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Loyal VW owner and military member seeking exception

Posted Sat January 28, 2017 12:00 pm, by Dennis P. written to Volkswagen of America, Inc.

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To: VW Corporate Care:

My situation: Loyal to VW, bought a brand new Jetta TDI diesel on 20 Feb 2010. Affected by the recall.

Received my Goodwill Package (thank you) but due to military service I was unable to use my $500 VW Prepaid Visa Loyalty Card and a remaining $135.21 from my dealership card - a total of $635.21.

Jetta VIN:

Card(s) Info:
Expiration: 11/16

Prepaid Visa #: XXX($500 remained)
Dealership #: XXXX ($135.21 remained)

28 Jan 2017 - at Cook VW Fallston, MD I wanted to use my cards for scheduled mx. Note: I am taking excellent care of the car, even with the pending buy back.

I spent over 2 hours trying to remedy this of the phone today (28 Jan 2017) - seeking an extension due to my military service. I talked with multiple people, calling different numbers seeking an extension or reissue of my cards (even if it is a very short extension).

The final rep I talked with was Amber A: Case #: XXX

In the last hour, I also spent time asking Customer Care (Nina) via chat. Same case number.

I was loyal to VW and would like to continue our relationship, but after the diesel situation, and choosing to issue its "were sorry" cards with expiration dates, I may choose to my may business elsewhere and convince others to do the same.

Again, why would VW issue such high value cards that expire? That is a terrible policy as people like me who have to leave the country to serve overseas may lose the opportunity to use the funds. There should always be exceptions.

There has to be a way that VW can help me replenish these funds? As a military member in today's environment, there are many things that are out out of my control - I am asking for your help in exchange for my loyalty?

Can you please re-issue me cards, send me a check, or possibly adjust my see-back price? Again, I am seeking your loyalty, as I have been loyal to the brand. There has to be something you can do as I really needed that money to help my family?

*Loyal VW owner since 2010 who has always kept his Jetta in top shape - the way I will be returning it at buy back.


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