rep. who sold me this crap i am told that "no,
we do not refund" yes, we will replace it with another one. Its a
cutting board that cost me ALOT of money for something that shows cut
marks and i am yet to chop on it - its small - very light - and since
i ordered from the actual catalogue it was purchased sight unseen. I
was told by the rep. it was a great buy -- This is the same
representative who is holding a big fundraising meeting at a club i
work at - it is not what i am arranging but what a friend is

This is the last tupperware product i will ever purchase - its
overpriced and customer service sucks.

and i dont want another cutting board


Lack of Customer Service - Tupperware by Tidy Wed October 24, 2007 @ 1:49 PM

I orderd some containers and some fridge Stackables by teresa h. Wed January 28, 2009 @ 10:33 PM

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