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USPS really sucks

Posted Thu August 26, 2004, by Alex P. written to United States Postal Service

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I'm writing with a complaint about your company's delivery timing. I hope bringing this to your attention will result in some action. This problem has made me extremely angry.

Here's my story: I have posted a certified mail in your office located in Corona (11373) New York on 08/23/04.
I have also paid for delivery confirmation 0303 1290 0000 6208 2282.
The final destination was Jamaica, NY 11433
I'm still wondering the reason because my mail was sent to Jersey City in New Jersey, where it has arrived on 08/26/04.
I have sent a request to your customer service today.
The response from Ms. Neal, is that my mail was accepted in Hartford, CT. She no further information.
It is good enough the fact that my mail was sent to a complete wrong county and destination.
What is worse is that your customer service doesn't even know where I have posted this mail.
Why do you play with your customers?

Here's how you can help: I want my mail posted on 08/23 to be delivered now to the right address.
In want my money back.

In the future, I probably won't do business with you. Also, I probably won't recommend your company to others.

Thanks for listening to me vent. I hope you can help.


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