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Cheated by Verizon Wireless

Posted Thu January 22, 2004, by Mark F. written to Verizon Wireless (Cell Phones)

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The world thrives on communication today, which is why I'm so upset with the billing or payment at Verizon Wireless. Quite honestly, I'm furious about this issue. Just for the record, here's my telephone information: 206 714 7719.

Here's my complaint: I purchased two LGVX6000 phones. A rep named Angela quoted a pre-tax, pre-rebate, charge of $149.99 for each phone if I agreed to a two-year contract (which I accepted).

However, when I received my bill, the pre-tax, pre-rebate, charge for each phone was $225. When I called into customer service (4 separate times, by the way), the phone agents either belittled my questions or feigned ignorance.

I'm not surprised, and do you know why? I've been very dissatisfied with your company in the past. But given the nature of this problem, I'll take my business elsewhere from now on. And I'll definitely tell other people about my negative experience so they can avoid it in the future.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: Verizon Wireless should stick to the price their rep gave me and charge me $149.99 for each phone.

I hope you get back to me soon. In this age of modern communication, seemingly simple things should not go unresolved. I'll expect a response within 10 business days.


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