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Verizon not respecting their customers and commiting fraud and not doing their job.

Posted Thu January 12, 2017 12:00 pm, by . written to Verizon Wireless (Cell Phones)

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Honestly I don't know where to begin. I was going to contact the BBB and found your email. So before I contact them I wanted to let you know what has been happening.
My son bought a Samsung Edge 7 in April 4 2016, due to his work he needed a reliable phone, being in sales he has to have a phone. He also purchased the insurance which he never does. However his job requires a phone that will operate. His phone number was what his customers used to call him so he lost alot of customers. A few months after he purchased his phone it started heating up internally causing second degree burns on his hand. The screen cracked when he dropped it so he took it back to the store in Cleveland TN which was in July I think to pay his deductible and have the phone replaced. They ran a diagnostic on his phone and it did show there was a problem but they told him since the screen was cracked this voided the coverage of insurance. So he would have to purchase a new phone for the 800.00. He of course refused and kept a cooler with him at work to cool it down so it would work again until around November when it stopped working entirely and went to a black screen. I started calling Samsung to see if they would fix it. They agreed to fix the inside but not the screen. We have been having a hard time financially so when the bill came due for mine and his phone I called to ask for an extension which they gave. So thank you for that. Our monthly bill is 237.50. My son lost a lot of customers due to him having to buy a cheap phone at Wal-Mart and a Straight Talk card. So while I was talking to Verizon yesterday about the bill. I asked them to remove the insurance since Samsung would not replace the screen. They gave me the insurance company info and told me to contact them that it should be covered which I did this morning and was told that Verizon was incorrect in their information that it should be covered he had purchased the insurance and there had been no claim filed to call Verizon back and let them know this. I did and Megan told me that i could go to any kiosk and have the screen replaced which was another untruth according to Brittany at the insurance company which Gabby which was extremely nice and competent; stayed on the phone with me and the insurance company. Gabby was who i reached from my second call to Verizon. But she can only do so much, she did get a hold of Brittany at the insurance company who said yes it was covered for the amount of 199.00 they would send him a new phone right away. Which here in lies the problem also. If Verizon would have just checked with the insurance when he took his phone in he could have paid his deductible and we wouldn't be paying another bill to straight talk and he would have not kept getting burned both figuratively and literally. Not to mention I was gave a false statement according to Gabby and Brittany by Megan that the phones screen on an Edge can not be replaced. I have a very expensive phone now that does not work and can't afford to have it replaced at this moment. To tell you the truth I do not know what I am going to do at this point and time. I really don't want to do business with a company that will out and out lie and have no misgivings about what their customers are going through. The hours spent on the phone with Samsung and the nights not knowing if our only child was going to be burnt.We have lost so much time and money and sleep that I am literally at an end. I'm tired. I believe it's time for the BBB & DOJ to take over.

I would like for them to replace his phone without the 199.00 deductable and let what has been paid monthly when he couldnt use the phone count toward his future payments. They should have just did their jobs and file a claim with the insurance company and have treated him as a valued customer.


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by Moo Lady Posted Wed June 14, 2017 @ 8:42 PM

Personally, These Big Companies. Should Help Their Customers smh
Not Be Butt-Heads

It's Called A Write Off And I'm Totally SURE Verizon Can Afford It



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