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Worst Customer Service on the planet

Posted Mon February 27, 2012 9:42 am, by Chastity S. written to Verizon Wireless (Cell Phones)

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On Feb. 13th I called Verizon Wireless to set up new service. I ordered phones and discussed plans with a sales rep because I wanted to change service providers. This has turned out to be the worst mistake I have ever made. On Feb. 18th 5 days after getting the phone the navigation system completely stopped working at a critical time. I have a delivery job that I work at night and use the GPS on a regular basis. It was completely useless and would shut the phone down if I tried to use it. Customer service was of no help so I opted to buy a GPS to avoid having the issue in the future. I had been used to using a Blackberry and did not like the phone that had been sent to the house. I have TRIED to exchange this phone by taking advantage of my "worry free" guarantee. This is a complete joke and false advertisement at its finest. On Thursday Feb. 23rd I went to a Verizon store, they were out of the phones. I was instructed to call the *611. The phone that I wanted was free of charge with a new plan according to the website, the customer service rep wanted to charge me $99 and told me if I spoke to Tele Sales that I would be able to get that deal. So after an hour and a half on the phone I was informed that the system was throwing an error code and that supervisor would have to override the code and call me back. As of 8:25 on 2/27, Monday morning I have still not received that call. I have called back twice trying to resolve this issue and have had NO luck at all. You have quite a sarcastic customer service representative named Rick who is based out of your call center in the south if I am not mistaken. When I told him what I wanted which was the Blackberry Curve with the $10 data package he informed me there was no such thing that all phones require a $30 data package. He argued quite extensively that I was wrong and what I had been told by the customer service personnel at the store was incorrect and that the advertisement that was in plain black and white in the store was also incorrect. He then transfers me to customer service, I reach someone who tells me I can get the blackberry free of charge with no data package. Once again he could not process the "worry free guarantee" because of this error code that has stumped the entire Verizon corporation. I made a final attempt yesterday to try and get this ironed out. I realized that my efforts were completely in vain. I was told that the no data package plan was not available. I have been placed on hold, transferred, told that is not my department, I cannot help you with that, you were incorrectly informed on that, and just completely disregarded in the last 14 days than I care to count. I even sent a email to Sherry Loving, one of the reps that added a new line to my account but with no response. Your telesales department can run up a charge and upsell before you can blink your eyes twice but once the phones are shipped there is no customer service, no concern, and no regard for customers. This has truly been the WORST customer service experience of my life and I am so thankful I have the 14 days to cancel my service without penalties. I have every intention of doing so today and I will share this experience with any and everyone that I come in to contact with. The price that is charge for the phones and the monthly service should warrant a least a small amount of concern but that is obviously not the case with this corporation. I will never consider service with Verizon wireless again. No one bothers to follow up or even respond to any concern that has been expressed.

I would like the "worry free guarantee" to be taken out of the jargon for customers and for them to understand that what you get is what you are stuck with. If you hate your phone or if it no longer works you are stuck with it. If you are not a customer who wants to "shut up and color" please consider a different carrier. The phones and the service could be top notch, however, buyer beware if you need assistance.


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