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My Overnight Delivery

Posted Wed December 7, 2016 12:00 pm, by Dennis F. written to UPS

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I have a overnight package that was to be delivered today . I called at 2 and they said that it would be delivered by 7. After waiting around to 8, I called again. I spoke with a front line person that passed me to Morgan employee in Virginia. She tried to help and contacted the facility office in SLC. I spoke with Brook who said that the driver had already returned and they did not know where my package is at. Eventually Dawn put me on with Matt who said he was the highest ranking supervisor there. He told me that his boss was Kendra and could not be reached. He informed me that they did not know where my $25,000 check is at. I asked if it was on the truck as stated on the web site, which truck? He said that he did not know. This went on and on for 20 minutes and then he terminated the call and left me on with Morgan. Morgan was amazed that he terminated the call. She tried to work the issue on her side. I really felt like Morgan tried. She then passed me to her supervisor Darci. After an hour on the phone, I am still waiting. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!
How can people in charge be so flippant toward me like I am an inconvenience. If I acted that way at my work, I would be fired. I WANT MY PACKAGE NOW!!! I AM SICK OF BEING JERKED AROUND!!! I PAID FOR OVERNIGHT AND I EXPECT IT TODAY!!! It was physically scanned at 8:01 AM. Where did it go? I deserve better than this. I AM LIVID!!! I feel that no one cares but me. I paid the overnight fee and am still waiting.


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by Nancy W. Posted Mon December 12, 2016 @ 1:31 PM

I feel your pain! I was just jerked around by Electrolux for an entire
I called last Mon., 12/5 to order 2 parts for my washing machine,
which is only 6 years old. I was told it would be shipped that day & I
would have the parts by the end of the week. When I didn't get the
parts by Thurs. I called & spoke to another person & was told that
they were closed for inventory control & they would be shipped that
day (Thurs.) (Meanwhile, the person I spoke to on Mon. never told me
they would be closed.) So, I called back a 2nd time Thurs. after I
found this out, after speaking with my husband & he said that was too
long & he could get the parts somewhere else. I told the girl that we
didn't want the parts anymore & it was taking too long. She said it
was shipped that day & they would email me a tracking #, which they
never did! So I told her we no longer want the parts it's going back &
we will not except it when it comes & we are not to be charged the $5
return fee per item, since the screw up was on their end....not mine.
So, she said ok she will note it in the computer. She said call back
if we don't get the email w/the tracking # by the next day, which we
never did. So, I called back today, Mon., 12/12. 1st I spoke to some
nasty girl with an attitude who refused to give me her name. So, I
called back & got someone else & had to go through the whole story
again. I told her I need to speak with a
Supervisor ASAP! So, she put someone on the phone who claimed to be
the "Corporate Supervisor". She said that the package 📦 went
out today!😡 So, I HIT THE CEILING👺 She just sounded
like a broken record & kept saying it takes 7-10 business days & never
addressed why I kept getting lied to about The shipping by all these
other people & where was my email w/the tracking #?
She said just don't accept the package & wants me to pay fee for
return of parts.....not happening!!! If she is who she says she is,
then she has the authority to waive $5 fee for each part!🙄


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