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Victoria's Secret Employee Made Me Feel Like a Thief

Posted Sat April 12, 2008 12:00 pm, by Debbie B. written to Victoria's Secret

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I purchased the new Bio-Fit bra from Victoria's Secret. I've worn it twice in the 16 days since purchase. I have the original receipt and the tags are in the bag, not attached. This bra is a good fit, however, the straps won't stay on. The fabric is slippery and no matter where I adjust the length they fall... the tighter I go the faster they fall. It is frustrating to wear this garment.

I took the bra back for a return or exchange only to be turned away with my $48 bra still in hand. I was simply told their policy changed recently, no compromise. The sales girl was short with words and made me feel uncomfortable as if I were a thief out to take advantage.

I would have been happy with an exchange back to the Secret Embrace I usually purchase. After this experience I'd rather have a refund. If they do not take care of this customer and resolve this gracefully I will be shopping elsewhere.


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by barnbum Posted Tue April 15, 2008 @ 5:35 PM

I've been buying VS bras for years and their policy has always been
satisfaction guaranteed. I've returned one other worn bra with receipt
and had no problem in the last 6 months. Thats only one return in
about 3 years. I understand that they can't resell the garment after
it is worn, but, they have backed their highly merchandised garments
over the years no questions asked. The bras are manufactured by VS.

The material the straps are made from is satiny and they slide right
off my shoulder down my arm. It isn't the adjustment that slides its
the whole strap. If i sit still they stay.. they only slide when i
move my arms. None of my other VS bras do this and the Bio-Fit is the
only one made with this material.

I just want all VS shoppers to know that the back of their receipts
are now printed with their new return policy. They no longer back up
their merchandise or guarantee their customer's satisfaction.

by hussyinterrupted Posted Mon April 14, 2008 @ 9:25 AM

I used to work in the lingerie department of a big department store.
We had a strict policy regarding the return of used undergarments. We
simply didnt do it. There is too much of a risk involved to sales
associates who are actually handling your dirty merchandise. One lady
that worked in our department actually came down with a case of
shingles after handling a bra worn by a women who has freely shared
the information that she was infected. You would not believe some of
the nasty stuff you get to see when you work in that department.

Now I'm not accusing you of spreading disease but since we have to
maintain fair and equitable treatment of all patrons, we have to use
the same umbrella policy for everyone. We couldnt just pick out who we
thought were dirty and diseased so we changed our policy to no returns
or exchanges on any worn undergarments and even took it further to no
exchanges or returns on undergarments without tags. (no one wears a
bra or undies with tags on!). We would always provide that customer
with the customer service number for whoever manufactured the bra and
let them deal directly with the company. Most of the time they would
fare better dealing with the company anyway.

I would suggest looking on vikki's website for a customer service
number. Maybe you will have more luck talking to people who are
specifically trained to deal with this type of situation.


bio fit by Angalk Sat September 6, 2008 @ 8:41 PM

by Donno Posted Sun April 13, 2008 @ 11:39 AM

$48 for a bra. Yikes. Women really do have it tough.

I guess it is the rare retailer that will accept used clothing back
for an exchange or refund. Obviously the clothing is now trash. I
have returned a few used items to LL Bean over the years, and they
were accepted without question. The problems were of the material
(pilling) or construction (seams) defective variety. But Bean is
pretty much an exception when it comes to returns (or used to be -
haven't bought there in a few years).

Your complaint would be valid if you could prove the product's design
is defective. That may be hard to do. What if the geometry of some
women's bodies is such that the bra works fine? Then the onus
switches to the consumer. This would be like me choosing between low
rise, mid rise and high rise briefs.

I think this is a tough case to prove. Fortunately, some female
posters have offered suggestions to help make the bra work for you. I
hope they help.


by Cinderelly Posted Sun April 13, 2008 @ 10:25 AM

Seeing as you can't return it. (To be honest I wouldn't want to buy a
bra someone had owned for over 2 weeks) Try this


by RedheadwGlasses Posted Sun April 13, 2008 @ 12:31 AM

I had this same problem with VS bras in the past. Then someone told
me to try this: Adjust the straps to where it's a perfect fit, pin
them in place, then remove the bra and, using thread and a needle,
stitch through the straps a few times to hold them in place

That satiny fabric is the worst -- the straps never stay adjusted, and
it's so annoying to have to keep pulling them off my shoulders!


OMG! by jc from charlevoix Sun April 13, 2008 @ 6:31 PM

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