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Azurine perfume, Second Skin Satin line

Posted Tue May 19, 2009 8:54 am, by Crystal G. written to Victoria's Secret

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Dear Victoria Secret's
I know that the perfume Azurine, in the Second Skin Satin line, has been discontinued for many years now, but I still miss it very much.
I've searched every scent available on the market and nothing is compareable to the scent of Azurine. I have fond memories of my mother allowing me to spray some on before a big dance and my aunt wore it on the day she was married. I have loved it ever since. I wish you would bring back the line and Azurine in particular. The other perfumes you have are okay and some smell really nice, but none in my opinion compare to Azurine. My opinion is the same in regards to the Azurine body lotion because not only does it smell incredible, it feels wonderful.
If you were to research it on the internet you would see the demand for the scent to come back is very high. The price for a travel size bottle of Azurine is more expensive then it was originally sold. Sometimes you can't even find it.
I would suggest bringing back the line at least so it is available for purchase on your website. I know there are many people who would love to buy it. Especially me! I'm tired of searching high and low for a bottle.
Please understand that I do not shop at Victoria's Secret anymore. Once the perfume was gone I really had no reason to go in the store and splurge on my favorite scent and some lingerie. At first I tried but I have never been instantly in love with any current scent you have.
If you were to bring this line, especially Azurine, I know it would bring many more loyal customers back because I would be one of them.
So please take this into consideration and I am grateful for the time in your busy schedule to read this.


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by Kelly M. Posted Thu December 27, 2012 @ 10:07 PM

Dear Victoria's secret,
I too
LOVED Azurine!!!! PLEASE bring it back...even if only temporarily-
just to see if it sells well.I will stock up! At least send me back a
response to my E-mail re: this subject. Maybe you have a "secret
stash" of cases hidden somewhere. Before i found Azurine i used
"Citrine" which i also loved but Azurine is my all time favorite.
Please consider the request to bring it back.Would love to hear back
from you.There's so many diff ways you could market it. Make an old
product new again. Reintroduce it! Something like...you hear an old
song&it brings back memories, Smell a familiar scent from your past
and...What will you remember? SHHHHHH we'll never tell (Victoria's
Secret fragrance line). Anyways,I'm sure i've lost you by now. Just if
it's at all poss,Please bring it back.Thanks for your time:)

by Em Bem Posted Tue November 27, 2012 @ 9:34 PM

I could not agree more!! I have been looking high and low for years
ever since it was discontinued and would sell my first born to get
this scent in my hands again! (I can say this because I don't have any
first borns yet). At any rate, everywhere I went, I always received
compliments on this scent. I'm begging you to please bring it back -
it's a real man magnet too! Just throwing that out there. I'm forced
to go on ebay and try to find some janky seller trying to sell their
old collection of it...sadly I have bought some of those collections,
but the bottles are always basically the size of my thumb. Not cool,
VS, not cool. Please bring it back and I promise I won't ever complain
again!! Thanks VS!

by Trisha K. Posted Thu October 15, 2009 @ 1:57 AM

I absolutely agree!!! Have never been able to find a scent that


by Tastykake Posted Sat August 1, 2009 @ 1:09 AM

I feel exactly the same way. Normally, I dont wear perfume, most give
me violent headaches. I NEVER had that problem with Azurine. I loved
the spray and wore it often. Altho, my favorite was the lotion... that
went on creamy and turned to a silky powder! Sooo refreshing and

I too havent stepped for into VS for quite a few years now... one
reason being the obvious...second being most of the items carried
arent very 'user friendly' for us women who are a little more ample
sized than whats offered through VS.

I vote BRING BACK AZURINE and remember... BIG GALS like to look and
feel sexy tooo!!



by RedheadwGlasses Posted Tue May 19, 2009 @ 11:05 AM

Nice letter.


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